March 30, 2018
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Sine Die Legislative Update
The 2018 Legislative Session of the Georgia General Assembly ended just past midnight today. A bill we were following closely that could have left utility customers in the dark about higher rates did not get a vote in the House in the final hours of Sine Die.

Here's an update on other key bills we were following.

Georgia Watch supported and provided testimony on legislation aimed to protect Georgia consumers from unexpected out-of-network medical bills at in-network hospitals. While two pieces of legislation addressing this issue remained active until Sine Die,  w e are disappointed that they stalled in the House when a compromise on reimbursement rates could not be reached. 

Sen. Chuck Hufstetler's SB 355 to sunset the Georgia Nuclear Energy Financing Act passed overwhelmingly in both the Senate and House and awaits the Governor's signature to become law!

Bills were introduced in both the Senate and House making credit freezes free for all Georgians. Ultimately, the Senate version of the legislation passed both Chambers on Sine Die and is headed to the Governor's desk to be signed into law.

You can learn more about all the legislation we were following this Session on our Take Action  page.