End-of-June Pup Alert
June 26th, 2018
1. MERRY & SNOW'S MINI-DOODLE AVAILABLE PUPS are On SALE -- One Male & one Female. See below.
3. GIDGET & CEDAR'S Mini Low & NO-SHED Goberian Litter; Males & Females AVAILABLE
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1. AVAILABLE LOW/NO-SHED MINI-DOODLES out of MERRY & Sired by SNOW (photos of parent dogs are on our website, www.xanadoodle.com). We do not have another mini - multigenerational Doodle litter coming at this time. For inquiries, please contact Mandi at xanadupack@gmail.com. One male and one female pup are AVAILABLE to pet homes, and both are on our extended Fathers Day Sale list. Puppies are apricot & white parti-colors, expected to be low-to-no-shed as adult (smaller mini) Doodles--about 25-32 lb. adult size. Current Pup Photos of That's-My-Girl! (3 photos) and ( hazel-eyed, white-footed) Silk Shorts (3 photos) are Attached. These babies are fun-fun-fun. Sweet, playful & goofy little clowns, good with children and beautiful, easy to train and smart!

Please note that this litter is a longevity litter; with your great care, your family member is expected to live a long life of 17-20 years; that is, throughout your children's childhood.

DOB: APRIL 13, 2018
SALE PRICE: $1875, and guaranteed for temperament, genetic soundness, and great vet-checked health. Up-to-date with puppy shots and worming.
2. AVAILABLE- -BROUHAHA'S Standard-Sized GOBERIAN Pups by RIO COCO (contact xanadupack@gmail.com for information regarding Pancake and Espresso--Pet Home Pups. Call Sheron Steele at 970 708-8030 for more information about Available Guardian, Blintz / No text messages, please. Please see Guardian Information attached).

Espresso is the darker Pet Home female and is expected to be lower shed than most Goberians . Please see attached Goberian Characteristics regarding springtime grooming needs of Goberians, who (after spring shedding) usually have a very low- care wash-and-wear coat. Puppies have Wolfy/Husky eyebrows/markings, and they look like little wolf-cubs. VERY well socialized, playful, and ready-to-go babies. These remaining female puppies are the Guardian-family favorites; please contact xanadupack@gmail.com and ask why! Please see attached photos of these
AVAILABLE females in order--
DOB: April 25, 2018

C. Espresso - Female, Green eyes at this time, lower-shed coat, sweet, playful girl, independent / self-confident; 2 Photos of Espresso attached
Price: $1875 ALL XANADU pups are guaranteed 

A. *Blintz - Female, Hazel-eyes, Sweet, described as "Perfect" by GUARDIAN family
Price: $950 w/ 1 - litter Breeding Agreement. Call Sheron at 970 708-8030 for more information / no texts please. 2 Photos of Blintz attached
B. Pancake - Pet Home Female, Eyes are GREEN at this time , very calm girl, quiet and playful; could be good therapy or emotional - support dog.
Price: $1875 Let's talk about Pancake! Please email Mandi at xanadupack@gmail.com 2 Photos of Pancake attached
C. Espresso - Female, Green eyes at this time, lower-shed coat, sweet, playful girl, independent / self-confident; 2 Photos of Espresso attached
Price: $1875 ALL XANADU pups are guaranteed 
3. AVAILABLE GIDGET'S Mini Low & NO-SHED Goberian Litter by CEDAR (ONLY AT XANADU of the ROCKIES at this time, and not available anywhere else on Planet Earth). LITTER PICKS, GUARDIAN, & PET HOME Low/No- Shed Puppies
DOB: May 20, 2018

