Employment Law Edition --------------------------------------------- April 2020
How Should Employers Respond to Covid-19?

The impact of Covid-19 has created many serious concerns for employers and employees. As authorities attempt to appropriately respond to this emergency, employers may be obliged to provide their employees with medical leave while they care for a loved one or treat their own illness. Additionally, employees may have to navigate the world of unemployment as they are laid off due to mandatory closures or business bankruptcies.

This is a confusing time, with daily developments - such as the recent passage of the CARE Act. In an article that can be found here , Faye Riva Cohen highlights areas of the law in which these developments will impact employers and employees alike.
E-Commerce and its Impact on Brick and Mortar Retail

Consumers are increasingly relying on the internet to purchase retail goods. In response, many employers have begun closing their physical stores. This trend has been greatly exacerbated by the Covid-19 crisis, as customers depend on the internet to purchase retails goods due to the mandatory closure of many commercial establishments.

How should employers and employees respond to this development? Faye Riva Cohen discusses this topic here . As always, Faye will stay on top of these developments in employment law, and more, and will keep you updated.
Covid-19, Retirement, and Protections for Older Workers

Covid-19 has hurt the world economy. This is especially true for older workers, who have watched their investment portfolios drop in value, or have found themselves unemployed as they approach retirement age. Thankfully, the House of Representatives has recently taken steps to strengthen the law that protects older workers from discrimination.

In an article that can be found here , Faye Riva Cohen explains this recent development in the law, and shares her thoughts as to why protecting older workers from discrimination is important for the economic health of this country.
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