Feb 9. 2024

Enagic at Eastlake 2-4-24 Results

And First Event

Gross and Net Players Cup Results

The Re-scheduled Enagic at Eastlake

We all finally got to play Enagic at Eastlake, and it turned out to be sunny skies and a beautiful day with great conditions. Worth the wait

We played a game called Criss Cross in which your best hole between 1 and 18, 2 and 17, 3 and 16, etc., was used.

There were two flights of 20 people for each team. The 1st Place winners received $20 Golf Mart Gift Cards, the 2nd Place winners received $10 Golf Mart Gift Cards, and the CTTP winners received a $10 Golf Mart Gift Card.

The winners are!!


1st place - Stacey Hayashi -7

2nd place - Kelly DeMello in a card-off with Cindy Mason at -4


1st place - Adrienne Acre -6 in a card off with...

2nd place - Brenda Scarth -6


Flight 1 - Cindy Mason

Flight 2 - Brenda Scarth

CTTP #17

Flight 1 - Denise Nelesen

Flight 2 - Adrienne Acre

Next 10 Places in the Criss Cross game:

Flight 1:

Stacey Hayashi -7

Kelly DeMello -6

Cindy Mason -6

Kim Greco -4

Jen Faye -4

Denise Nelesen -2

Vickster McCutchan -2

Jax Jacquez -2

Bethany Selan -2

Gina Menicucci -2

Dina Mauger -2

Flight 2

Adrienne Acre -6

Brenda Scarth -6

Kate LaGuardia -5

Stacey Musso -4

Suzanne Mullins -3

Katy Wright -3

Meinir Heilbrun -2

Cathleen Kough -2

Judy Schons -1

Connie Pasterkiewicz -1

Judy Harris -1

Narcisa Laranjeira -1


4 people: Stacey Hayashi, Cindy Mason, Deb Finlon, and Kim Greco!!

Special EAGLE mention:

Stacey Hayashi eagled hole #8 by striping a 5 wood into the wind 155 yards, and it rolled right in the cup. NICE!

And a big Thank You to Stacey Hayashi for organizing and rescheduling this event to make it happen!!


Our 1st eligible Players Cup event for the 2024 season occurred at Enagic. This year ALL members have the opportunity to place in Players Cup and there will be more eligible events. 

Just a quick reminder: The Pre-Biggest Loser is Free, but, unlike the PC Cup, you DO need to register for it. Close of Registration is 2/10/24

For more info on how Players Cup works CLICK HERE

Gross Division:

Four members managed a nice low score or 82 to force a 4 way tie for first place, each earning 16 points. Bethany Selan came in 2nd and Jax came in 3rd. We, again, are awarding points down to 12 places (more in the case of ties as happened at Enagic) Below you will see the Top 12 places after this first event. After Sunday’s event at RBI, you will see the top 12 standings after combining both Enagic and RBI events. You can always go to the Chapter Website for the results under the tab “Quick Links”. Another way to access the results is through your Golf Genius app using the GGID – 2024GROSSPC (Go to Member Portal, NOT Leaderboard)

Net Division:

Taking 1st place was Stacey Hayashi with a nice low net of 71 with Kim Greco and Jax Jacquez not far behind with nets of 72 and 73, respectively. Again, we will show the top 12 in the standings. See below for the top 12 after Enagic. You can access the Net standings via Chapter Website and the “Quick Link” tab or through the Golf Genius app using GGID – 2024NETPC (Go to Member Portal, NOT Leaderboard)

Our next event will be the Rancho Bernardo Superbowl event.

Get your game on ladies!!!

Fun Pics from Enagic at Eastlake

Vida Vela, Pat Haberman, Lisa Schmidt and Margaret Ashwell

Jen Faye, Kristi Woodard, Cretia Hadley and Lis Eddy

Here's to another fun-filled year of golf and fun with the ladies of the LPGA Amateurs San Diego Chapter!

Welcome to all new members and returning members.

The next event is the Superbowl event at Rancho Bernardo Inn on Sunday, February 11, 2024.

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