End of Year Child Sponsor Newsletter
As we look back on 2020, our NLCH missionary team wanted to share a big “THANK YOU” with all of our supporters. We are also sharing some prayer requests for your continued prayers.

  • Wendy Wheeler: We praise God for His divine protection over our kids and staff. We are all healthy!
  • Rob Mehner: Kristy and I are so grateful to be back in Guatemala after COVID had us stuck in the US. We are also thankful for the blessings that came from our time there.
  • Lee Jarvis: In all of the time of Covid, lockdowns, and what not, we really can find so many things to be thankful for. We’re thankful for NLCH and the room to move around here and continue ministry. We are thankful for health and also how our supporters have remained faithful to give during tougher times.
  • Kendon Wheeler: We are so thankful for God’s provision for our needs during this season.
  • Tara Fuentes: Thank you to all the prayer partners for your faithfulness! Thank you for covering all of our health, our finances at the home, and the well being of NLCH in prayer!
  • Marilyln Todd: I want to share a Big Thank You to all of you who have sacrificed and given into the mission of New Life Children’s Home and for NLAI!! I also want to give thanks for those who have supported Tommy and me in 2020. Thanks so much!
  • Kourtney Nance: I praise the Lord that He has provided jobs for so many of our older kids in the last few months!
  • Josh Terry: I am grateful for all of our TEAM MEMBERS at New Life Children’s Home. None of us could be here without the prayers and support of our members that make it possible to serve in Guatemala. Thanks for being part of the TEAM!


  • Kendon Wheeler: From March to September, over half of our school parents were not able to pay their monthly tuition. We praise God that about 25% of them have caught up for the year! Pray that the remaining amount will come in before the end of 2020.
  • Rob Mehner: That the young adults who have left NLCH over the past few years will grow in their faith, find jobs in tough economic times, and maintain a connection with NLCH.
  • Jasper and Latrica Jowers: Due to health concerns, we will be transitioning in our ministry roles. Thank you for your prayers during this time of change.
  • Tara Fuentes: Please pray for myself and my husband William to have willing and attuned spirits that are always ready to share the Good News. Please be praying for continued financial support as we plan on being on the field at least another 3 years!
  • Kristy Mehner: Please pray that missionaries Roblans and Jessi Mejia and their sons will find peace and comfort as they grieve the death of their 3-year-old daughter, Rachel.
  • Josh Terry: Please pray for the upcoming school year in January with all its challenges in the current state that we all live in. That our kids receive the education they need to be able to thrive and prosper as they grow up to follow their dreams.
  • Wendy Wheeler: We are making preparations to bring my mom to live with us. She is currently in memory care in assisted living.
  • Lee Jarvis: We would ask for prayer not just for us but for all Guatemalans that Covid measure fatigue would be dealt with in the healthiest of ways. May the Holy Spirit help us with the grace and patience we need to get through these times. May we change in the ways He wants us to change and learn from Him what He wants us to learn.

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