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A-Team Minnesota is one of 21 state organizations within the national A-Team USA network.  A-Team MN was founded by families who have a member with significant intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD).  

Honoring Choice - My Home, My Work, and My Life

Supporting Person-Centered Plans & Informed Choice

May 22, 2023

2023 Legislative Session Ends

SF2934 Conference Committee Report

Approved by MN Senate and House

Next Stop- Governor's Signature

Congratulations A-Team Network Volunteer Members!

Congratulations!! You made a difference!

  • Your emails/letters/phone calls to your own legislators, to Human Service Committee members and to SF2934 Conferees, sharing with them your experiences and informed choices of where your family member wants to live and work helped them to better understand your family member and their disability service needs.

  • A-Team MN volunteer families, meeting in small groups with Senate and House Human Services Committee Members in face-to-face meetings over many weeks, gave legislators first-hand knowledge of lived experiences and informed choices.

  • Families who testified before Senate and House Committees confirmed the need for services and that informed choice of all people with disabilities must be honored. They contributed to the public record.

  • Letters to the editor from families and comments to newspaper articles informed the public as well as decision makers.

  • Showing up for the March 30 Disability Day at the Capitol and meeting with legislators authenticated self-advocacy and unified advocacy. You were heard in the halls and rotunda of the capitol by decision makers. They listened.

Thank you from A-Team MN!

Pat yourself on the back!

SF2934 Conference Committee - Final Report Approved

Human Services Omnibus Bill

A-Team MN advocated for the following:

Approved in final SF2934 Human Services Omnibus Bill:

  • Increased funding for DSP compensation - direct support professionals in group homes, day services and center- based work options.
  • Increased funding for ICF/DD residential services with an added inflation factor. These are homes providing intensive care for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities.
  • 14c center based special wage continues to be a work option choice.

More information about these results will be provided

in an early June A-Team MN E-news.

Thank your own legislator

Thank SF2934 Conferees

  • Thank them for increased funding for DSP and ICF/DD.
  • Thank them for honoring informed choice of those who choose center based special wage work options.
  • Send a special thank you to Senator Hoffman for being THE strong champion of informed choice for special wage work option (14c) and supporting all people with a disability.

Send a single email To:

The Conferees

cc: (copied) to the list of Legislative Assistants.

Copy and paste these email addresses

Or, Mail a special thank you card to each conferee.

Senator John Hoffman - Phone: (651) 296-4154

2111 Minnesota Senate Building

90 University Ave

St. Paul, MN 55103

Senator Jim Abeler - Phone: (651) 296-3733

2207 Minnesota Senate Building

90 University Ave

St. Paul, MN 55103

Senator Omar Fateh- Phone: (651) 296-4261

3219 Minnesota Senate Building

90 University Ave

St. Paul, MN 55103

Rep. Mohamud Noor - Phone: (651) 296-4257

379 State Office Building

100 Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd

St Paul, MN 55155

Rep. Dave Baker - Phone: (651) 296-6206

259 State Office Building

100 Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd

St Paul, MN 55155

Rep. Peter Fischer - Phone: (651) 296-5363

551 State Office Building

100 Rev Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd

St Paul, MN 55155

Click this link to find contact information for your own legislator.

Legislative Process Outlined

  • Step 1. Minnesota Senate and House of Representatives completed hearing bills in the committee of jurisdiction. This means the Human Service Committees completed committee work on omnibus bills that is a compilation of selected bills heard in committee. DONE

  • Step 2. Omnibus bills reviewed by respective finance committees. House is Ways and Means Committee. Senate is Senate Finance Committee. DONE

  • Step 3. House, full membership floor sessions, considers and votes on House Human Services Omnibus Bill. Senate, full membership floor session, considers and votes on Senate Human Services Omnibus Bill. DONE

  • Step 4. House and Senate both appoint members to conference committees to negotiate provisions between the two bills. Provisions that are the same in each bill are agreed to. Provisions that are different are considered negotiable. The goal is to reach agreement. The result may be elimination, inclusion or modification of provisions. DONE

  • Step 5. After the conference committee reaches a negotiated agreement SF2934 is referred to both the House and Senate for final approval. DONE

  • Step 6. Upon final approval the bill goes to the Governor for signature.