We are raising $34,000
towards Empowering
Palestinian Women Leaders
In its second year, EPWL will support 45 Palestinian women in community-based settings to better respond to the enormous challenges in their lives.

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 "It gave me hope that in this country we can put our voice to be heard not only by Palestinians, but all over the world."
- Suad, EPWL Workshop Participant
To see a report on the 2018 project, and plans for 2019, click HERE
Dear friend,

The Empowering Palestinian Women Leaders (EPWL) project began when Amal Hadweh shared her dream of empowering Palestinian women with Miki Kashtan, and the two set out to make it happen.

Almost from the start it became obvious that, if we want to support the Palestinian women in this group well enough that they could support other women stepping into their own power and leadership, the project needs to continue in future years.

We are raising $34,000 to make this happen in 2019, and the first phase begins today with an interim goal of $20,000. Generous donors have provided a seed matching fund so that your donation will be doubled. Together, we can do our part to Empower Palestinian Women Leaders! Please make a donation , and forward this email on to others who would be interested.

To see more about what happened in 2018 and what will happen next, please visit:

Be Well,
elizaBeth Simpson
Resource Coordinator
Bay Area Nonviolent Communication
“Our lives have been enriched by sharing experiences and difficulties, appreciation, and gratitude for our presence and coming together to have a new start in the cycle of life."
-Collective statement by 2018 EPWL Participants
"As an American Jew it is deeply important to me to find ways to act in solidarity with the Palestinian people; as a man I feel strongly about supporting women in leadership roles. Contributing to the Empowering Palestinian Women Leaders project enables me to serve both these purposes."
- Steve Wineman, 2018 EPWL Donor

"As an Israeli living in voluntary political exile for 36 years, it is with deep humility and passion that I am dedicating a portion of my energy, consistently, to supporting Palestinian women leaders."
- Miki Kashtan, EPWL Trainer