October 1, 2019
Empowered Women Leading Key DoD Contracts
Information, Visualization and Innovative Research (IVIR, Inc.) specializes in research and development in education, medical education, modeling and simulation . Contact us as to how we can best support your requirements. Email info@ivirinc.com or go to www.ivirinc.com.
Woman Owned, Powerful Team
IVIR is a woman-owned, Florida-based, small business that creates performance solutions in the area of clinical training and simulation.  IVIR's goal is to achieve measurable results that make a lasting impact and ultimately save lives. Not only are we women owned and led, 67% of our staff are female. Here you see Catherine Strayhorn CEO, President.
Current Projects
IVIR is currently working on Joint Evacuation and Transport Simulation systems for the US Department of Defense. This includes research on interconnecting commercial clinical simulators, physiology simulation engines, After Action Review systems and Learning Management Systems into cohesive, interactive simulation networks using commercial off-the-shelf technology.  
Prolonged Field Care
IVIR is currently conducting research for the US Department of Defense on Prolonged Field Care, which is the caring for patients, at point of injury, when evacuation cannot occur in a short period of time. Our projects have the potential to address significant clinical challenges in military and civilian austere environments.
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