Volunteer with Civic Works’ Civic Works’ Real Food Farm, Community Lot Team, and Elder Services teams! Join us as we focus on creating access to safe spaces and green spaces. 200 Volunteers needed. Groups up to 50 volunteers accepted by registering with  volunteer@civicworks.com.
This MLK Day, we commemorate Dr. King’s message of giving back to others by:
  1. Creating access at Real Food Farm’s Perlman Place location by creating mulch paths (1950 Perlman Place, 21213)
  2. Establishing a community garden in West Baltimore (3707 Hayward Ave, 21215)
  3. Clean tools to prepare for repairs (at Hilltop House in Clifton Park, 21213)
  4. Make small repairs in seniors’ homes (contact Mike at mdomenici@civicworks.com to register for this placement).

Contact Civic Works’ Volunteer Manager, Gwen Kokes, at  volunteer@civicworks.com  with questions.