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Word of the Day

Liminal is an adjective that relates to a transitional or initial stage of a process; occupying a position at, or on both sides of a boundary or threshold.

These are liminal times. Life and the world around us has changed significantly in the last few months. Our businesses look quite different as well. Many businesses will change and pivot to provide new services or attract a new demographic customer. I hope you can think about these changing times as a transition to something new and not about what is missing from the old. What is next? What ever your business change needs are, please feel free to contact CDP Small Business Assistance Staff to help you with your transition .
Free Office Equipment

We have a donor who has office equipment to donate to any business that needs it. Items include: Large file cabinets, small cabinets, tons of office supplies, printers, and more. Please email Pam if you are interested and we will connect you.  
Employment Law Workshop
for Small business owners

June 23 6-7:30 pm
Via Zoom (link will be sent out the day before the workshop)

As businesses plan to reopen and return to work, WE CAN & The Community Development Partnership are collaborating to offer this important Employment Law Workshop that will empower small business owners about what they need to know, co facilitated by Attorney Julie Moore and Attorney Valerie Samuels. 

The workshop will cover: 1. Covid-19: safety & health of employees returning to work, safety/health of the public. 2. Paid leave during Covid-19 Unemployment: including employees who refuse to be rehired due to making more on unemployment 3. Preventive measures related to workplace harassment and 4. Potential discrimination issues as businesses return to work. Time for Q& A at the end. 

To register call WE CAN at 508-430-8111 or email Kara or visit CDP Website.
SBA PPP Loan Program Changes

PLEASE READ! Many businesses on the Lower and Outer Cape have reviewed the PPP loan requirements and decided that they did not qualify. If you are in that group or just have not finished your application, now is the time to apply. There are still funds available in the second round. We are waiting for some revisions to come out regarding qualification and forgiveness. So apply through your bank today and get the process started before the money runs out.

Some of the changes Congress is looking at include:
  • Extending the window businesses have to use the funds from eight weeks to 24 weeks
  • Pushing back a June 30 deadline to rehire workers to December 31, 2020
  • Providing more leeway on loan forgiveness for business owners who show they could not rehire workers or reopen due to safety standards
  • Extending the time recipients have to repay the loan
  • Letting companies that get loan forgiveness defer payroll taxes

If you have questions about how your business qualifies, please set up a time to discuss with Pam or call your banker. The qualifications and requirements have been updated since the program started so see if it is right for you today.

Upcoming Workshops:

Other Organizations Offering Workshops and Trainings:

Reopening Resources

Reopening Massachusetts provides a plan for reopening, including industry specific reopening guidance.

Mandatory Self Certification Requirements - These requirements include a control plan for reopening and post the Compliance and Employer Posters.

Some Phase 1 industry specific guidance:

Phase 2 Pre-Opening guidance from the state:

In addition to the guidance from the state, there are many other national resources to help businesses find new and creative ways to meet their state requirements.

Reopening will be driven by public health data – which is subject to change. As research and data on this novel coronavirus continue to develop, this plan can and will be updated to reflect the latest science and data.

If you need help with putting together a re-opening plan for your individual business the following organizations can help you work through that process:

Community Development Partnership | | Eastham, MA 02642
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