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Encouraging Exceptional Employees Towards Excellence

Exceptional employees want to learn about your business. They share their thoughts and ideas; they are excellent team members and are well liked by colleagues. You may fear that helping your employees to reach their full potential will result in them leaving, but the best employers are those who allow their employees to thrive.

Here are some things that you can do to nurture growth in your employees:

  • Lead by example - the way you lead your team is reflected in your employees.
  • Nurture talent - let employees dabble in all areas of your company, no matter their position/title.
  • Offer training opportunities - help your employees to gain experience in areas of need or interest.
  • Maintain a positive environment that allows your employees to share thoughts and ideas openly.
  • Don't be afraid to praise your employees on a job well done!

You, as an employer, can nurture growth while being ready for the employee to grow right out of your business - so it is a good idea to avoid putting the emphasis on only one person or one team.

Company culture:

When hiring employees, you may want to see who will fit into your company's culture. Look for people who have the skills you need, in addition to a shared passion for your business or industry. In the long run, these employees will be more likely to work harder and achieve more because you share common goals.

Provide feedback:

There are many different ways to offer your employees useful feedback. From a quick chat over coffee to a formal review, these meetings offer your staff a way of communicating their needs and wants. Sitting down with, and listening to, an individual shows that he or she means something to you and your business.

Don't be afraid to lose them:

It is possible that exceptional employees may want to move on at some point. There may be several reasons for this:

  • They have learned everything they can from being a part of your business.
  • Your small business may not have the room for growth that they need.
  • They may have discovered their own entrepreneurial spirit.

Although this may be a loss for your business, rest assured that you have provided them with all the skills necessary to make a mark in their new career.

You may have heard the saying that good people make a company great. By nurturing growth in those who work for you, you are bound to have hard-working, loyal employees and, in turn, great success. In the meantime, don't forget to be on the lookout for top talent!

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