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I'm really liking the new floor lamps in our Troy studio. Cozy.
AL News from Heartspacen
Hello Heartspace Friends,

Coming up this week, Suzanne Martin begins the first in a trio of online workshops designed to help you build optimal health, vitality and immunity through the science, practices and techniques of Ayurveda. This Friday June 12 is Empowered Wellness with Ayurveda and followed by Ayurveda for Summer June 19, and Immune Building for Reintegration on July 7. Registrations will be on Suzanne's website so click on the links below to sign up.

Also, we will be providing dates shortly for the Suzanne's Healthwise Program which we started at the studios but will be online for the foreseeable future. Lastly, Suzanne's next book group book will be "The Supreme Ambition" by Eknath Easwaran ... . The next start date is 7/10 so get it soon if you'll be joining in.

I've also included some information below about our outdoor classes, in local parks and in your backyard if you would like to invite a Heartspace instructor. Have a great week everyone and stay healthy.

Empowered Wellness with Ayurveda
Friday June 12, 10AM - 12PM
Empowered Wellness with Ayurveda with Suzanne Martin, June 12 at 10AM
Join instructor Suzanne Martin for this introductory workshop to the basic principles of Ayurveda. Ayurveda, “the knowledge of life” supports harmony with the natural world and communion with the Spirit of life itself. Together we will learn its foundations and understand the three primary mind-body types (the Doshas): Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

Learn how to keep your doshas in balance by synchronizing your daily rhythms with the natural world. Get tips on how to decrease body toxicity and illness and reawaken yourself with the vast wisdom of Ayurveda. This workshop comes with pre-recorded videos of practices for each dosha that you can do on your own time. All information will be recorded and available to you for 1 year after. Sign Up: Register for class on Suzanne's site by clicking here. Cost $25.
Ayurveda for Summer
Friday June 19 10AM-12PM
Ayurveda for Summer with Suzanne Martin, Friday June 19 at 10AM
Boost your vitality this summer with healthy tips from yoga’s sister science of health, healing and longevity – Ayurveda. In this workshop we will take an in-depth look into the qualities of Summer and how we can balance our constitutions during this time.

Get seasonal nutrition and lifestyle tips to help you maintain balance during summer. Harmonize with the natural rhythms of the universe and cultivate balance, a healthy immune system, and live greatly. (background in Ayurveda helpful). Get tip sheets, summer recipes, and home remedies in your inbox. Prerecorded yoga and relaxation exercises also available for 1 year after purchase. Sign Up: Register for this workshop on Suzanne's site by clicking here. Cost $25
Immune Building for Reintegration
Monday July 6, 10AM - 12PM
I mmune Building for Reintegration with Suzanne Martin, Monday July 6 at 10AM
(Livestream event with supplemental materials sent to your inbox)
Gain a basic understanding of eastern/Ayurvedic healing. Use this ancient wisdom to cultivate healthier habits that will help you build resiliency and adaptability. Support your immunity during reintegration so that you can have more energy, get better sleep, and live greatly.

The workshop will be recorded if you cannot make the date. In addition, you will get pre-recorded practices to support better digestion/elimination and lymph flow. Register for this workshop on Suzanne's site by clicking here. Cost $25.
Yoga Outdoors in Parks and Backyards

Yoga in the Parks: Studios are still closed so let's meet outdoors for yoga!

We will schedule these as we can depending on the forecast but generally, we will try to offer morning and evening options since it is cooler then. If weather doesn't work out, then we will contact everyone who is registered and we will just move it to an online class. Amazing, right? We have to keep the classes small so preregistration is required. Please observe social distancing including spacing at least 6 feet apart.

In Albany, we will be in Washington Park and in Troy we will be in Prospect Park. Day of the class, we will send you the exact location in the park that we will be meeting. Please bring a towel/mat, water, mask, props etc.

For our online and outdoors classes, our flexible payment options remain in effect. Options range from $5, - $20. The amount you wish to offer is up to you as many are under different financial circumstances. Your generosity is appreciated.

To make it easier, we offer a 10-Class $100 online pass available for all online and outdoor classes. This will make signing up much easier. Click here to purchase.

Upcoming Outdoor Classes in the Next Week:

Backyard Yoga. People are loving our backyard yoga program and classes so far have gone great. Please let us know if you'd be interested in hosting a private backyard yoga class at your home or a nearby park with you, family and/or friends spread out safely. We can arrange to send an instructor to lead your group. Email us at if interested or questions about pricing and scheduling.

Keeping you Informed

Yoga mats. Anyone need a new yoga mat? We got em. $45/$25. The $45 mat is the Bheka Long Life Mat, (emerald green) with great durability, grip, and cushioning; a great value for the price. If you want to purchase one, we can arrange pickup or dropoff. Email me for details.

Here're some things to remember about our online classes.

  • Register on MIndbody at least 30 minutes in advance: We will email you a link to the Zoom live stream 30 minutes prior to class so try to sign up in advance.

  • Pricing: Flexible. You can choose to pay what you want. $5- $20. No judgement as we are all in different financial situations right now. However, everyone's feeling the stress of the times and yoga helps out big time right now. Your payment goes to support your instructors and Heartspace, as we still have to carry our overhead of maintaining our studios while closed.

  • Prior class passes: We have reactivated the multi class passes purchased prior to the COVID shutdown. These are available for use with our online, outdoor, and eventually studio classes when we reopen.

  • Classes Are Available Online for 24 Hours...usually: Can't make it for the listed class time? No problem. When you sign up for a class, you can choose to watch it online in real time when its offered or if you register and can't view it or get interrupted during class, you'll all be emailed a link to view it on the Zoom cloud so that you can watch or download it anytime within 24 hours. Note: Truth be told when our storage capacity maxes out we might delete a class a few hours prior but generally it should be available a full day afterwards

  • Expanding Schedule of Classes and Workshops and Online Registration: We are growing out our schedule day by day, including hatha, gentle, kundalini, vinyasa, slow flow and yin. Our online classes are listed on our Troy Schedule Tab in our Mindbody Online Schedule.

Make An Account Payment to Help Keep our Credit Card Fees Down. By using our software provider for class signups, we have to use their credit card processing, which in the last month was getting close to 5% due to multiple smaller charges, each with a transaction fee which was just raised plus a percentage. So, rather than making individual credit card purchases everytime you sign up for a class, you can make an online account payment for yourself and then apply a portion of the balance towards your classes when you sign up classes. That will help keep our credit card expenses down which include a per transaction fee. You can mail a check made out to Heartspace (email me for address), Venmo me at @andrew-kasius and I'll put the funds into your Heartspace account or Click here to add to your studio account balance with a credit card . Note, accessing your account balance is easiest is you do it directly from our Mindbody Online Page, not the schedule you see embedded on our home page. Questions? Need help with doing this? Email us .

Thanks for your support and patience everyone. We look forward to seeing you in person someday! Be well everyone!
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