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Thursday, September 7, 2023

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary Bauer


The Next Indictment

This strange year of unusual indictments against high-profile political figures may take yet another bizarre turn. Reports broke late yesterday that Special Counsel David Weiss is planning to indict Hunter Biden on a felony gun charge before the end of the month. 

I’ll believe it when I see it. We’ve all gotten our hopes up too many times that the double standard of justice will end and each time it’s only gotten worse. 

As former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy reminds us, Weiss thoroughly botched this investigation and attempted to cut a sweetheart plea deal with Hunter’s attorneys. It’s hard to believe that he’s trying to do the right thing now.

That plea deal was so bad, it fell apart as soon as the judge started asking basic questions, like, “How much immunity is this giving the president’s son?” When the two sides disagreed about that fundamental point, the judge refused to accept the deal.

I doubt they really disagreed. I suspect federal prosecutors were too embarrassed to admit in open court what they had agreed to behind the scenes.

Some experts are suggesting that Hunter’s attorneys will insist that the previous deal is still binding, and will argue that the government already agreed to dismiss the felony gun charge. 

We’ll see how this ultimately plays out, but I’m not holding my breath that justice will be done.

And as Sen. Marco Rubio noted, there are far more serious issues at stake here, like how did Hunter Biden make his millions and whether the president of the United States is compromised by his son’s foreign business schemes.

Helping The Working Man

Speaking of Sen. Rubio, his office just released a detailed report focused on a critical aspect of the American economy – working and non-working men

It turns out that an extraordinary number of healthy men are not fully employed. Part of the problem has to do with something going on with the psychology of America today. 

But a major factor is that working-class men once had opportunities to get good jobs where they made and built things. Those were the kind of jobs where you took a shower after you got home from work, not before you went to work. 

In recent decades, we sent those jobs to communist China, and it’s killing our country.  As a result, there are millions of men who are struggling to find a fulfilling and useful life. It’s a national crisis, and something Senator Rubio is committed to addressing.

In releasing his report, Rubio declared:

“This report sheds light on the problems men face as workers and offers policymakers solutions that will build up men to be better providers, husbands, fathers, and community leaders. I am committed to working on these issues because I believe that we can build a better future for our boys and men, and for our country as a whole.”

This is called populist conservatism. 

The traditional conservatism that has long guided the Republican Party worships free markets and so-called “free trade.” It argues that the cheapest labor available to produce a product is always best. 

But that globalist philosophy leaves out something vitally important: Nations. 

Sadly, the free trade mantra that corporatist Republicanism devoted itself to has enriched communist China and also impoverished large sections of America.  Multinational corporations did well, while small businesses struggled. Wall Street thrived while Main Street died.

There are some today who are attacking populist conservatism as some sort of heresy. They are wrong. If conservatives don’t adopt a more populist agenda that speaks to the real issues facing hard-working Americans, they will never win another election.

Conservatives are losing the “highly educated” because they are highly indoctrinated in neo-Marxist universities. And conservatives lose working-class voters because they feel like the Mitt Romneys and Paul Ryans don’t care about them. Cutting your mother’s Social Security while planning the next no-win war isn’t exactly a winning political message.

So what voters are left?

Why the “Stupid Party” has to be constantly reeducated is a mystery unto itself!

Crazy In California

The California State Assembly voted yesterday to declare August “Transgender History Month,” starting next year. Well, June is already LGBTQ+ Pride Month. The “T” in that alphabet soup stands for “transgender.” 

Of course, anytime these months are “declared,” it gets folded into the school curricula. Children already have to spend June celebrating “LGBTQ+ pride.” And now next August they will have to celebrate transgenderism. 

If they’re going to start breaking out the letters, when is “Lesbian Month”? We’ve only got 12 months, and this movement insists we have at least 52 genders. So, some of these are going to have to double up!

I can see the second grade test question now: “Below are lists of months and various sexual practices. Connect the correct sexual practice to the month in which we celebrate it.”

For all the Bible scholars out there, here’s a question for you: Did Sodom and Gomorrah have a “LGBTQ Pride” month? (That’s a joke, friends. I know the answer!)

2024 Update

This week’s Morning Consult poll finds Donald Trump running away with the Republican presidential nomination. Trump (60%) currently has four times the support of closest competitor, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (15%). No other candidate received double digit support.

Meanwhile, the latest CNN poll has Democrats reaching for the Maalox. Joe Biden’s approval rating stands at just 39% -- down six points since January. 

Why is Biden’s approval rating collapsing? There are multiple reasons, including an epic collapse of support among blacks and Hispanics

But this response jumped out at me: 58% of Americans say Joe Biden’s policies are making a bad economy even worse.

Finally, Suffolk University and USA Today conducted a very interesting and unusual survey. For obvious reasons, most pollsters go to great lengths to survey likely voters and screen out those not likely to vote. 

Well, Suffolk University and USA Today did the opposite – they specifically surveyed unlikely voters to get a sense of the 2024 race among this large and often overlooked group of Americans. 

Maybe you know someone who falls into this category, someone who is frustrated with politics and has given up. Maybe that’s you!

Five years ago, Trump was losing this group of potential voters by nine points. Today, among registered voters who say they are unlikely to vote, Biden’s approval rating is a dismal 21%. And among this group, Trump leads Biden by 19 points -- 32% to 13%.

Here’s the bottom line: Most polls of likely voters show the 2024 presidential race is neck-and-neck. But if every conservative gets just one or two frustrated friends or family members to vote, Trump could potentially win in a landslide!


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