Newsletter - February 2019
Recap: U10 - U12 Mind Games Workshop at Ace Burlington
We had a full house for the Mind Games Workshop hosted at Ace Burlington on January 17th, 2019.

The workshop covered key topics such as:
  • What are emotions?
  • Impact of anger and frustration on the game and the brain
  • Importance of body language, and
  • Importance of routine

The athletes, through activities, learnt how negative emotions impact their game. They practiced their confidence walk for use on the court and also worked on developing their routines for in-between points.
Looking Ahead: 2019 Spring Series
Integrated Program Sessions
We will be conducting working sessions integrated with the Provincials Program. These sessions will be aimed at helping junior athletes with goal setting.

For junior athletes who have been keeping up with their journal writing, this will be a great opportunity to receive feedback and fine tune their approach.

For athletes who had to leave the last two workshops early, this will provide an opportunity to get caught up.

Each Integrated Program Session will be approximately 15 minutes in duration. Tailored to groups of 2-4 junior athletes, these sessions will be held on Mondays and Thursdays at 6:15pm (post completion of the Provincials Program) in the Grey Room next to the Ace Office. The sessions will also include a guided on-court component during Match Week.
Focused Group Sessions
We will be offering one hour sessions for groups of two to four athletes. These sessions will be focused on the junior athletes specific needs, such as:
  • Learning to bring practice to matches
  • Managing your frustration on the court
  • Maintaining concentration during the match
  • Developing self confidence

For more details about scheduling and pricing, please contact us via email at
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