After another infusion of funds has brought the total pot of rental assistance dollars to $5.2 billion dollars, Governor Newsom recently signaled his intent to pay landlords 100% of rent debt accrued during the pandemic. 
From the desk of Daniel Bornstein
As our region goes through a drought, we empathize with rental property owners who are experiencing a dry spell of their own.

We empathize with the many rental property owners who have been bereft of rent payments, but help has been promised.

It should be welcome news that qualifying landlords can be fully reimbursed, but when will the funds arrive? 

The Governor has pledged that those landlords who previously only received 80% of the payments afforded under SB 91 would get an additional 20% - the plan is retroactive. 

For many in our community, this news rings hollow because they have not collected 80 cents on the dollar or have received nothing as of yet in an inundated and dysfunctional system of payouts. Let’s hope that these dollars are distributed sooner rather than later and that a promise made is a promise kept.

We also recognize that there are many landlords who are not eligible for rental assistance either because the tenant has abandoned the unit or has exceeded the income thresholds to get aid. Please know that Bornstein Law can help in any contorted scenario. 

With the horizon finally in sight, please remain safe and call upon us if we can help in restoring a sense of equilibrium to your real estate business.