April 1, 2021 • Volume 17 No. 40
Dear chevrei (friends),

In Israel and for Reform Jews, Saturday night will mark the end of our Pesach observance — the celebration of our ancestors’ flight from slavery to freedom. There are many heroes in the Exodus Story including, Moses, Yocheved (Moses’ mother), Miriam, Shifra and Puah (the midwives) and Aaron. God enabled these courageous souls to save and lead the Israelites out of bondage. The Torah portion we read Saturday morning includes the Song of the Sea-one of the oldest Hebrew poems-uttered by Moses when the Israelites crossed over the Reed Sea.

It is poignant this year, that just four days after we eat our last piece of Matzah, Jews all over the world will observe Yom HaShoah — Holocaust Memorial Day. The full name of this observance Yom Ha’zikaron La’shoah V’hag’vurah The Day of Memorial for the Holocaust and the Heroism. Our Passover observance is a balance between slavery and redemption, suffering and joy. So too, when we observe Yom HaShoah, we too must remember the heroism displayed by so many during that darkest of eras. From Jews who fought in the resistance, to non-Jews who gave safe shelter to those escaping the Nazis, to German soldiers who demonstrated humanity.  A former congregant was 10 when Kristallnacht ignited Germany’s sky. The next day she was on a bus. A soldier sat down next to her. The bus was stopped by Gestapo who boarded the bus and demanded to see Identity papers. The soldier looked at the young girl next to him. When the Gestapo approached he vouched for her and she remained on the bus. She later admitted she was certain the soldier knew she was Jewish.

Throughout history, moments of darkness are pierced with random rays of light. Would such light have happened this past week, when three workers watched an elderly Asian woman being beaten and chose to remain silent?

In our Haggadah, we are instructed to remember the Exodus as if we ourselves came forth out of Egypt. We too must remember that the path to redemption and freedom is walked in each generation. We have the power to be upstanders, like our biblical ancestors and righteous ones during the Shoah, or, remain passive bystanders. When we observe Yom HaShoah this Wednesday night, let us hold loss in one hand and gratitude in the other. 

Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Deborah A. Hirsch
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Saturday, April 3rd - Last Day of Pesach

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Torah Study (Shabbat Greetings at 8:50 am, with no Morning Blessings) via Zoom

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7th Day Passover Festival Service, including Yizkor, in-person and via LiveStream

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