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From the rehabilitation of a shelter for victims of domestic violence to the advocacy for tenants evicted by a notorious slum landlord, every month of this past year saw us pioneering into new territory, achieving firsts, or reaching milestones.

The spring offered a chance to collaborate with 5Cities Homeless Coalition and bring more serviced-enriched housing to the Central Coast. Plans to build a winter warming center for the unsheltered in Grover Beach saw us hand fighting with NIMBYs, trolled on social media, but ultimately prevailing due to the overwhelming support of elected officials and an engaged community. Being on the receiving end of such vicious rhetoric initially felt unbalancing, but steeled by the resolve of risk-taking politicians, and a full-throated countering of the false narrative by neighborhood leadership, this enfilade of compassion and fact won the day.
The summer saw a former student from our afterschool program graduating with a master’s level degree. That this achievement was a PSHH first was cause enough for celebration; that her graduation was from an Ivy League school, simply extraordinary. As if more proof were needed that the stability of affordable supportive housing works, this daughter of proud field workers signed, sealed and delivered that message.

The autumn found us completing the 1200 th home built through our home ownership program and celebrating with the teams whose dauntless efforts proudly put keys to their self-built homes in their own hands. For five decades, this wealth building opportunity has given families full passage into the economy and a chance for over 5,000 people to settle in a community, enjoy educational opportunities and advance their careers.

And rounding out an amazing year, just last week, we celebrated the ground breaking for our new corporate office. As the pressing need for affordable housing in our region has grown, so have we. In service to our existing residents and those on our waiting lists waiting patiently to be housed, our San Luis Obispo-based staff have grown to such a number that we are now spread over three separate buildings.

Behind every one of these and the scores of other PSHH success stories celebrated this year, was a backbone of administrative and technical professionals keeping the organization running smoothly. Our operations team completed an overhaul of our emergency preparedness procedures; for greater cyber security, IT transferred our servers off site and into the Cloud; and HR guided an intentional organization-wide program of diversity and inclusion, and the engagement of our 200 th employee. None of these achievements could have been possible without all our talented and dedicated back office staff.

So now with the pleasure of a family-filled Christmas just hours away, like many of you, I’m enjoying the satisfaction of seeing the mosaic of ‘post its’ on my desktop diminish with almost every meeting and phone call. That being said, I very much look forward to returning in 2020, our 50 th Anniversary Year, and replenishing that colorful display of adhesive reminders, knowing that every one of them represents more opportunity and potential all leading to the chance for someone else to have a place to call home.

The very best of the season to you all, 
John Fowler, CPA
Coming 2021: New SLO Corporate Office!

Breaking ground on PSHH's new San Luis Obispo Corporate Office, gave us cause for celebration!

The construction of a new 23,000 square foot building will allow all San Luis Obispo-based staff to be located under one roof, and space for the organization’s continued and necessary expansion. 

With the approach of our 50th Anniversary, the completion of this project will be the centerpiece of a year of celebrations.
Giving with a 'Smile'

If you shop on Amazon Smile , as you select your holiday gifts, please nominate Peoples’ Self-Help Housing as your nonprofit beneficiary -every dollar makes a difference!

P.S. be sure it’s your PSHH you’re supporting, there is a similarly-named organization in Kentucky!
College Bound!

On the first leg of their annual College Tour, College Club students traveled throughout southern California.

The group explored the campuses of: Harvey Mudd College, Cal Poly Pomona, UC Riverside, CSU San Marcos, UC San Diego, San Diego State, and UCLA all over a three-day excursion!
50 years - 50 Acts of Kindness

In honor of PSHH’s 50th Anniversary, we are performing “50 Acts of Kindness” over the next year!

Last month, Director of Neighborhood Development & Resident Services Rick Gulino and his family delivered a hot meal to the 5Cities Homeless Coalition the night before Thanksgiving to help those in need feel full and warm during the rainy and cold weather

Follow along at  
December Partnerships

Thank you to all our incredible partners who have helped support our mission this month:

  • Pacific Western Bank - $20,000 in support of Grandview residents
  • Mechanics Bank - $5,000 - in support of Grandview residents
  • Community Economics, Inc - $2,500 in support of the Supportive Housing Program
  • Bank of America- $3,000 in support of PSHH's Corporate Office Groundbreaking
Above and Beyond!

A huge thank you to Pacific Premier Bank, who showed incredible generosity with their gifts of:

  • $15,000 in support of Grandview Emergency Appeal
  • $25,000 in support of PSHH's upcoming senior housing project Templeton Place II
  • $10,000 in support of Financial Education in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties
50 Years. 50 Stories.
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and many more from the '50 Years. 50 Stories.' collection!
We're Hiring -
Join the PSHH Team!

We are always searching for thoughtful, passionate individuals - like Olivia, Cindy, and Maria, three of our incredible Property Managers.

With current openings in multifamily housing development, property management, and education,  check out our job postings , and join our growing team!
Property Spotlights
50 Years of
Creating Opportunities
Courtland Street Apartments
Celebrating 5 years  

Built in 2014, these charming multi-family apartments in Arroyo Grande, CA serve 36 low-income households, who benefit from 24/7 access to a range of onsite supportive services. From youth and adult education programs offered through its learning center to compassionate counseling & wellness services, this complex is staffed with caring professionals eager to help connect residents to an extensive network of community resources.

Like all of our properties, Courtland Street Apartments regularly hosts community events, made possible through the support of donations from local partners.
50 Years of Building
Resilient Communities
Bridlepath Estates
Celebrating 15 years

In 2004, 22 households were given the opportunity to build their own homes among the rolling hills of Los Alamos, CA . For the owner-builders who moved in after many months of hard work, these single family residences meant no longer having to struggle under the burden of housing instability and the high costs of raising a family on the Central Coast.

Financed in part with the assistance of USDA Rural Development, Citibank AHP, Wells Fargo, RCAC/Mercy and SHOP funds, Bridlepath Estates granted an important wealth-building opportunity to pass on to the next generation.
PSHH in the Headlines...

Goleta Holds Homelessness Forum
The city of Goleta is developing of an innovative, comprehensive Homelessness Strategic Plan and needs community input and involvement.

After years of stalled growth, the city of Guadalupe is rapidly adding homes and inching toward future commercial development
The City of Guadalupe is quickly expanding with both residential and commercial plans in motion, but what does that mean for the future of this small town?

Peoples' Self-Help Housing: 50 Years of Improving Housing and Lives
In commemoration of PSHH's upcoming 50th Anniversary, the National Rural Housing Coalition reflects on our history in this special feature.

...and in other Housing News!
Central Coast
Santa Barbara City Council Sets Sights on Workforce Housing at Downtown Site
"The  City Council  on Tuesday gave its blessing to building housing at the corner of West Carrillo and Castillo streets for people who make between 80 percent and 120 percent of the area median income, which is about $79,000."

Report: California's sea-level rise threatens housing, economy
" The report suggests California would need to start building 100,000 more housing units annually in coastal cities to mitigate the problems caused by sea-level rise. "

Military Families Say Base Housing Is Plagued by Mold and Neglect
"The privatization program has been plagued in recent years by widespread complaints about neglected or slipshod repairs, unsafe conditions and, especially, mold problems."

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