For Immediate Release: June 24, 2019
Trending Transportation Projects in Brevard County
Transportation planning is a process that begins with you, our citizens. 
Every spring, the SCTPO requests project ideas from municipalities and transportation providers. Only projects seeking State and Federal funding are prioritized.

Projects are reviewed by our Transportation Subcommittee and discussed with our committees. That prioritized project list is adopted by our SCTPO Board every year. Once adopted, the list is forwarded to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) for funding with available state and federal funds. This is where the planning meets the money.

The life cycle of a project, from planning to construction, can be a lengthy process. There are specific phases of development that each project must go through and each phase has its own time stamp.

  • Project Development & Environmental Study (PD&E): 1-3 years
  • Design: 1-2 years
  • Right of Way (ROW)): 1-3 years
  • Construction (CST): 1-2 years

Check out the status of some of our current trending projects.
I-95/St. Johns Heritage Pkwy
South East Interchange & Connector Road

  • Completion: Summer/Fall 2019

The new diverging diamond interchange to the future Parkway will break up the 17-mile stretch between Fellsmere and Malabar Road. It will connect the new interchange to Babcock Street near Davis Lane.

I-95/St. Johns Heritage Pkwy North Interchange & Ellis Road Widening

  • Interchange Completion: Summer 2019

This project includes: providing a new interchange to I-95 using Ellis Road, extending a new multi-lane connection from the interchange to Wickham Road, and connecting the interchange to the SJHP. Ellis Road widening construction is still unfunded.
SR 528 (Beachline) Widening
Industry Road to Port Canaveral

  • Design: Underway
  • Right of Way: FY 2024
  • Construction: Unfunded

NASA Causeway/
Indian River Bridge Replacement

  • PD&E Study: Underway
  • PD&E Public Hearing: Fall 2019
  • Design Complete: Spring 2021
  • Construction: Unfunded
US 192 & Hollywood/Evans Intersection Improvements

  • Design: Underway
  • Right of Way: FY 2019 - 2024
  • Construction: Unfunded

There is a lack of adequate lanes on Hollywood Blvd contributing to delays along the main line of US 192. 

The includes a second west bound 192 to south bound Hollywood left turn lane, coupled with a second receiving lane along Hollywood. It also includes a second south bound Evans to west bound Evans right turn lane.

Seven-foot buffered bicycle lanes and eight-foot sidewalks will be included within the project.  
Clearlake Rd (SR 501) Widening
Michigan Avenue to Industry Road
  • PD&E Study: Complete
  • Design: Complete
  • ROW & CST: Unfunded

The #4 widening priority is Clearlake Road from Michigan Avenue to Industry Road.

The typical section will be a four-lane divided roadway with 7 ft. bicycle lanes and 6 ft. sidewalks on both sides.

Babcock (SR 507) Widening
Malabar to Palm Bay Road

  • Design Complete
  • Right of Way: FY 2019 - 2024
  • Construction: Unfunded

One of our top major capacity or widening projects, is the six-laning of Babcock from Malabar Road to Palm Bay Road. 

This typical section will include a 22 ft. median; 12 ft. lanes, 4 ft. bike lanes; 6 ft. sidewalks.
SR 524 Widening
South Friday Road to Industry Road

  • Corridor Study Complete
  • PD&E Study: FY 2020

The #7 widening priority is a corridor study that is currently underway on SR 524 from S Friday Road to Industry Road. There is also a PD&E Study programmed in FY 2020 for $1.7 M.  There is lots of new commercial and economical development in the area, as well as residential.  
Complete Street Projects

The SCTPO committed several years of its federal funds to fund complete street projects. Complete Streets are designed and operated to enable safe access for all users. Pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, and transit riders of all ages and abilities must be able to safely move along and across a complete street.

Construction Completed:
  • North Atlantic Avenue (Cape Canaveral)
  • Peachtree Street (Cocoa)
  • Minutemen Causeway (Cocoa Beach)
  • Florida Avenue (Cocoa)

Construction Underway: Hickory Street (Melbourne)

Design FY 2018, Construction FY 2020:
  • Pineapple Avenue (Melbourne)
  • Front Street (Melbourne)
Multi-Modal Planning: Showcase Trail Promo Videos
June is  #NationalTrailsMonth ! To celebrate, the SCTPO partnered with   Brevard County Government 's Space Coast Government Television and  Brevard County Parks & Recreation Department to highlight our five showcase trails. The SCTPO helps support and fund these amazing trails.
Long Range Transportation Planning
Every five years, the SCTPO adopts a new Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). This plan provides a common vision for the community’s future transportation needs and guides the investment of public funds in transportation facilities, addressing a timeline of 20 or more years.

What is the SCTPO's long term vision?
      Continued investment in ports (Space, Sea, Air)
      Continue high tech focus
      More walkable communities
      Less reliance on automobiles
      Wider variety of housing
      More travel options for users (Transit, Rail, Rideshare, Walk, Bike, Trails)

Transportation Impacts Everyone
The input you provide now affects next generation of roadway users. Not only are you able to have a say in how your tax dollars are spent, but you get to positively impact a culture shift in transportation needs. The public has the opportunity to provide input throughout the planning process, which takes up to two years. 

Stay involved! Check out our LRTP - Voice Your Vision website .
Safety & Education Outreach
Whether you walk, bicycle, take transit or drive all roadway users need to know the rules of the road and how to correctly uses traffic devices. The Space Coast TPO can provide educational presentations to all age groups and all road users. Check out some of our education offerings:
Get Involved in Transportation Planning
Public involvement and participation are vital to the transportation planning process. 

Community members often have unique and insightful perspectives on their transportation systems, and those perspectives may be very different from transportation officials. That is why it is so important that you stay involved.

Learn More
In an effort to communicate the transportation planning process to the general public and committee members, SCTPO staff is in the process of creating a series of public involvement branding products.

Check out them out:

  • June 26: Community Traffic Safety Team Meeting
  • July 8 : TAC/CAC Meeting
  • July 11: SCTPO Governing Board Meeting

Outreach Events/Public Open Houses
  • June 27: Bike Safety Presentation: Carver Park Community Center
  • June 28: RRFB Education Pop-Ups (Satellite Beach)
  • July 3: Bike Safety Program: DeGroodt Library
  • July 16:West Melbourne City Council - SCTPO Presentation, Speaker: Georganna Gillette
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