December 2017
End of Year Clean up 2017
End of Year: Evaluation of all things Tech you own at the end of the year is a must. If not now, when? When your hard drive dies or you spill wine in your keyboard without a backup? Don't laugh, it happens and you can't go back and I wish I would have doesn't count. Follow these guidelines to keep things working and healthy all year long.

Backup: There is no excuse for not having a backup. None! No sir! Not buying it! Follow these steps for the equipment you have to make sure you will be safe all year long.

  • Mac:
  • Time Machine: has been around for ten years and comes on every Mac! All you have to do is get an external hard drive, plug it in and answer yes when it asks you if you want to use it as a Time Machine backup. That's it! So why do you not do it? There are no excuses. Did you know that you can use the Time Machine App to go back and get lost stuff or deleted stuff? I had a Client mysteriously lose 500 addresses. Something got screwed up in iCloud and the next thing she knew, they were gone. I used the Time Machine App to go back in time to when they were all there and was able to recover all of them. No one wants to input over 500 names and addresses again. Here is a link to purchase a 1TB drive directly from Apple. It costs $65 and will come right to your door. All you have to do is order it then plug it in when it comes. LaCie 1TB Porsche Hard drive.

  • Store in iCloud: We have different variations of storing our Mac data into iCloud since Yosemite but High Sierra expects you to. If you are not careful when upgrading, you are already storing it there and just don't know it. To find out exactly what your Mac is doing go to the Apple Menu > About This Mac > Storage > Manage. Wait for a few minutes and you can see exactly what you have in the side bar. Now click on Recommendations > Store in Cloud. All your files and photos will come off your Mac and go onto Apple's Servers called iCloud. Don't do this if you have a satellite or cell tower only connection, if you have not purchased additional storage in iCloud or if you don't like the idea of all your photos coming off your Mac. Use the side bar information to delete things you do not need.

  • Store in Both: Do you need a Time Machine backup if you store your data in iCloud? The answer is yes as this gets everything else.

  • iPhone & iPad:

  • iCloud: For most of you, all you have to do is flip a switch and you are protected. Go to Settings > Your Name > iCloud > iCloud Backup > Flip the switch to green. Make sure you have enough storage in iCloud by going back to iCloud, then look at the bar at the top. It will show you how much you have left. If the bar is almost full, just click on Manage Storage and you can buy more.

  • iTunes: You can backup your iPhone and iPad in iTunes. Just plug it into your Mac with your USB charging cable. Launch iTunes if it didn't already launch then tap on Trust and enter your passcode. In iTunes, under the tool bar at the top, you will see the word Music then a little tiny icon of an iPhone or iPad, click on it. In the summery it says automatically backup to iCloud. Click on the button below that says This Computer. Then click on Backup Now. Once it's finished, click on backup to iCloud. Now you will have two backups, one local that will be saved to your Time Machine and one in the Cloud. This is the best of both worlds.


  • Two Factor Authentication: This is a huge problem especially since Apple implemented Two Factor Authentication. I have had people completely locked out of their devices forever! Two Factor means you have to have two devices. One Mac and one iPhone or One iPhone and One iPad. You can get away with it if you have a Mac or iPad and a Smart phone that can receive texts. Never activate Two Factor Authentication if you only have one device and a land line that can not receive texts! A land line is not another factor! It is a failure and it can make you lose your expensive device forever! Apple will keep bugging you to activate Two Factor Authentication as it is a safer way to keep you safe from hackers so activate it if you have the two factors I mentioned above. If you only have a land line, please don't do it.

  • Apple ID: Let me go over this one more time. Your Apple ID is your email address that you own, like a gmail address or yahoo. Then you have a password you need to create with your Apple ID. This can be the same password as what you use for your Email address but I suggest you use something different to make it safer. Your Apple ID is used for anything Apple. FaceTime, Messages, iTunes, Mac App Store, iPhone App Store, iPad App Store, iCloud. This is your drivers license to drive all things Apple. Remember it always! When you purchase something from the App Store, it will ask you for the password then send six numbers to your other device. This is the second factor. Enter those numbers in the place holders and all is well.

  • Password Manager: One Password is what I use and it is still free. Use it to store all your user names and passwords and have them always with always. You'll find it in the App Store.

  • Your Notepad with all the scribbled out old passwords: Everyone has one and I see it every day! if you insist on keeping it, at least go through the passwords at the end of the year and make sure they still work and are accurate. Get rid of all the scribbles of countless passwords from years past as you only hurt yourself. Better yet, throw away all those old pages and create a new one with working user names and passwords for your Email addresses, On-line accounts, Router password, Apple ID and so on.


  • Mac: Go to where I told you above; Apple Menu > About This Mac > Storage > Manage. Wait for a few minutes and you can see exactly what you have in the side bar. Go though each item in the side bar and delete the things you do not need. Make sure you have a backup before you do this. If you still don't have enough storage, it might be time for a new Mac as you can no longer upgrade them.

  • iPad & iPhone: Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage and wait for a minute. The bar at the top will show you how much physical room you have left on your device. It will show you what is taking up all your space. Tap on the arrow next to it and see if you can get rid of some stuff. If you only have MB worth of space left on your iPhone or iPad, your device is just about ready to fail. Clean it up or buy a new one.

I hope these suggestions will help you to keep your data safe and your devices working well into the new year.

SWMMUG Meeting
Our Christmas Party was a blast! Thank you to everyone who attended. You are what makes things great! No meetings now until Tuesday, March 6th. Keep warm and stay safe. I'll see you in the new year! Call me if you need me.
Happy New Year!
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