This litter is by special request: Pups should be low-to-no- shed, and this RARE, hard-to-find multi-cross is sometimes called a "SiberPoo." We call these pups "Mini Low-to- No-Shed Goberians." The designation is more accurate for XANADU pups and includes the genetic inclusion of the Golden Retriever / multigenerational Mini- Doodles, too. This breeding is by demand for YOU WHO WANT GOBERIAN Qualities, BUT HAVE ALLERGIES or JUST PREFER THE LOW- TO-NO-SHED Characteristics of the Low-to-No-Shed Goberian. GIDGET'S pups are sired by small, perfectly-marked Goberian stud, CEDAR. Gidget is a beautiful apricot multigenerational mini-Doodle. She is small at 17 lb. and has the good- natured, friendly disposition expected in XANADU Golden Retriever / multi-breed, multi-generational crosses. Gidget has warm, expressive light brown eyes, is no-shed, and very friendly to other dogs, as well as their humans. She was very easy to train and is a natural heeler off leash. CEDAR is a fabulously beautiful, active smaller Goberian who has one blue eye and one brown eye. Gidget's photo and sire-Cedar's photos are on the www.xanadoodle.com website. Puppies are expected to be between 16-to-32 lb. as adults. Sizes will vary, because parent and grandparent sizes vary. XANADU offers very FEW LOW or NO-SHED GOBERIAN puppies; please reserve early.

Our Guardian Puppy selection is either a tri-color female called Tika, who has a soft Husky-like shorter coat, or our Guardian may be Kasha. Kasha is a light apricot and white with longer Doodle coat, wavy and soft.

Three white pups are also AVAILABLE as LITTER PICKS & PET HOME Selections & can Fly to New Homes on July 19; possible earlier pick-up in Denver area.

Prices for Gidget and Cedar's Litter:
Guardian Pup, $1250
Litter Pick Male and Female, $2885
Brown-eyed Pet Home pups: $2250

Descriptions of Gidget & Cedar's Litter of six follow, and these descriptions are by Gidget's Guardian. See attached photos in order:
A. Female, Tika -- Possible Guardian Selection (See description above)
B. Female, Kasha -- Possible Guardian Selection (See description above)
C. Female, Milly is the only White female. Milly has a pink nose and beautiful tan ears. She has a relatively thick coat, and it’s wavy and should be little-to-no-shed. I think she will be 15-20 lbs. full grown. She’s another sweetie that loves to be held. She’s not yippy, but prefers to curl up and take a nap when she’s been left alone.
D. Male, Tiko White Long Hair thick and wavy; undercoat is tan. Another sweet, playful puppy.
E. Male, Milo -- Milo is the biggest pup of the bunch Chunky boy Husky-fluff coat. Milo is a favorite puppy of many. Chill when held and LOVES being held. Husky personality / Husky-talker. He’s a lover. He’s perfectly content to sit in your lap while you’re watching TV and to just hang out with you. He is not only the largest by weight, but he also has the fluffiest coat, resembling more of his Husky-father’s coat than his mother's Doodle coat. (The Guardian for this litter says:) I think coat, size, and shape, he’s going to be more husky-like than doodle-y. Milo has a pink nose and steel gray-blue eyes which will most likely turn, but sometimes pink-nosed pups retain their blue eyes --and that'd be very pretty.
F. Male, Alfalfa -- Alfalfa is the smallest of the litter. He has a pink nose, a wavy cream-colored coat and steel gray eyes (expected to turn). Milo is a sweet boy who’s extremely easy going and takes everything in stride. He will be little-to-no-shed and appears to be developing a little darker fur on his ears that may also frame his forehead as well. I anticipate that Alfalfa will only be 12-15 lbs. fully grown.
4. GOBERIAN LITTER out of RIO VIDA & sired by MOOSE -- Goberian Rio Vida is just so sweet; that's all! And Mr. Moose is a gorgeous tri-color AKC Siberian Husky with blue eyes -- calm and obedient; I like that! LITTER PICKS, GUARDIAN, & PET HOME Puppies AVAILABLE. Photos of Rio Vida's babies are attached. These photos do not specify pup names and genders, because there was a problem with attachment technology. Our next Pup Alert will have bouncier- looking pups and accurate descriptions. These babies still resemble fetal piggies, but you can certainly see the cute-pup potential, even in baby photos.

