Packing and Shipping Items Home 

In an effort to help your camper get their extra luggage home, Culver is offering and encouraging early shipping. Most campers have more to take home than they arrived with at Culver, because of extra clothing purchased at Culver or craft items made. Extra luggage costs could be very expensive. Shipping early will lighten the campers' load when flying, and create more room in the car when heading home.

As campers begin cleaning their living areas, extra items can be packed in preparation to be shipped home. If shipping boxes are needed, Upper School students can purchase boxes from the Campus Store. Woodcraft campers can purchase boxes from the UPS company located at the Woodcraft Camp.
Domestic packages will be shipped with “standard shipping". International packages will use standard shipping for personal effects, which includes used clothing. Culver recommends that you DO NOT mail home items that cannot be replaced easily such as electronics, retainers, or medications.
Upper School

Culver's Campus Mailing at Central Receiving
Campers may use the Central Receiving (Culver’s Post Office) on our campus at any time during business hours to ship packages home.
Campers will need to use cash to pay for shipping at this location
Domestic Shipping
  • UPS located at Central Receiving (Campus Post Office) will be available to ship domestic packages only. Cash only, no credit card option is available at this location. If a camper needs to ship with a credit card, he/she will need to go to the UPS location at Woodcraft camp where credit cards are accepted.

  • FedEx is also an option for shipping. Cash only, no credit card option is available.

  • USPS (United States Postal Service) will ship domestic packages. There are some size and weight restrictions with this service. Cash only, no credit cards accepted.
International Shipping
  • Campers/parents can take their packages to the Woodcraft Camp for UPS shipping service. International shipping should have itemized lists of the contents and value of the packages.

  • Please keep in mind that certain countries have size limitations.

  • Credit/debit cards or cash may be used to ship packages with UPS.

Central Receiving Hours
Monday through Friday 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Closed Saturday and Sunday
Woodcraft Camp
Shipping – UPS (Domestic and International)
  • End-of-camp shipping is available for Woodcraft campers on Thursday, July 29 and Friday, July 30 beginning at 9:00 AM in the Parent Lounge at the Woodcraft Orthwein Dining Hall.

  • Counselors at Woodcraft will be available to help their campers with the process of using their debit cards or gift cards to pay for the shipping. Campers that do not have a card at camp can also call home and have the parent give the credit card information to the camper.

  • Shipping prices can range widely depending on the shipping location, size of the package and the weight of the package. We recommend you contact your local UPS store to see if they can give you an estimate of the cost for shipping from Culver to your location, to help determine if shipping early is a good option for you. 

  • UPS will bring a limited amount of supplies (boxes, bubble, tape, etc.) for any packaging that may become necessary when shipping items out.
Parent-Only Option

Town of Culver Post Office
  • The town of Culver also offers shipping options and can process credit cards if parents would like to use this option. Culver does not have staff available to take campers to town.

Town of Culver Post Office Hours
115 West Jefferson Street Culver, Indiana 46511
Monday through Friday 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM, 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Packing and Shipping Tips

  • Avoid shipping items that are fragile, liquid, or perishable.
  • Choose sturdy containers that can withstand the shipping process. 
  • If shipping items in a box, choose an appropriate size box so items are packed tight.
  • Avoid under-packing a container because it can collapse, and avoid over-packing because it can burst open.
  • Use a two-inch-wide variety of packing tape. Reinforce the bottom of the box as well as any seams.
  • Place a shipping label on the top with a complete name and address of the destination and return address.