Houmas House Estate and Gardens
August 2020
Then and Now

For over 250 years, The Houmas Estate has seen the ever-evolving landscape change from natural swamp land, to rural farm land, to a neatly manicured lawn with gardens. Reviving the mansion and expanding the gardens is just the beginning to the restorations of this property. Once stripped of its ornate moldings and bold colors, the historic estate is once again the Crown Jewel of the Great River Road. 

In her heyday, Houmas House was the largest sugar producing plantation in the South spanning over 300,000 acres. Over the years and a series of owners, the land has been reduced to 38 acres but has managed to impress with its stately Greek Revival architecture, wrap-around porches, and original outbuildings.

With the addition of formal gardens, an extensive gift shop, restaurants and an inn, guests may now spend more than a day exploring and immersing in themselves in the antebellum era.

Although the restaurant has garnered much attention, the mansion tours are still the main reason to visit Houmas House.  Here, guests learn about the success and perils this sugarcane farm have experienced since 1775. Room after room displays both original and period antiques and artwork, giving visitors a glimpse into the past and what life on a plantation was like.

Once a thriving working sugar cane plantation, Houmas House is now a true destination not to be missed. 

Much Love,

Princess Maggie
Secrets From the Kitchens of Houmas House
What's better than reading a recipe? Watching it being prepared LIVE and in REAL TIME! Our Executive Chef Jeremy Langlois hosts weekly Facebook Live cooking demonstrations and prepares some of our guests' favorites. Join us every Thursday at noon on Facebook to watch and interact with our Chef. Follow us here:

In case you want to catch up on the videos you missed, you can see them here. Enjoy!
The Great River Road Museum - Now Open

The Mississippi River has proved to be the most important body of water in the United States. For early explorers, its width and powerful current taunted them as they attempted to cross and explore the other side. For businessmen it proved to be the answer for westward expansion. And for power-hungry leaders it was the cause of war and the prize of many battles.

Conquering the twists, turns and challenges of the Mighty Mississippi resulted in doubling the size of the newly discovered territory. It quickly became the main contributor to the physical and economic growth of what was to become The United States of America.

Visiting The Great River Road Museum opens visitors eyes to what early life along the lower Mississippi was like. The culture, commerce, folklore and music was a fusion of all the foreign countries that discovered and developed this new territory. From the wealthy owners of great sugar empires, to the humble lives of the enslaved, this museum details how each lived and survived by this powerful body of water.
Dining Options During Covid

Determining which restaurants are safe, which are open and what services are available can be a challenge. Here is a summary of what to expect at Houmas House.

Houmas House offers breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. All dining services are offered in The Carriage House Restaurant with indoor seating and full table service. The Turtle Bar is fully operational and still making all your favorite cocktails.

Our staff, both front of house and back of house are following all the guidelines provided by local and state officials. Waitstaff, hostesses and bartenders are all wearing masks. Tables are thoroughly sanitized between seatings and all items like salt and pepper are removed and not reused.

We are so grateful to see our regulars again and excited for the new visitors discovering Houmas House for the first time.
The Carriage House Restaurant
Open Daily: 8:00 AM- 8:00 PM

You've asked for this and now it's finally here- our gift shop is available online! Starting with a few of our most popular items, we will continue to add more products throughout the year. This is the perfect way to share your memories of Houmas House with friends and family. Orders are shipped in the US only.
Keepsake Capriz Box- Small

Open Daily

Mansion Tours: 9:30 am- 7:00 pm daily
Gift Shop: 9:00 am- 8:00 pm daily
The Carriage House Restaurant: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm Indoor Seating Available Latil's Landing Restaurant: Currently Closed
Houmas House Estate and Gardens
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