Read below for the latest calendar and there is still room to go to Shrine Mont. What's Shrine Mont? Well, take a look below.
Training for Adults
The Prevention of Adult and Child Sexual Misconduct Training is this Sunday April 7 with the child/youth training beginning at 9:30 and the Adult portion at 12:30. If you are an adult and have not had one or both and are able to help with you group, please attend. If you are going to REACH and are an Adult then both are required.

Thank you for helping to ensure we provide a safe environment for everyone at St. David's, especially for our youth.
6th and 7th Grade Weekend!
6th and 7th Grade Weekend at Shrine Mont begins the evening of April 20 and ends the morning of April 22. Email Father Will if you are interested, would like more information, or would like to register.

Calendar Update!
The Calendar through June is out! Please download the latest version and add the events to your calendar!

Youth Music Ministry
Do you sing? Do you play an instrument? Do you want to sing and don't think you can? One of the primary ways we worship God is through music and God loves for us to make music to glorify God! There are opportunities at all of the services! If you want to try it once, then there will be a large opportunity on Pentecost on May 20 (percussion players may particularly want to participate!)

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