End of Session Announcements!

Sign-Ups for the Spring Session!

Some students are still not yet enrolled for our Spring session! ´╗┐If you have not signed your student up for the Spring session, please visit our website or talk to someone at the front desk in order to sign up. 
Our classes are filling up quickly, and you don't want to miss out on a spot in your student's favorite class! 
For intensive gymnastics classes (Intro, Gym 1, Gym 2, Gym 3) students should be registered for the same level as in the Fall , unless an instructor has told you otherwise.  
Observations for the Fall Session...

Each school-aged class will show off some of their skills during an Observation Day in December. We will be staggering our class observations over two weeks. Click the Observation Schedule below to see what day and time your child's class observation will be!

Moving Up
For all grade school classes, we have continued our move towards a year-long curriculum. This means that some key skills for each class will not be introduced until later in the year.  Our expectation is that all students stay in their class for the entire school year.   In rare circumstances, students may test out of their current class through an assessment by an instructor, in which case we will notify you of the option to move them to a higher level for the Spring session. 

We have previously shared students' skill progress through the MySkillChart system. This year we are in the process of transitioning to a new system (iClassPro), which unfortunately will not be ready until the Spring session. In the meantime, we are using paper sheets for our skill tracking. If you would like an update on your gymnasts' progress on their skills, we are happy to share their skill sheets.

Important Dates:

Nov 28 - 30: Both studios closed for Thanksgiving break!
Dec 21: Last day of Fall Session
Dec 22 - Jan 5: Both studios closed for Christmas break!
Jan 6 - Jun 13: Spring 2020
Jan 15: Summer Camp Registration Opens
Apr 6 - 12: Both studios closed for Spring break!
May 23 - 25: Both studios closed for Memorial Day!

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Mini InMovement-Bella Vista
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