End of Summer 2016

Happy New York Autumn! Some folks like New York in June, but I prefer it in late September. Maybe it's because my kids are in school, and bound to stay there until late December. What's that? I can catch up on Peaky Blinders on Thursday afternoons? Don't mind if I do...

We've been busy as usual here at RG HQ, finding new ways to make you swoon. Recent improvements include a facelift for studio 16O, and a new booking display board on the 10th floor. We'll also be rolling out more social media displays for all you Instagram junkies out there. Just tag #ripleygrier on any post or tweet, and it will show up on all our screens! Insta-fame!

Birthday blessings to Cynthia, Mike, Kristin, Sisco, and our namesake, Jeannie Ripley-Grier! Here's to our reliable, helpful Virgos!
me and boys -John Norman
Director of Operations
Ripley-Grier Studios


Deborah Kym

"It's a war to remain a dreamer in this business"
-Deborah Kym

When Deborah Kym was in college at the University of Santa Barbara, she heard that theatre giant Stella Adler had moved her master classes from NYC to LA and rushed to get in. After the class, she immediately signed up for Adler's Technique 1 class, and three years later she was asked by Stella herself to teach the Adler technique, eventually becoming the youngest instructor to teach the full program at the Stella Adler Conservatory.

She recalls panicking when she was first asked, "Who is going to listen to ME?". A friend suggested that to get over her nerves, Kym should sub for her as a teacher for an acting class for performers with disabilities. After numerous tearful breakthroughs  with these performers and the inspiration they brought to the craft, Deborah would go on to form The Company, the first theatre company featuring physically- disabled actors working alongside professional able-bodied actors, and to march on Washington to lobby (successfully) for greater access for disabled actors in professional theatre and film.

Since then, Kym has started her own acting program, DRM Studios, and has trained and managed many actors with no previous experience that went on to make their Broadway or Off-Broadway debuts under her instruction. She has collected over 150 credits herself in acting, directing and producing, and has two upcoming books, one on acting technique and one that presents a way to use "the tools of the actor to help us through life", in her words. Somehow in this whirlwind of a life, she also managed to raise two daughters who are now professional performers and teachers themselves.

Prospective students should contact Deborah via email at DeborahKym@yahoo.com or phone at  212 841-1672

feng shui color chart
Patricia Ripley 
Feng Shui and Fitness

 Summer has come to an end and fall has started off with great weather.  September is the best month at the beach.  It still feels like summer in Long Beach.  We had two major surfing contests this month. (my Jam).  I am bodyboarding until the end of October with a wet suit until the water temperature gets below 65 degrees.
 Jeannie and I will be celebrating her birthday (9/18) and my birthday (10/2) in our traditional trip to Montauk for a few days the first weekend of October.  I get to go bodyboarding at one of my favorite beaches, Ditch Plains.
 Also in October I will be teaching a Feng Shui intro course for the Long Beach Continuing Education Program in Long Beach.   (October 17th Monday from 6-8pm)  Contact me at pripley@ripleygrier.com if you want any info about that class.  I will be teaching how to improve your personal environment at home and at work.  This is a great time of year to work on your home improvement projects, interior & exterior; with cooler temperatures and beautiful sunny days.  If you have a garden, now is the time to prepare for the changes in the weather.  
 This weather is also great for outdoor fitness activities, riding bikes, walking, jogging, running, outdoor exercise classes, hiking, etc.  If you belong to a gym, get back in there and get your fitness routines going.  Mix up your regime; weights, cardio, stretching, balancing and core strengthening.  If your gym has a pool, do water exercises and swimming.  Keep an eye on your diet as well, cooler weather can bring on comfort food binges.  Stay with those lighter summer meals all through the winter.  
 Enjoy the start of the fall season.and speak to you in October.
Better and Better,  Patricia


Fall Merch is Here!

Bags, hats, T's and more, available at Cafe Oasis, and NOW available at the front desks at 72nd st studios and 939 8th ave studios! 

Student Survival Kits!

Meet Our Staff
Julio Ortiz

Julio, pictured above with his super-adorable daughter Julayni (10), started with us back in April as a part-time custodial staff member, and has since made himself an indispensable part of our full-time staff here. Maybe it's his native New Yorker drive or his giant heart (or both), but "Julio is on it" is now our shorthand for "consider it done....well." 
Learn Arabic!

Brush up on your Arabic conversational skills or learn something new. Lessons geared toward beginners, intermediate, or advanced students. For any questions or to register, email 

*Emi is a Ripley-Grier staff member from Jordan. Arabic is her native language.
Jeannie's Spot

This month I started my senior year in high school. It's time for me to apply for college! We are visiting several campuses this fall.  At the end of October we are going up to Boston University to tour the campus.  I have to apply to a lot of colleges to make sure I get one I want to attend.  I am looking at schools on the West Coast as well as the Northeast and the South.  I want to attend a college   that has a strong film program as well as a marching band. I am excited to be a senior and I'm looking forward to this school year.
I turned 17 this month and celebrated by going to Dave & Buster's in Manhattan with my friend, Rosemary.  In addition, I had a family birthday dinner in Long Beach.   I also celebrated by seeing "Weird Al" at Radio City for the first time with my brother, Shayne, his wife Heather, my neice Brooklyn, and nephews Jackson, Ethan, and Griffin. It was an awesome show! He played a lot of songs and showed a lot of hilarious clips. I had been looking forward to seeing his show and it was better than I expected.  Happy Fall!!   Jeannie
Jeannie Ripley-Grier is the daughter of RG founders Butch Grier and Patricia Ripley.