Hackers Had Access to Citrix Network for Five Months | DHS Orders Agencies to Patch Critical Vulnerabilities Within 15 Days
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Wednesday, May 1, 2019


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The Incentive to Disrupt Elections has Never Been Higher
The 2020 elections will be hotly contested, and the integrity of the election will need to be beyond repute to ensure citizens confidence in a free and fair election.
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by Grady Summers

To Reach SIEM's Promise, Take a Lesson From World War II
75 years may separate War World II from cloud SIEM, but weíre on the cusp of being able to apply the hard-earned learnings from Abraham Wald in our latest adversarial conflict ñ the cyberwar.
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by Gunter Ollmann

Overcoming Security Challenges in the Transport and Logistics Sector
Protecting global transport networks should be a priority for operators, governments and cybersecurity professionals.
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by Jalal Bouhdada

A Crash-Course in Card Shops
Online "card shops" can be invaluable resources for those seeking to better understand and combat fraud and cybercrime.
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by Josh Lefkowitz

Data in Use Is the Point of Least Resistance
Data in Use has become a point of least resistance for an attacker. There is a major industry need to recognize this lapse and close the gap in data security by protecting data while it is being used.
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by Ellison Anne Williams

Third Party Ecosystems Make Industrial IoT the Perfect Storm of Risk and Reward
The risk created by the proliferation of industrial IoT (IIoT) is rising, thanks to the continued mismanagement of third-party involvement in sensitive industrial environments.
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by Seema Haji

Eight Steps to Data Privacy Regulation Readiness
With more legislation expected, every company should ensure they have a robust framework in place along with strong data mapping capabilities.
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by Alastair Paterson

6 Ways Attackers Are Still Bypassing SMS 2-Factor Authentication
The debate about the deprecation of SMS as an authentication system is less about the agreed-upon insecurity of SMS and more about what can replace it. SMS survives because of its ubiquity, period.
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by David Holmes

Cyber Security's New Center Point: Zero Trust
Shifting traditional perimeter-based enterprise security strategies to a Zero Trust approach provides more robust prevention, detection, and incident response capabilities to protect continuously expanding attack surfaces.
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by Torsten George

Shifting to DevSecOps Is as Much About Culture as Technology and Methodology
This move to container-based development and agile methodologies has been great for innovation and iteration, but itís also brought a massive shift in the application landscape with real impact on security teams.
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by Preston Hogue

Examining Triton Attack Framework: Lessons Learned in Protecting Industrial Systems
Examining the Triton attack toolkit and methodology behind it offers industrial manufacturers and OEMs, plant safety teams and IT/OT teams more insight into what they need to do to get ahead of hardening their networks
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by Dean Weber

Respect Is Key for Retaining Top Security Talent
There are certainly no shortcuts and no easy fixes for retaining top security talent. While the list of recommendations on this topic is lengthy, showing security talent that it is respected is high on that list.
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by Joshua Goldfarb

For a Winning Security Strategy, Redefine the Threat Landscape
Like the teams that progress through to the NCAA National Championship, youíve now pared down ìthe threat landscapeî to ìyour threat landscapeî and set yourself up for success.
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by Marc Solomon

5 Questions to Help Chart Your Course to Zero Trust Security
As organizations digitize their business and make these shifts, they need to know what and who they can trust.
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by Ashley Arbuckle

Get Ready for the First Wave of AI Malware
As malware writers harness AI for cybercrime, the security industry must push forward with a new generation of dissection and detonation technologies to prepare for this coming wave.
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by Gunter Ollmann

Chat Services: Be Diligent With This Must-Have Data Source for Intelligence Programs
It can be difficult for teams to determine how to obtain and incorporate data from encrypted chat service platforms into their collection strategies in a meaningful way.
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by Josh Lefkowitz

Addressing the Challenges of Moving Security to the Edge
New technology like IoMT in any space is always a double-edged sword. But the onus is not on manufacturers alone. Itís up to healthcare organizations to take the initiative to manage and secure their environments.
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by John Maddison


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Encrypted Email Clients Vulnerable to Signature Spoofing: After testing more than two dozen popular encrypted email clients, researchers found that the majority are vulnerable to one or more signature spoofing attacks. Read More

Hackers Had Access to Citrix Network for Five Months: Citrix said hackers had access to its network for five months and they may have stolen names, SSNs and financial information relating to current and former employees. Read More

Local Credit Union Sues Fiserv Over 'Amateurish Security Lapses': Fiserv, the leading bank core processor with 37% of the U.S. marketshare in 2018, is being sued by one of its own customers, the Bessemer System Federal Credit Union. Read More

Electrum DDoS Botnet Builds Army of 150,000 Hosts: A botnet targeting the users of the popular Electrum Bitcoin wallet managed to ensnare over 150,000 hosts its peak, Malwarebytes security researchers say. Read More

Cloud Security Firm DivvyCloud Raises $19 Million: Cloud security firm DivvyCloud raises $19 million and plans on using the money to improve its technology and expand sales and marketing efforts. Read More

Microsoft Expands Security and Compliance Features for 365 Customers: Microsoft announced more control and options designed to provide Microsoft 365 customers with the ability to strengthen their data privacy practices. Read More

