Welcome to Update - June 2023

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Working towards a truly just,

healthy and peaceful world.

In this update...

  • The Wild Ride is back!
  • Voices of Hope - For June, read how PWRDF is supporting Cubans to rebuild

The latest PWRDF News...

  • Girls and Women Lead in Wakiso
  • ADSE Kenya builds climate resilience and strong communities
  • PWRDF praises Indigenous midwives on the International Day of the Midwife
  • Kairos leads Bill C-226 Senate Action

Plus upcoming PWRDF events and all of our latest resources!

The Wild Ride is back!

Do you have a passion for cycling? Baking? Hiking? Reading? No matter what your favourite activity, you’re invited to join the second annual PWRDF Wild Ride in support of refugees and Internally Displaced People being supported by our partners in Tanzania, South Sudan, Jordan, Ukraine and more.

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Join us for our launch webinar on June 22 at 1 p.m. ET to learn how other people from across Canada plan to participate in the Wild Ride this year, and how you can put your stamp on it with your creative participation!

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Voices of Hope can be shared in English or French in your parish as a bulletin insert, read as an announcement, or included in an e-blast. 

This month read how PWRDF is supporting Cubans as they bounce back from COVID-19 and cyclical hurricanes and drought.


Girls and Women lead in Wakiso, Uganda

In the Wakiso district of Uganda, children under 18 make up 53% of the population. Since 2018, PWRDF has partnered with Action for Rural Women’s Empowerment (ARUWE) on the Girls and Women Lead project to empower young women and adolescents in the region. The third phase of the project – which will run for three years – began this month and aims to reduce rates of teenage pregnancy in Wakiso through education, training and increased access to sexual and reproductive health and rights services.

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ADSE Kenya improves livelihoods with climate resilience and strong communities

In the Mbitini and Mavindini wards of Eastern Kenya, PWRDF has partnered with Anglican Development Services Eastern (ADSE) of the Anglican Church of Kenya on a project to improve livelihoods through environmentally sustainable water and agricultural practices to enhance community climate change adaptation and resilience.

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PWRDF praises Indigenous midwives on the International Day of the Midwife

May 5 was International Day of the Midwife. Every year, this day honours midwives and the important work that they do all around the world. Indigenous peoples in the Americas have midwifery and birthing customs which stem from traditions, knowledge and practices that have been passed from generation to generation. PWRDF partners are working to preserve the ways of Indigenous midwifery for generations to come.

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Bill C-226 Senate Action

On March 29, Bill C-226, the National Strategy on Environmental Racism and Environmental Justice Act, passed in the House of Commons. KAIROS Canada, of which PWRDF is a member, celebrated this milestone with other civil society organizations. Black, Brown and Indigenous activists are leading this work and bring crucial perspectives to environmental issues. 

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The World of Gifts keeps on giving! 

Support our partners working to accompany refugees, improve food security and livelihoods, provide clean water, empower women and support Indigenous programs.

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Praying with PWRDF

All are welcome to join our online parish. Hundreds have prayed with us from across Canada.

Thursday, June 8 at 1 p.m. ETWe look forward to welcoming Tom Mugford as our reflector. Tom is a PWRDF Mapping Exercise Facilitator. In 2022, Tom was installed as Canon for Indigenous Ministries and Advocacy in the Cathedral Chapter for the Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland. 

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June 5-11 - Climate Action Week

KAIROS Canada is hosting three Climate Action Weeks in 2023 under the theme Decolonizing Climate Action with a new focus each week. The first Climate Action Week will be June 5-11 and will focus on Centering Indigenous Ways of Knowing. To receive updates about Climate Action Weeks, subscribe to the KAIROS e-newsletter

Wednesday, June 7 (12 p.m. EDT)

Indigenous and Global South Perspectives on Just Transition

KAIROS and For the Love of Creation will host a Climate Action Dialogue featuring Indigenous and Global South voices discussing principles of a just transition and how we can amplify these principles in our advocacy efforts. 

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Book your Mapping Exercise workshop

PWRDF's Mapping the Ground We Stand On is now available as an online or an in-person workshop. Learn more at pwrdf.org/mapping-exercise.

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PWRDF coming to a church near you

PWRDF has joined scores of virtual worship services at parishes across the country. Staff can deliver a prerecorded sermon, or join live worship on Zoom or other platforms. To learn more or to book a virtual guest speaker, contact Public Engagement Officer Christine Hills.

PWRDF wants to hear from you!

Please share your fundraising success stories to inspire others and to spread the word about the good work you have done! Email Christine Hills and tell us about it. Many thanks to all of our donors.


a just generation is a series of conversations with allies, educators and folks working to bring about equity and justice. 

Join Duncan Chalmers and Robyn Sulkko in conversation with PWRDF Humanitarian Response Coordinator Naba Gurung as they chat about how PWRDF responds to humanitarian crises and disasters in Canada.

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(left) This year's placemat includes children's activities and the Prayer for PWRDF on the reverse; (top right) the offering envelope and (bottom right) bulletin cover reflect the Let's Make a World of Difference theme.

Annual Resources for 2023 now available for ordering

PWRDF’s resources for 2023 focus on the overall work of PWRDF and partners around the world and extend an invitation: “Let's Make a World of Difference.” There are pieces to support a PWRDF Sunday, such as bulletin covers and offering envelopes, as well as our popular in memoriam and in honour cards for use anytime. These beautiful educational and informational resources unite us in prayer and action for the work of PWRDF and partners. Learn more about this year's resources and order for your parishes gatherings and services.

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Creation Care: Climate Action 2.2

Climate-change emergencies and women

In year two of our Creation Care: Climate Action education focus, we are exploring the intersections between Climate Change and Gender. Learning Module 2.2 is focussed on Climate change emergencies and Women. It includes a recorded South-North dialogue with Bishop Jane Alexander, now ministering in the Territory of the People, and Mary Obiero with Church World Service Africa, as they discuss how women are impacted by emergencies caused by climate change, be they fires, floods or droughts. How are women impacted differently than men? And how are they responding? The resource includes scripture readings and questions for Bible study, as well as suggested activities for a parish group.

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Annual Report available in English and French

The 2021-2022 Annual Report was included in the November Anglican Journal. New this year, our Annual Report is also available in French. Click on either of the images to view the PDF. If you would like to order Annual Reports in English or French, please email pwrdf@pwrdf.org.



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