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President's Message
Hello housers!
Welcome to December! As you may recall from last month, my theme for this year is REACH. Today I would like to challenge you to reach for excellence!  In this month's newsletter you will have the opportunity to read and learn about NAHRO Fellows. Who are they? How did they earn this designation? And what does it mean? Please take the time to read about this distinguished level of recognition that NAHRO offers.
We should be especially proud of the fact that we have three NAHRO Fellows in our region: Julie Mitchell, Renee Rooker, and Christina Pegg. Personally, I am honored to say that each of them has taught me to be a better houser. They are intentional leaders who inspire a higher level of thinking and innovative action. Each time I rub elbows with them I am inspired to reach for excellence. They teach me that settling for status quo is not acceptable. It isn't acceptable for me or for the people I serve.
To me, excellence is about being thoughtful in your actions and words. It is leading and acting with intention. Excellence means expecting more from yourself and from those around you. It is the act of being true to what you know is right even when it isn't easy. Excellence is a way of life. It is practiced day in and day out, tired or not, winning or losing. Colin Powell tells us that, "I f you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude."
So ask yourself, do you pursue excellence in all aspects of your life? When you fall short, as we all do, do you get back up with the vision of the person you want to be guiding your actions? Our NAHRO Fellows have taught me that excellence does not mean perfection, but by pursuing perfection I will emulate excellence. Reach for excellence!
Going forward, we will not only introduce you to each of our PNRC NAHRO Fellows, but also to other great housers from our region that you should know! Perhaps it will be an agency E.D. Or, perhaps it will be the voucher case manager you work next to each day.  It may even be you! Excellence is found in all positions of our industry and we are excited to introduce you to those who embody it.
This month, and always, may you love and be loved. After all, that is the best gift!
Leader Spotlight
What is a NAHRO Fellow?  
The NAHRO Fellows Program honors individuals for their accumulated wisdom and mastery as seen by their achievements and their actions within their own communities. NAHRO Fellows have demonstrated, over a sustained period of time, their commitment to improve the housing conditions of their fellow citizens and/or the viability and sustainability of the community in which they live and work. Recipients may use "NAHRO Fellow" professionally as a designation and will be called on to mentor and serve NAHRO and its members. 
NAHRO instituted an "Ask a Fellow" program to provide emerging leaders with access to the Fellows knowledge of the industry and their leadership skills to help guide them up the ranks in their own agency or the association. Fellows are also available as presenters to share their knowledge with your attendees, if their schedule permits. 
We are fortunate to have three NAHRO Fellows in the Pacific Northwest.  
  • Julie H. Williams Mitchell, NAHRO Fellow, Class of 2008
    Executive Vice President, Idaho Housing & Finance Association, Boise, ID 
  • Renee Rooker, CME, SPHM, NAHRO Fellow Class of 2009
    Executive Director, Walla Walla Housing Authority, Walla Walla, WA  
  • Christina M. Pegg, NAHRO Fellow Class of 2012
    Executive Director, Housing Authority City of Longview, Longview, WA

Leader Spotlight  
Renee Rooker
Executive Director,
CME, SPHM, NAHRO Fellow Class of 2009

Walla Walla Housing Authority, Walla Walla, WA
PNRC is lucky to claim Renee Roker as one of our own.  She has dedicated countless hours of her personal time to our regional and national organizations in order to educate and advocate for housing.  Renee just fulfilled her last term on the the Board of Governors having served on the board, in various positions, for over 30 years.  Renee is a passionate and thoughtful leader. You can be sure that Renee would be a great source for any question you may have. 
Some of Renee's accomplishment include:
  • Developed housing that provides 48 beds for homeless veterans
  • Provided affordable housing and revitalized neighborhoods in Walla Walla through the creative use of a variety of funding mechanisms
  • Created downtown affordable housing targeted to developmentally disabled and chronically mentally ill
  • Testified before the U.S. House of Representatives Sub-Committee on Financial Services on housing and community opportunities for the Section 8 Voucher Reform Act
  • Member of the Walla Walla Downtown Foundation Steering Committee responsible for the adoption of the Downtown Master Plan including an affordable housing component
  • President of National NAHRO, 2007-2009


PNRC Executive Board
  • President - Sunny Shaw, Pocatello Housing Authority
  • First Immediate Past President - 
    Lowel Krueger, Yakima Housing Authority
  • Second Immediate Past President - 
    Andy Rodriguez, Nampa Housing Authority
  • Senior Vice President - Jill Smith, Home Forward
  • Secretary - Cupid Alexander, Portland Housing Bureau
  • Treasurer -  Gary Calvert, Washington County Housing Authority
  • VP for Commissioners - Karina Rorris, Pocatello Housing Authority
  • VP for Community Revitalization& Development - Jacob Fox, Housing and Community Services Agency of Lane County
  • VP for Housing -  Kurt Wiest, Bremerton Housing Authority
  • VP for Member Services - Lisa Stevens, Idaho Housing & Finance Association
  • VP for Professional Development - Bill Cook, King County Housing Authority
  • Members at Large - 
    • Pamala Thompson Northeast Oregon Housing Authority
    • Eric Lane, Tacoma Housing Authority
    • Therrie Butz, Boise City/Ada County Housing Authority
    • Saeed Hajarizadeh, Vancouver Housing Authority
    • Bob Peterson, WA State Housing Finance Commission
    • Cara Carter, Housing Authority of Jackson County
  • Cascade Chapter President - Todd Johnston, NW Oregon Housing Authority
  • Cascade Member at Large - Cupid Alexander, Portland Housing Bureau
  • Evergreen Chapter President - Lowel Krueger, Yakima Housing Authority
  • Evergreen Member at Large - Josh Crites
  • Idaho Chapter President - Lisa Stevens, Idaho Housing & Finance Association
  • Idaho Chapter Member at Large - Jillian Patterson, Boise City/Ada County Housing Authority
  • Alaska Association of Housing Authorities - Carol Gore, Cook Inlet Housing Authority
  • Regional Service Officer -  Kristen Damazio
Regional NewsRegNews1
 Welcome to PNRC's Newest Member!
Watson & McDonell, PLLC is a full-service Seattle CPA firm dedicated to providing assurance (audits, reviews, compilations, agreed upon procedures), tax, and accounting services, and support to small and medium-sized businesses, to individuals, and to nonprofit organizations.
For more infor mation about Watson & McDonell, PLLC -  click here .

