Enameling Class!
The Peninsula Art Academy
Enameling w/ Carol Adams
Tuesday Evenings
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

´╗┐Enameling, An ancient art, is fun, immediate and can be made into many things. It's basically the melting of colored glass onto metal. Come and explore it! Carol has been enameling since 1968 and as a contemporary artist and teacher, can lead you into the enameling world to explore your ideas. During the 3 weeks of class, we will make several small dishes or bowls, or other items of your choosing.

´╗┐All materials supplied by the academy. Any additional materials may be purchased through the instructor.

Registration Fee: The fee for three weeks of classes is $160.00, this includes a materials fee of $35.00 and a class fee of $125.00.

To reserve your seat please contact Carol at
(330) 657- 2681
or call
The Peninsula Art Academy
(330) 657-2248