2020-2021 Empower Aces Performance Optimization Program
2020-2021 Performance Optimization Program For Elite Professionals

Targeted Sessions Tailored To Athlete's Individual Needs

Practical Action-Oriented Approach

Pre-Tournament Prep and Post Match Review
(remote accessibility)

Ongoing Assessments & Feedback

Match Reviews and Performance Analytics

On-Court and Off-Court Components

Strict Confidentiality
2020-2021 Performance Optimization Program Streams
Elite Pro Execution Stream (Accelerated)
  • For professional athletes catering to their individual needs on the Pro Tour
Elite Pro Execution Stream
  • For professional athletes committed to the pursuit of excellence on the Pro Tour
High Performance Execution Stream
  • For junior and upcoming professional athletes who have mastered the Foundations and Core Streams and are focused on competing at the International level
Core Development Stream
  • For junior athletes with a focus on mastering advanced skills necessary to compete at the National and International levels
Foundations Development Stream
  • For junior athletes with an emphasis on developing the competitor within them
Predevelopment Stream
  • For upcoming junior athletes with the hunger to pursue big dreams
Performance Optimization Program Building Blocks
Empower Aces proprietary methodology has been developed working closely with professional and junior athletes across multiple sports and tailored to each athletes individual needs.

Using cutting edge technology solutions including Dartfish and Cloud Analytics, the Empower Aces approach is focused on optimizing the drivers of performance.
Additional Offerings & Capabilities
Elite Performance Analytics Lab
Empower Aces Online Learning Portal
Pro Athlete 2020 Summer Olympics
Elite Multi-Sport Performance Lab
Empower Aces leadership team is actively involved with helping elite athletes across multiple sports prepare for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Taking a data-driven approach to performance optimization, Empower Aces leverages cutting-edge technology to provide key insights and feedback to professional athletes.
Empower Aces is the official partner for Ace Tennis, a Tennis Canada Gold Rated Tennis Development Centre.
Empower Aces is focused on helping youth develop and achieve their true potential. We utilize the principles, tools and techniques of conflict transformation to help professional and junior athletes optimize their performance.

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