Dear friends,

Can you believe it has already been 100 days since the coronavirus was declared a global pandemic? 

You are likely greeting the warmer weather by going out and enjoying God’s green earth. And if you’re like most of us, you are trying to strike a balance between being active and still being careful because the virus is still present. 

We’ve been praying for your health and safety. And we’re grateful to God that Manitoba was spared from a worse outbreak. 

For Ernesto and Marina, the past few months haven’t been easy. 

Ernesto’s brother in Houston passed away from a stroke. And Marina’s brother in Chicago died from the coronavirus. 

But in the midst of their grief, they continued working on their radio programs. And they used their lived experience to testify about God’s help and faithfulness. 

Ernesto talked about this experience in his live shows, and Marina recorded one of her own radio programs talking about the painful grief she was going through. 

They are thankful for all your words of comfort and support. 
ENCUENTRO: Radio Program
Program # 1328: Live to tell
A good friend of pastor Ernesto, Manuel Turnil from Guatemala got infected with the coronavirus while traveling in New York at the end of March. 

“They told me: ‘You tested positive for Covid-19, so you will be hospitalized.’ After those words, all I had to do was wait for God and for the doctors. I never thought about death, but I know I was there. Fear invades you when you see the pain of other people. I felt safe in the hands of God. I knew if I live, there is a purpose in life. If I die, God also fulfills his purpose.
God gave me the opportunity to continue living. Being alive is a great challenge and a commitment to speak to people and to tell them that this is real.”
ENCUENTRO FAMILIAR : Women's Radio Program
Program # 95: My brother is a victim of the coronavirus
Marina tells us about the death of her older brother. He was the oldest of the family. A very noble, very loving person. It was painful for the whole family, here and in Honduras, because he had to die alone— without any loved ones who could be by his side in his last moments. 
Marina felt helpless not being able to travel and accompany her nephews who had to go through this whole process without the support of the family. 

At the end, she encourages the audience to continue trusting in God. She says: “We are in this world and we will have afflictions. There will be suffering that will come into our lives and we have to be prepared for that. And we should not feel bad if we feel pain. And for us who have lost a loved one, we should enjoy keeping the best memory of them, to remember those happy moments that we lived together.”

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