February 2023 brings excitement to CIHS with interesting news and events! Encinitas, home to CIHS, makes Forbes top 50 global destination list. CIHS Enlighten hosts local author, Richard D. Marks for our 2023 Book Series: Tea-Chings. CIHS student Chris Orrey works to transform police with a CIHS integral approach. New collaboration with holistic nursing organization, TheCIINDE©. Stuart Hameroff, MD visits CIHS campus on Wednesday, March 1st. Uplifting and inspiring events coming in March!
Encinitas, home to CIHS, makes Forbes top 50 global destination list

CIHS is so grateful to call Encinitas our home for over 30 years! Forbes Advisor editors and writers compiled the list of 50 hot global destinations to be intentionally eclectic. “Destinations range from quick weekend getaway options, to trekking out to some of the most remote parts of the Earth,” editors said.

"California summons thoughts of a sun-swathed swell and palm-flecked streets thronged by cool cafes and beautiful boutiques—and that’s exactly what you’ll find in Encinitas, a surfer’s haven just about 25 miles north of San Diego. Encinitas is full of delicious dining spots, and some of the most sought-after tacos in town."
TOMORROW! CIHS Book Series: Tea-chings hosts local author, Richard D. Marks

CIHS 2023 Book Series continues on Thursday, 2/23 at 9am PT. Conversations in Consciousness welcomes best-selling author, veteran, and leadership professional, Richard D. Marks. CIHS Trustee, Ann Marie Cushing and Richard will discuss his new, best selling book “EXPECT GREAT THINGS TO HAPPEN Five Core Principles of Highly Effective Business Professionals”

Richard is the Owner of RDM Management Group. Established in 2014, RDM Management Group is a veteran owned training company which focuses on leadership professional development training, performance coaching, sales training, conflict mediation and assessments. Richard is a US Army Veteran and has more than 30 plus years of corporate experience, which ranges from an individual contributor to mid-level manager, to senior leadership. These experiences exposed him to the basic understanding of strategic thinking and tactical execution which has translated to the ability to be relatable and authentic to audiences around the world.
Transform the Police: A More Integral Approach to Law Enforcement

CIHS student advisory president, Chris Orrey is featured in this interview, Integral Justice Warrior: Transform the Police: A More Integral Approach to Law Enforcement.
Chris discusses the need and possibilities of integrally transforming law enforcement, in the context of the abuse and resulting death of Tyre Nichols at the hand of police officers. She mentions the role that CIHS courses played in her development of this important topic, that she is completing her CIHS Masters Thesis on, after which she plans to embark on a doctoral program at CIHS.
 CIHS is delighted to be able to point to this important and transformational application of a CIHS education. Enjoy a free preview HERE.
CIHS launches collaboration with TheCIINDE© The Canadian Institute of Integrative Nursing Development & Education Ltd.

CIHS and TheCIINDE© are so elegantly aligned in our missions and share in the vision of the WHOLE being- mind, body, and spirit. Both institutions seamlessly integrate eastern and western approaches to healthcare, education, and spirituality: promoting students, faculty, and staff as self-care agents and coaches. We share a collective goal to act as role models in the community for assisting others in achieving optimal health and well-being, while preventing illness and disease. TheCIINDE© is an innovative organization dedicated to improving whole health and well-being for both nurses and their clients:
"Our vision is to facilitate and advocate for the advancement of holism and healing in both nurses and nursing practice. We believe that nurses—especially those with advanced skills in holistic nursing and nurse coaching—can be key influencers in preventing disease, promoting optimal health and well-being, and in guiding others in bringing and sustaining positive change in their lives.
It is our mission to promote and advocate for a holistic care approach that integrates eastern and western philosophies beginning first with the health and well-being of the nurse."
Special CIHS Research Symposium with
Stuart Hameroff next week

Please join us on campus at the California Institute for Human Science (CIHS), or virtually, for this very special symposium with Stuart Hameroff, founder of the Tucson Science of Consciousness Conferences, and CIHS Research Faculty. CIHS is delighted to welcome Hameroff, an American anesthesiologist and professor at the University of Arizona next week, on Wednesday, March 1st. Hameroff is known for his studies on consciousness and his controversial contention that consciousness originates from quantum states in neural microtubules.

The topic of this 90 minutes symposium will be: A research project assessing transcranial ultrasound (TUS) interventions for Alzheimer's, in the context of quantum-based (Orchestrated Objective Reduction) neuroscientific models of consciousness. Any Alzheimer’s researchers and foundations, associated researchers, faculty, and students are invited. The event will be in person on the CIHS campus and also broadcasted on zoom. Email CIHS for zoom link and more information.
Coming in March....
Ayurveda 101
Become intelligently familiar with the basic concepts of this science through the discussion of its history and goals as well as an understanding of the doshas. Learn how to recognize the initial signs and symptoms of imbalance and their respective basic treatments while grasping how to build digestive fire and immunity. This class will be interactive with a mini cooking lesson and ample time for individual questions. March 8th,12pm PT REGISTER HERE
Conscious Leadership Series
Students will learn what it means to be a Conscious Leader. Our collective focus will be on self-awareness, responsibility, and team-centricity. A conscious leader is one who's aware of the various people they lead, their role as leaders, how they impact other people and the extent to which all their successes are collaborative efforts. Fridays, March 10-24 Live and Recording REGISTER HERE
Eating for the Seasons: SPRING
A series in Ayurvedic lifestyle and cooking.
After the wet and cold elements of the fall and winter seasons, spring brings warmer temperatures as nature begins to blossom once again. Imbalances may arise, such as allergies, colds, and flus. This spring class will offer Ayurvedic protocols to keep your body and mind in tune with the seasons via intelligent food choices and guidelines, self care techniques, herbal remedies, and yoga asanas, as well as an interactive food demonstration. March 22nd,12pm REGISTER
Trauma Healing Series
A CIHS Enlighten special 6-week series exploring effective healing techniques
In this live trauma healing series over 6 weeks, you will learn the three different types of trauma, the biology of these trauma types, and simple and effective healing techniques for healing each of these three different types of trauma. The sessions include theory, visual summaries, demonstrations, practice, Q&A sessions and a training manual to fully integrate learning the different trauma healing techniques and the various issues that they can help permanently resolve.
Tuesdays, March 21- April 25 REGISTER HERE