Kitsap Aims to Provide Shelter for All Who Served
A local initiative seeks to end Veteran homelessness in Kitsap County by next Veteran's Day.  A coalition of agencies created the "Homes For All Who Served" project to provide shelter for dozens of former service members. It's difficult to tell exactly how many need housing.  For full story,  click here RegNews2

Vantage Point Apartments now open
Vantage Point, a 77-unit complex for low-income seniors and people  with disabilities, opened its doors on Nov. 1. The $18 million project, which is located in Rento n's Benson Hill neighborhood, includes community spaces, structured parking, garden beds, a plaza, a fitness room, and walking paths. A grand opening celebration will be held in 2016.
KCHA buys Woodcreek Lane Apartments in  Woodinville
The King County Housing Authority has purchased the Woodcreek Lane Apartments, a 20-unit complex located adjacent to Wells Wood Apartments, a public housing community in Woodinville.   The acquisition is consistent with the KCHA's strategic objective to broaden geographic choice and provide housing affordable to very low-income households in high-opportunity neighborhoods.  High-opportunity communities provide greater access to excellent schools and a range of employment opportunities.

New place to learn and play for Kent Family Center Head Start kids
Safety and security features bolstered; natural environment co-stars with conventional playground equipment in new play space. Read full story here.


Almost 800 Affordable Apartments Financed in Western WA
Almost 800 new affordable apartments will be built across western Washington with $182 million approved yesterday by the Washington State Housing Finance Commission.

"These new apartments for seniors and working families will create affordable homes in areas where they are critically needed," said Karen Miller, chair of the Housing Finance Commission. "We're proud to work with for-profit and nonprofit partners to bring this housing to local communities."
For full story,  click here.
Hanna, Housing America's "What Home Means to Me" Poster Contest Winner Award Ceremony
Ada County Commissioner presents award to Hanna

Hanna, her Mom, Executive Director Deanna Watson and Brad Foltman, Chairman of Board Boise City/Ada County Housing Authority


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Job Opportunities
Alaska Housing Finance Corporation
Housing Authority of Jackson County (Medford, OR)
  • Occupancy Assistant, $2,377 - $3,093 per month plus an excellent benefit package. 
  • Receptionist, $2,090 - $2,721 per month plus an excellent benefit package. 
Housing Kitsap (Bremerton, WA)
  • Public Housing Specialist , Closing Date/Time:  Open Until Filled: 1st review Friday, November 6, 2015. Salary: $16.00 - $19.00 per hour DOE. Job Type:  Regular; Full-Time, 40 hours per week, Non-Exempt; overtime eligible.
  • Marketing Administrative Specialist,Closing Date/Time: Closes: Friday, November 6, 2015 5:00 pm. Salary: $16.50 - $17.50 per hour DOE. Job Type:  Regular; Full-Time Non-Exempt; overtime eligible.
  • Site Manager LIHTC. Closing Date/Time: Open Until Filled:  1streview Friday, November 13, 2015. Salary: $12.50 - $14.00 per hour DOE. Job Type:Regular; Full-Time, 40 hours per week, Non-Exempt; overtime eligible.
  • Site Assistant PT, Closing Date/Time: Open Until Filled: 1st review Friday, November 6, 2015. Salary: $12.00 per hour. Job Type: Regular; Part-Time, 20 hours per week.
  • Property Maintenance Laborer, Closing Date/Time: Open until filled, First Review date is November 16, 2015. Salary: $13.00-$15.00 Hourly DOQ. Job Type: Regular; Full-Time Non-Exempt; overtime eligible.
  • Real Estate Development Project Manager, Closing Date/Time: Open until filled,. Salary: DOQ; In addition to salary you receive  a full benefit package in addition to paid holiday, vacation, and sick time.. Job Type: Regular; Full-Time Exempt; not overtime eligible.
 Tacoma Housing Authority
  Walla Walla Housing Authority
Professional Development


  • Fair Housing w/ Proficiency Test
  • Excellence in Customer Service
  • Hiring an Executive Director and more! 
Professional Development has been a primary service to NAHRO members and others in the industry for over 75 years. In the past 30 years, NAHRO has provided members and non-members alike with professional education and designations. 
  • Gain relevant skills and knowledge to effectively execute job responsibilities;
  • Attain a professional designation(s) as part of career development;
  • Stand out to employers with demonstrated knowledge in the fieilds of housing and community development
  • Learn at your own pace
You will find that every seminar fits into one or more certification pathway. You can also take any one of our seminars as a single learning event.

You and your staff do NOT need to travel.  
We can bring a NAHRO training to you!