Kaspersky Analyzes Hacking Group's Homegrown Attack Tools: The MuddyWater cyberespionage group is making use of a broad range of post-infection tools in their attacks, mostly developed in-house, Kaspersky Labís security researchers reveal. Read More

Muhstik Botnet Exploits Recent Oracle WebLogic Vulnerability: Two vulnerabilities discovered by CyberX and Nozomi in Rockwell Automation controllers expose devices to DoS attacks. Read More

Two Vulnerabilities Expose Rockwell Controllers to DoS Attacks: Two vulnerabilities discovered by CyberX and Nozomi in Rockwell Automation controllers expose devices to DoS attacks. Read More

'Privacy-Focused' Facebook Puts the Spotlight on Groups: Facebook is launching a major redesign of its app and website built around letting people connect with groups that share their interests ó an attempt to shift its focus away from the untrammeled public sharing that has helped spread hate speech, extremism, misinformation and livestreamed video of massacres. Read More

DHS Orders Agencies to Patch Critical Vulnerabilities Within 15 Days: The DHSís new Binding Operational Directive 19-02 instructs federal agencies and departments to patch critical security vulnerabilities within 15 days and high-severity vulnerabilities within 30 days. Read More

New Sodinokibi Ransomware Delivered via Oracle WebLogic Flaw: A new piece of ransomware named Sodinokibi has been delivered by cybercriminals using a WebLogic Server vulnerability patched by Oracle last week. Read More

Dutch Warn of 'Worrying' Russian, Chinese Cyber-Spying: Russia and China are stepping up "worrying" cyber-spying activity, including last year's plot to hack the world chemical weapons watchdog, the Dutch intelligence service warned Tuesday. Read More

2020 U.S. Presidential Candidates Vulnerable to Email Attacks: A majority of the 2020 US presidential campaigns are vulnerable to sophisticated email attacks, according to a study conducted by email security firm Agari. Read More

Apple Claims Parental Control Apps Removed Due to Use of MDM: Apple claims it recently removed several parental control applications from the App Store due to their use of ìhighly invasiveî mobile device management (MDM) technology. Read More

Security Operations Firm Red Canary Raises $34 Million: Denver, Co-based managed detection and response (MDR) firm Red Canary has raised $34 million in growth equity funding. Read More

Vodafone Identified Huawei Security Flaw Decade Ago: British telecoms group Vodafone tackled a security flaw with Huawei technology a decade ago, it was revealed Tuesday amid widespread concerns over the Chinese giant developing 5G networks abroad. Read More

Norsk Hydro Says Cyber Attack Cost It Around $50 Mln: Global aluminium producer Norsk Hydro on Tuesday put the cost of a cyber attack targeting the Norwegian company in March at around $50 million. Read More

Unprotected Database Stored Information on 80 Million U.S. Households: An unprotected database belonging to an unidentified organization stored information on 80 million US households. Read More

ImmuniWeb Launches Free Testing Tool for Website Security and PCI Compliance: ImmuniWeb launches free online tool designed for testing websites, including PCI DSS compliance, CMS security, web server security, and privacy issues. Read More

Facebook to Fund Research on Social Media Impact on Elections: Facebook announced its first research grants to academics studying the impact of social media on elections, part of an effort to prevent manipulation of social platforms. Read More

GDPR Conformance Does Not Excuse Companies from Vicarious Liability: The UK supermarket chain Morrisons' legal battle with 5,500 of its own employees over vicarious liability introduces a new threat element to the already complex and confusing demands of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Read More

Docker Hub Breach Hits 190,000 Accounts: Docker Hub informs users of a data breach that impacted 190,000 accounts. Passwords have been reset and GitHub tokens and access keys have been revoked. Read More

Oracle Patches WebLogic Zero-Day Exploited in Attacks: Oracle releases out-of-band update for WebLogic Server to patch a remote command execution zero-day vulnerability, CVE-2019-2725, exploited in attacks. Read More

Slack Lists Cybersecurity Risks Ahead of Going Public: Slack faces attacks launched by sophisticated cybercriminals and nation-state threat actors, the company said in a SEC filing ahead of going public. Read More

AESDDoS Botnet Targets Vulnerability in Atlassianís Confluence Server: A recently detected variant of the AESDDoS botnet malware is targeting a recent vulnerability Atlassianís collaborative software Confluence, Trend Microís security researchers have discovered. Read More

P2P Flaws Expose Millions of IoT Devices to Remote Attacks: Vulnerabilities in the iLnkP2P implementation of P2P expose millions of cameras and other IoT devices to remote attacks from the Internet, and no patches are available. Read More

Cyptojacking Attacks Target Enterprises With NSA-Linked Exploits: A new cyptojacking campaign targeting enterprises in Asia is leveraging the National Security Agency-linked DoublePulsar backdoor and the EternalBlue exploit for network spreading. Read More

Cisco Finds Serious Flaws in Sierra Wireless AirLink Devices: Cisco Talos researchers find nearly a dozen vulnerabilities in Sierra Wireless AirLink gateways and routers, including serious flaws that can be exploited to change system settings, execute arbitrary code, and modify passwords. Read More

Microsoft Removes Password-Expiration Policy in Windows 10: Microsoft announced a series of changes to the security baseline in Windows 10, including the removal of the password-expiration policy from the platform. Read More

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