Hello from Cedarwood!


We wanted to touch base and let you know that we have not forgotten about you or your gardens.  This winter has been tough for sure and we should expect to see some consequences from the heavy snow and long stretches of very cold weather.  Our team is aware of potential damages that may exist in your landscape and will address your plant material, as well as your turf, with care and compassion to provide the best possible recovery.  In between snow storms, we have been working hard to improve our services as well as expand the possibilities for your property.  On the brighter side, as the sun is getting stronger and the days are getting longer, and pitchers and catchers have reported to Spring Training, we are assured that we are inching (ever so slowly) toward Spring.  That being said, it will soon be here with a bang!


We are expecting a fast transition from Winter into Spring, but when that will occur can only be decided by Mother Nature herself.  We are also expecting a muddier than usual spring, so it would be wise to put off the new carpet installation until later in the year!  Regarding our projected workload, we forecast it to be quite heavy this year, so if you have any landscape projects in mind please contact us as soon as possible.  Together, we can begin to formulate a plan which will allow us the best opportunity to get you on our schedule and complete your project in a timely manner.  Remember that we offer every type of landscape service having to do with creating and maintaining beautiful outdoor living spaces for you and your family.


Cornus florida 'Rubra'

We are very excited to begin working in your gardens and look forward to planting trees!  Planting a tree is one of my favorite things to do as I know it will be instantly enjoyed by you and your family and for generations to come. 


'Trees are the best monuments that a man can erect to his own memory. 

They speak his praises without flattery, and they are 

blessings to children yet unborn.'

Lord Orrery, 1749


We look forward to seeing you soon and as always, thank you for your patronage! 




J. Scott Mortensen, APLD


Cedarwood Landscaping, Inc.



Important Reminders



- We have a new email address, please note:




2014 Landscape Maintenance Contracts have been sent out by Email or US Mail.  If everything is acceptable, please sign and return to our office by March 7th, so that you are assured of a spot on our route. Hopefully some of the snow will melt by then!  If you have not received your contract, please let us know as soon as possible and we will be sure to get it to you.



Are there any horticultural benefits to this prolonged cold and snowy winter?  YOU BET




Vernalization is the process in which many plants, flowers and seeds must go through in order to blossom and germinate in the spring.  Extensive exposure to cold temperatures, calculated in 'chill hours' (which we have had plenty of) enables vernalization, which ensures seed production and reproductive development at the appropriate time of year.  It is a necessary process for fruit trees, nut trees, berry producing shrubs and wheat to break dormancy in the spring.  Providing that the buds and blossoms aren't damaged by late spring frosts, and they have favorable growing conditions, we look forward to successful fruit, nut, berry and wheat production.




Reduced Populations of Invasive Pests


Invasive Pests, many of whom originated in warmer climates, have temperate breaking points.  Native species have adapted to this, and although invasive species are very resilient and persistent, the significant drop in winter temperatures for prolonged periods of time may have significantly reduced populations.  Species such as the Hemlock Wooly Adelgid have a mortality threshold of 5 degrees Fahrenheit.  Forestry experts are optimistic that mortality rates could exceed 50% or more with this species.  There is evidence that even if a population isn't reduced, it is controlled at prolonged periods of extreme cold temperatures.   This includes Gypsy Moth, European Elm Bark Beetle and Southern Pine Beetle. 


                   Hemlock Woolly Adelgid                   Gypsy Moth


       European Elm Bark Beetle           Southern Pine Beetle

Drought Status


Drought Status in New Jersey no longer exists!  With this winter's precipitation amounts, our regional water status has been adjusted.  As the Rutgers Cooperative Extension Plant and Pest Advisory notice states; 'The U.S. Drought Monitor no longer lists New Jersey as having abnormally dry or moderate drought'  (Released February 13, 2014).   Unfortunately this 'precipitation' currently in its solid form, will soon become liquefied, resulting in a muddier spring than usual and possible flooding.


I guess this is great news if you are a pig!  




Drainage Problems?



More often than not, damp and wet basements result in dangerous mold growth and a decrease in property value.  Sealing your basement walls is an option, however, it's important to address the source of the excess water and redirect it away from your home as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Using a variety of methods, Cedarwood Landscaping, Inc. is experienced in removing unwanted water from around your home as well as other areas of your property, quickly and effectively.  So if you have any unwanted water issues anywhere on your property, please feel free to give us a call to discuss what we can do to help.





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