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What is Power Delivery?
USB Power Delivery (PD) is a specification
for handling higher power and allows
a range of devices such as iPhone (8 and later),
iPad Pro (12.9" and later), and select Android
devices to charge up to 70% faster than
standard 5W charging*. This relatively new
technology presents a multitude of sales
opportunities for you.
Power Delivery (PD) adapters and cables are not typically included with compatible smartphones on the market, including iPhone. This provides an excellent opportunity to dazzle your customers and sell a product that allows them to charge less and live more!

Did you know? The Apple 5W adapter and cable included in the box ARE NOT compatible with Power Delivery?

What Power Delivery Compatible
Accessories Does VoiceComm Offer?

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*70% faster than 5W charging when charging a Google Nexus 6P or similar device from 0% battery. Source: Belkin.


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