Getting People with Autism to Work! 
New Policy Brief Argues for Increased Flexibility in the Workplace

The International Society for Autism Research (INSAR) has issued its newly completed policy brief on employment in autism, which was a 2 year collaboration led by the Autism Science Foundation, Stony Brook University, Curtin University in Australia and the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. The brief encourages employers to pursue person-centered, individualized approaches and provides recommendations about how to modify work environments (like lighting and sound) and how to improve training programs. All policy recommendations in the report are based on scientific evidence and newly gathered data.  

New ASF Position Statement on use of 
Medical Marijuana and CBD in People with Autism

Medical marijuana is currently neither recognized nor approved by the FDA and there is limited research on whether the benefits of using medical marijuana in ASD outweigh the potential short-term, long-term, and neurodevelopmental risks.

Before you decide to embark on any new drug treatment for yourself or your child, we highly recommend you talk to your doctor and ask about potential benefits and risks based on your own or your child's medical history.

AGENDA group seeks new members

The Alliance for the Genetic Etiologies of Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Autism, or AGENDA is opening up participation opportunities to members of the scientific community who work with families affected with autism and a rare genetic mutation, to new Patient Advocacy Groups or PAGs which represent these families, to industry partners, and to other organizations or professionals interested in collaborating around scientific initiatives.  ASF's Chief Science Officer, Dr. Alycia Halladay, serves as the program officer for AGENDA.  If you are interested in participating and willing to collaborate, please contact us via a new google group:!forum/agenda-autism-ndd

Welcome back Julie Berger!

Julie Berger, ASF's first employee back in 2009, has re-joined our team as Operations Manager. A seasoned communications, events and operations pro, Julie comes to us from The Capital Roundtable, where she produced over 30 annual day-long conferences focused on  the middle-market private equity community. She also  managed public relations and events for Gensler's New York office, an international design and architecture firm, and served as the VP of public relations and events at The Halo Group. Julie currently lives in NJ with her husband and 5 month old son Leo.

All Speaker Videos from our Day of Learning 
are now Online

Videos of all seven TED talks presented at ASF's annual Day of Learning are now online. Access the free videos here.