Lent is Here!

Let's make this the best Lent ever by helping those in need!
Lent 2021

I would love to see our incredible Encounter Community step up and lend a helping hand this Lent.
I have found two incredible organizations to support, but I need your help!

Keep reading to see how you can make this a Lent your family will always remember. Maybe you'll even make some new family traditions!
What an incredible opportunity to talk about fasting as you supply a meal to someone who maybe has not eaten in a long time.

This is also a great way to talk with your family about how you can serve others in so many different ways!

I would love if we could fill up their calendar and provide at least 10 meals as a community!
YouthCare is a Seattle-based organization that works tirelessly to help youths who find themselves without shelter.

Right now, they are in great need of meals!

All you need to do is cook a meal as a family and drop it off!

This small act of kindness will feed up to 25 youths!

If this is something you can do - let me know and I can help!
Many of you may remember our first Encounter event where we made hygiene kits and snack packs for the women and children at Mary's place.

This is a crucial organization that provides so many services to women and children struggling to find food and shelter.

During the winter months, staying warm can be difficult for many people!


Let's make them some blankets!

On Sunday March 7 at noon, join me via zoom for a blanket making party!

I can provide the supplies - that will be available for pick up at the parish office - and we can gather to make some blankets!

Lent is my favorite liturgical season.

It is a time to truly be intentional with every action.
It is a time to take a deep breath and ask God, "how can I grow? Where are you missing in my life? What habits have I created that maybe are not the best?"

God yearns for us to ask these questions. All He truly wants from us is for us to make a sincere effort to get to know Him and love Him.

And what better way to get to know Him than by serving His people?!

I offer these two events above as a way to start the conversation with your family. During Lent we are called to fast, pray and give alms.

How will you make this the best Lent ever?