DOB June 2, 2018
Pups Can Go to New Homes from July 28, 2018 
5. CADENCE'S MINI-BERNEDOODLE CROSS with The DURANGO KID Please note that Bernedoodle X Pups are multigenerational crosses to calm both the Bernese & Poodle influence (but Cadence is a fine female Bernedoodle and family dog anyhow!). Multigenerational Bernedoodle crosses of this kind are more expensive than our other litters, depending on color patterns and no-shed qualities. That is because the Bernese Mountain Dog and Bernedoodles are so expensive to work with. Add "mini" to that mix AND genetic testing for parent dogs, and prices go even higher. XANADU will have very few Bernedoodle crosses in the future, because characteristics will be absorbed into our multigenerational XANADU Dog. Puppies from this litter should be between 30-38 lb. as adults. While they will be active puppies, they should also be sweet, friendly pups. NOTE that Cadence & Durango's pup-family will have active, sweet, calmer characteristics than most Bernedoodle Litters, mini or standard. LITTER PICKS, GUARDIAN, & PET HOME Puppies AVAILABLE. Selection of puppies will be at Six Weeks, BECAUSE THESE PUPPIES HAVE BLUE EYES! YOU WON'T FIND THAT ELSEWHERE.

DOB: 5/24/18
Puppy Pick-Up: About 7/19/18

Guardian Pup or pups, $1350 with two-litter Breeding Contract. Please see attached Guardian Information; call Sheron Steele at 970 708-8030, if interested in a blue-eyed, tri-color Guardian Puppy from this litter (no texts, please)
Litter Pick Male and Female, $3885 / $3995, if blue or bi-eyed
Tri-Color Puppies (if any) with blue eyes or bi-eyed, $3750
Tri-Color brown-eyed/ hazel-eyed Puppies (if any), $3650
Bi-Color Coats / Blue or bi-eyed puppies (if any) $3700
Bi-Color Pet Home Pups with brown eyes (if any) $2885
The following puppy descriptions are by Cadence's Guardian; Photos are in the following order:
A. #1 Is super-sweet girly disposition and cuddler, has a cute brown spot on her nose and one blue eye so far, likes to play with some catlike pouncing. Expected to be blue-eyed/bi-eyed.
B. #2 They are all soft like mom, but her hair is super soft and her white and black color is perfect with (at this time) a speckled nose
C. #3 has been very playful and pays attention (one sign of a pup that will be people- oriented & easy to train). At this time, has an adorable speckled nose
D. #4 is going to be one of the most beautiful ever born, kinda calm but two beautiful blue eyes, tri-color with dark brown, white and tan (coat color may lighten as pup matures). LIKELY TO BE A GUARDIAN PUP.
E. #5 (Cadence’s clone) likes people and exploring even though she's the tiniest, if you can admit to having a favorite she would be mine POSSIBLE GUARDIAN
F. #6 the boy, has a strong male face and loves telling you with growls he is playing, has one blue eye at this time. If any of these dogs are half as good mannered as the mom, they will be amazing dogs.

We have four blue-eyed, tri-color pups. Eye color could change, which is why pup selection is at six weeks. Adult sizes should be between 45 & 50 lb. Magpie is a great family dog -- not bouncy or overactive, good with the children and obedient, as well; sweet, sensitive to others, not barky either. Uber Khan is a gorgeous, calmer and loving boy. He is a "wooly"; that is, has a longer coat that is quite soft. Sire Uber Khan is blue- eyed. LITTER PICKS, GUARDIAN, & PET HOME Puppies AVAILABLE.

DOB: 5/31/18
Puppy Pick-Up: About 7/27/18
Photos of 3 gorgeous females and 1 beautiful male are attached. At this time, ALL pups are blue-eyed. 
(the only male is pictured below)
HOW to Reserve Your XANADU Puppy: Deposits (or full payments) are accepted at this time. For Litter Pick and Pet Home Puppies, please contact Mandi: xanadupack@gmail.com. For Guardian Pups, please contact Sheron Steele, XANADU proprietress at 970 708-8030 (no texts, please). Puppy Payments can be made through XANADU'S website or by contacting Mandi at xanadupack@gmail.com.

