"I have been meaning to share with you that the recent men's event in Deerfield Beach and the Date Night in West Palm Beach was a timely and effective blessing for me and others.

First, the breakfast really provided a reminder that as a Christian man in the arena of business, I am not alone. It was a great environment of encouragement and opportunity to network with other men of faith in business. 

To top off the day, I took my wife, another couple, and a client I have been witnessing to for awhile to the Date Night event. Thanks again for that! Not only did it offer strong family and Biblical Truths in a relaxed environment, it challenged me to get more engaged and active beyond my regular ministry outreach.

Keep up the good work, my brother!"

- Rohan Harrison  

This summer much is happening and we want you to be aware . . .

  • 22 County-wide groups are meeting so you to stay connected. Find one near you! GROUPS 
  • New-Dad Boot Camps are taking place in 6 Hospitals. BOOT CAMP
  • 10 Pastors are teaching a weekly Bible Study for Men in 2 car dealerships - PRIMETIME.
  • '50 Good Men' goacontinues to grow as more people begin helping with a monthly financial gift. Will you join in and help us? DONATE HERE
  • Office has moved to our new location in Palm Beach Gardens off the Turnpike & Bee-Line Highway.  
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