Enabling secure payments via social media channels

Over the last decade, social media has become one of the most important channels through which customers interact with brands. However, growth in social commerce adoption has ground to a halt in recent years because of consumers' concerns about safety and security. 

Brands have not been able to transact a complete sale within a social media environment because they have usually had to push customers through to another channel to take payment. 

CardEasy Digital provides a simple, convenient way for businesses to accept payments directly from customers from within a social network or other digital environment with complete security. Georgia Woods explains how. 


Some pitfalls of PCI DSS and GDPR to avoid for contact centres and remote workers

If you're holding payment card data within your organisation's contact centre environment you're always at risk from a data breach, even if you're PCI and GDPR compliant.

Many organisations have shifted calls and transactions to remote workers and outsourcers due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so it's even more important to remember that PCI and GDPR aren't magic bullets.  

They cannot guarantee your organisation will not be the victim of a data breach or from personal information such as payment card data being compromised, especially if you've shifted some or all contact centre operations to a less supervised environment.

In this blog Aiden Dunning outlines some of the key security risks associated with outsourcing and homeworking and discusses how Syntec's CardEasy secure keypad payment by phone can reduce them.


Secure card payment using automatic speech recognition (ASR)

Advances in voice recognition technology have changed the way we can now search the internet, as well as how we interact with smart devices in our homes. 

Consumers are increasingly familiar with such technology, no longer just as a novelty (such as asking Alexa to tell a joke) but as a core part of how they navigate the online world.

In this blog Georgia Woods explains how secure payments can be taken using ASR. 


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