At birth, we know the general coat color and gender of each puppy; later we'll know pup eye colors. Pup Alert subscribers are the first to see baby pictures. Photos are also posted on our website: www.xanadoodle.com

ALL pups' unpaid balances are paid in full by the time babies are six weeks old. Pups that require flights will have their airfare, required vet- check, crate w/ furnishings, etc. paid at six weeks, as well.

Thank you for considering a XANADU puppy. Remember that you are always welcome to contact us with any questions -- for the life of your dog. I may not always know the answers to your questions, but often can refer you to someone who is knowledgeable in that area.
To qualify for ownership of a XANADU dog, excellent care of your new family member is required in the rearing of a loving, responsible, good furry-family- member: Love, exercise, training, a great diet, excellent vet care...Also required is that you LOVE your new puppy when you receive him/her. Your puppy is guaranteed to love you back. 
A copy of XANADU Breeding Goals and our Mission Follow. Begin your search for a new puppy by reading the following information to see if the XANADU Dog is the BFF you have been searching for. Our main goal is to provide you with the World's Best Family Dog, and we emphasize temperament, genetic soundness, and vet-checked health.
Each XANADU litter is described by the characteristics of parents & grandparents and by phenotype (what they look like), genetic percentages, etc., because we are working toward a NEW BREED: The XANADU Dog:
Breeding Dogs with Superior Characteristics to Create a New Breed
I once googled my website, and to my surprise one pop-up read, “XANADU is creating a new dog breed!” It’s true—and it’s no secret. We offer Goldendoodles--and all of our puppies are described by the dominant breeds--like Goldendoodle or
Labradoodle or AussiePoo or BernerDoodle, Maltipoo, Crestipoo, Doubledoodles and Tripledoodles, Goberians, Pomskies, etc. Unusual breeds are probably in your XANADU pup’s background. Please feel free to ask more, but here are a few of those inclusive breeds and why they are included:
Puli: superior intelligence, superior agility, no-shed coat, no-doggie-odor, and longevity.
Bernese Mountain Dog: an especially responsible breed, intelligent, very beautiful, no-doggie-odor.
Poodle: shed-free, soft coat, and intelligence/trainability. NOTE: XANADU is careful in the selection of Poodles—and especially miniature Poodles—for breeding. Some are wonderfully friendly, others yappy, barky, and bad- tempered with people they do not know well.
Golden Retriever: Dominant in most XANADU dogs, they are intelligent, people oriented, highly trainable, and beautiful.
Labrador Retriever: Included in few Doodle lineages. Year after year, the Labrador Retriever is the most popular breed in America.
Australian Shepherd/Aussiedoodles: are usually “velcro” dogs; they do not usually wander like Charlie Brown’s Beagle would. Australian Shepherds and Aussiepoos like to stick to you and the family, and purebreds sometimes herd human children. Special features include agility, intelligence, and beauty--blue eyes—and they will fetch as long as you can throw a frisbee.
Crestipoo: amazing intelligence and agility.
Cockerpoo: not often included, but is a breed with remarkable longevity;
beauty, wonderful ears. The Cocker Spaniel is one of the three breeds
included in the Australian Labradoodle.
Siberian Husky: temperament (if great parent dogs are selected), eyes-eyes-
eyes, calmness.
Border Collie: superior intelligence, inquisitive and friendly nature, and
energy to sustain long days of work. And these dogs, too, will fetch balls and Frisbees all day long. XANADU’S La Flamme is one of XANADU’S sweetest dogs and a very observant student of her humans.
Saluki: The oldest breed in the world, they say (compare to the Arabian Horse in confirmation and breeding intention). These dogs and Pharaoh Hound images are found inside pyramids. The Saluki predates other breeds by over 4,000 years. I have a 1 5-year old Saluki, and the accomplishment of many thousands of generations is astonishing. My Saluki (directly from the Middle East and Blue Ribbon honored at the Saluki Nationals) IS friendly with all humans, children, other dogs and livestock. At 12, she acted like she
