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The History Museum and Plantation Site
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Covered bridge at the Jackson Historic Plantation Site, constructed in 2010 -11.
Open Saturday, August 1st from 10:00 am to 6 pm.
ENCHANTED OAK............................
The iconic Enchanted Oak Tree is the model for the logo of Lake Jackson. It proudly stands at the Jackson Historic Plantation Site watching over both the lake and the Abner Jackson mansion ruins. Through the years, it has witnessed many historic events and, thus, holds many secrets under its boughs.

In the past, it was the subject of an essay contest for BISD 4th graders. Students were asked to write about the history of Lake Jackson from the perspective of this legendary tree.
.......................ENCHANTED ACORN
An offshoot of the Enchanted Oak now grows on Calla Lily Street. It started out as a tiny sapling grown from an acorn that fell directly from the Enchanted Oak. Underneath it stands Josiah Cherian, son of Jacob and Lauri Cherian.

Josiah received the sapling in 2008 from the Lake Jackson Historical Association and the Lake Jackson Garden Club as a prize for his winning essay. He planted it in his front yard twelve years ago. Josiah, now 21, is a chemical engineering student at the University of Houston.
Read Josiah Cherian's 4th Grade Essay
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Sign of the Times : The Great American Political Poster 1844–2012 explores a variety of styles, design trends, and printing technology attempting to catch our eye and our vote.
unidentified artist, Republican Party candidate Barry Goldwater , 1964; offset lithography, 22 x 14 inches; Courtesy of Hal Wert.
unidentified artist, Democratic Party candidate William Jennings Bryan , 1900; lithograph on paper, 28 1/2 x 18 1/2 inches; Courtesy of Library of Congress.
Angela Villarreal has been Curator with the Historical Association for a little over 10 years and before that worked as the Museum Assistant for 3 years. As Curator, she manages the Association's collection of artifacts and archives and creates exhibits for the museum.

She is a native of Lake Jackson and has a deep interest in preserving the history of her hometown. She enjoys reading mysteries and is a member of two book clubs with the Lake Jackson Library.

Angela attended Texas State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology. She hopes to one day return and complete her Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology.

The Karankawa consisted of several nomadic groups or bands of coastal people who shared a common language and culture. They lived primarily in the lower  Colorado River  and  Brazos River  valleys and both hunted and gathered food.

One tool they often used for hunting was the war club. War Clubs were made from a burl or knotty growth off a tree. The handle was kept long so that they could swing it around and strike the intended target from a distance. War clubs were used both as a tool for hunting and a powerful weapon in battle.

You can see the war club along with many other replica tools and weapons used by the Karankawa in the Karankawa exhibition area at the museum.
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OLDIE, but Goodie....LaVelle's Shop

"Here you come, looking all sleek and smooth in a high-swathed sheath that does jewelry tricks. There you go, looking provocatively feminine in new hip-harem drapes.”

You could have purchased this stunning fashion statement in 1945 for $19.95--in downtown Lake Jackson, Texas! Thanks to a stylish, generous, sweet lady, Julia May, who brought fashion to Lake Jackson.
Julia May, owner of LaVelle’s
Julia May moved to Lake Jackson with her husband, Bill May, in 1943 after Bill was hired by Dow Chemical. She taught second grade for a few years before she purchased the dress shop in 1945, a business she ran for 45 years.

The windows in front of the store were always decked in the latest styles to show customers samples of fashion trends available in the store. She carried a vast array of women’s clothing, ranging from casual to dressy, and was known for her selection of lingerie.
The store had a 3-way mirror -novel for its day- with kids' toys to play with while mom shopped. Julia was the heart and soul of the store. She also managed to find time to be an outstanding citizen of the Lake Jackson community, having the mayor name September 24, 2004, as Julia Sansing May Day!

Julia passed away at the age of 97 years on April 17, 2012. This location became the home of Carriage Flowers. It is now slated for a coffee shop, STARDUST Art & Coffee House. Carriage Flowers is relocating to an area near The Local.
LaVelle’s Shop, located at 117 N. Parking Place, on the corner of Parking Place Circle Way.

LaVelle’s, operated by Julia May for 45 years, from 1945 until 1990, is a legend from the early days of Lake Jackson, as is Julia, whose generous, kind spirit lives on in our memories.

She was very proud of her hometown of Lake Jackson and spent her life giving back her time and money to the city she loved.

-By Fran Hammond
Lake Jackson Trivia
Doris Williams has been the only female mayor of Lake Jackson to date.  She served the city between 1988 and 1996.

New Trivia Question:
How old is the Enchanted Oak Tree?
Check back next month for the answer!
A Special Thank You to Our July Donor    
The Lake Jackson Historical Association recognizes and thanks Robert Rule for his years of faithful service as Executive Director. He finished guiding the Association on
July 17th. We wish him well as he pursues future opportunities.
Angela Villarreal

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