Region 1 Recap
See what's going on in our offices below!
Jamilou Williams in Pampa-
"We recently help our red lips campaign to promote women's heart health. It's a blast! "
Jamilou- "For Valentine's Day I passed out coupons. Great way to sign our name on the back or Interim stickers."
Our Pampa office participated in two chili cook-offs, winning one! Awesome job guys!
Pampa Employee Spotlight
"PCC’s Christa Pennington (Below), home health and Stephanie Lynch (above), hospice. These ladies are everyone’s right and left hands. They are the backbone of our operations.- Jamilou"
Amarillo employee spotlight
" Our nursing team has really kept our team going over the last several months. They have balanced growing the business and taking care of our existing patients and families about as well as anyone could. We wouldn't have made it without these folks."
-Casey McAdams in Amarillo

Kendra Adcock, LVN, TCC
Stephanie Alvarado, FNP
Ross Bullard, RN, DHCS
Deborah Crady, LVN
Debbie Douglas, RN, CM (from Pampa office, came over to help) 
Brenda Fields, RN, CM ( from Pampa office, came over to help) 
Becki Lehrmann, RN, CM
Heather Walton, LVN
April Rojas, LVN
Victoria Gomez, LVN
Paula McIntosh, LVN
Megan Braddock, RN
Cassie Reed, RN
Erik Trason, RN
Sarah Young-Patterson, RN
Kimberly Hartman, RN
Rebekah Lehrmann, RN
Yvonne Tucker, RN
Spring collection coming soon!
Huge thank you to everyone in these offices for everything you do!
Stay tuned for next month's region recap featuring New Mexico!