Dear United Way,

As our community gears up for a new school year, we're excited to share the latest updates from United Way of Central Georgia! Thanks to your unwavering support, we've been driving positive change and transforming lives in our community. With a dedicated focus on supporting education programs for strong learners and building healthier, housing-secure, and financially stable households, we're creating a brighter future together. Read on to see what we've been up to this month and how your generosity and compassion make it all possible.

Throughout July, we celebrated significant milestones that exemplify our unwavering dedication to uplifting families and individuals in need. ALICE, a new framework we are introducing into our work, represents hardworking families facing financial constraints. United Way of Central Georgia will use ALICE measures to highlight challenges ALICE households face, inspiring action and generating innovative solutions that promote economic and social mobility. Shockingly, approximately 35% of households in Central Georgia are ALICE households, meaning they are just one financial emergency away from disaster. Your support will make a tremendous difference in their lives.

We believe that education is the cornerstone of progress, and during Grade-Level Reading Week (July 17-21), Dr. Sherri Flagg, our Read United program manager, shared invaluable insights on the importance of early literacy and its profound impact on a child's future success. Dr. Flagg's expertise reinforces our commitment to getting students in our region reading on grade-level by the end of third-grade. Did you know that Read United is now present in 6 counties, reaching even more students? Last year, an astonishing 76% of students in the program improved their reading scores by 50% or more, thanks to dedicated volunteers and donors like you. We recently welcomed new coordinators to expand and enhance our work, bringing fresh ideas and energy to our program. Together, we are reaching new heights and making an even greater impact in the lives of those we serve.

Our campaign season kicked off this month with the vibrant Bibb County School District. Roy Bibb, President of MidSouth Community Federal Credit Union, will serve as this year's Campaign Chair. Roy has served on our Board for many years, and plays a pivotal role in fostering a culture of care and social responsibility across our region.

We proudly partner with over 200 businesses every year, and we extend sincere thanks to their employees for investing in comprehensive community-wide initiatives that uplift individuals and families in Central Georgia. Through their active involvement and volunteering, they positively impact thousands in our communities.

As we prepare for the new school year, our Backpacks for Brookdale campaign brought hope to students currently experiencing homelessness. Around 50 children at the Brookdale Resource Center received vital school supplies through this special drive in July. With support from generous companies like Coca-Cola and others, we filled in resource gaps, emphasizing the importance of education as a path to success.

We firmly believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to thrive. Your generous contribution will empower lives, create a thriving region, and bring hope to those who need it the most.

Thank you for your commitment and support in making our community a better place for all.

With heartfelt gratitude,

George McCanless

President & CEO


Meet Khadijah, a devoted mother who believes in the power of early education. Thanks to our Parents as Teachers program in Central Georgia, she found a trusted partner for her children's development, creating a nurturing environment where they can flourish. With the program's guidance and support, Khadijah has witnessed remarkable growth in her children, from their first steps to their first words, cherishing each milestone, knowing she played a vital role in their development. Notably, while in the program, Khadijah's determination led her to obtain her GED, exemplifying the program's commitment to empowering parents as they foster their children's educational journey. Together, we continue to empower families like Khadijah's, creating a thriving community where early education sets the stage for a bright future in Central Georgia.

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