was about 3--this is a longevity breed; it is where Habeebte Al Ice's "homing instinct" comes from (not all Salukis "home," but Alice and some of her progeny just don't get lost." Saluki hips are perfect. No doggie odor. A heart like an athlete. Perfect eyes, patella, confirmation, grace--everything. The Saluki was developed over the centuries by severe and what we would call today, cruel selective breeding and culling of litters. This "perfection" is the foundation of XANADU'S breeding program. The sire of XANADU'S foundation is International Champion moyen (Fr. for "medium") red Poodle with 100% PennHip ratings/other excellent certifications, AKC Glitz and Glamour.
Contemporary breeders have created new breeds for VERY GOOD reasons--usually temperament and confirmation, sometimes for gorgeous vanity characteristics—the Goldendoodle, and Labradoodle, and Crestipoos, the Sheba Inu, the Norwegian Lundehund, the Xoloitzcuintli, etc., but all of us “creators” must work with breeds that already exist, of course. We choose breeds that have some of the characteristics we hope will be passed along to our puppies. The process can take generations— generations of dogs and generations of humans. XANADU BREEDS FAMILY / COMPANION DOGS.
Not long ago, I watched a National Geographic documentary about the pre-historic and historic relationship of wolves-to-dogs to prehistoric man, and then man-to-dog breeds to today. In the recent few centuries, and especially in Europe, new breeds were developed—often by fancy ladies with the wherewithal to do so—and old breeds were tweaked, often to the point that these “purebreds” are a mess: deliberate breedings which caused back and leg problems, breathing problems, whelping problems—it’s a long and (I think) ugly and unhealthy list of characteristics that are a disservice to the individual breeds and to the dog world.
The suggestion (to me) was that if humankind can make such a mess of dog breeds and genetics, humankind can also undo this damage. XANADU is tackling part of this challenge. At this time, I do not know any other breeder anywhere who is doing so—wish I did!
Information about the lineage and the “whys” of a puppy’s lineage are available to you—what your puppy will most likely look like as an adult, his/her size, temperament, and the reasons for inclusion of certain breeds (DoubleDoodles, TrippleDoodles, and above-mentioned purebreds and Doodles, for example) in our
breeding program. So, pups in our litters have “something more” in their
genetic background s —something deliberately sought after and passed along (Those characteristics might include some homing instinct, or greater agility, or blue eyes, no-doggie-odor, etc.). XANADU is not trying to improve the Poodle breed, the Golden Retriever, the Labrador Retriever, the Maltese, the Border Collie, etc. These are already outstanding breeds.
Our Primary Objective is the development of a new breed, the XANADU, the World’s Best Family Dog. Toward that end, the goals for which we breed are enumerated below. Lineages displaying most (sometimes ALL) of these characteristics are woven together year after year toward our objective. This contains the information necessary for you to decide if a XANADU puppy is for you.
If you determine that the XANADU Dog is not the dog for you, you can move along to breeders who breed for different characteristics. The XANADU document, "How to Select a Puppy" will be helpful to you in choosing a breeder.
XANADU works with fertility clinics, international canine semen banks, seventy (and counting) veterinary clinics worldwide, veterinary teaching hospitals, canine fertility specialists, holistic veterinary practitioners, natural health care specialists (and I recommend the magazine, Dogs Naturally), and with our own breeder network of quality dogs. These professionals offer support, assistance, encouragement, advice, and their enthusiastic support for XANADU of the Rockies.
Your XANADU pup will be examined by a veterinarian before pick-up and s/he will be wormed. XANADU puppies are guaranteed for temperament, genetic soundness, and total health. You are guaranteed to love your puppy and your pup is guaranteed to love you in return.
XANADU helps support several organizations that help dogs, wildlife and our environment, and children worldwide
Thank you all, each and every one, for considering a XANADU furry family member! 
My very best,
Sheron Steele & Xanadu Pack o' Pups
Sheron Mariah Steele, PhD
Xanadu Dogs, LLC

615 Canyon Drive, Log Hill Mesa
Ridgway, CO 81432
Home Phone: 970-626-9747
Cell Phone (no texts):  970-708-8030