End of Year Principal's Message

Wow - what a year this has been!

This final Principal's Message is a strong reminder of how much our students and teachers have accomplished - even during a global pandemic! The classroom activities shown here depict active, engaged learning throughout all Villa grades and programs from Toddler through Junior High. The overview of the academic and program awards given at the Awards Assembly and Graduation captures some of the many benchmarks and data points for the benefits of St. Ursula Villa education. This year, we grew spiritually and worshiped together - even while apart - and shared special Villa traditions and ceremonies. And we thoroughly enjoyed coming together in person when the opportunities finally arose - perhaps those are even sweeter for the times we've been distanced. Education, Faith, and Community were truly lived out this year.

We say good-bye to our graduating 8th graders and the families who will leave our extraordinary St. Ursula Villa community. We wish them well as they begin new chapters in their educational journeys.

I wish you and your family a wonderful, well-deserved summer break and I will see you in August!
Kent Halaby
Toddlers created adorable handprint "crabs" during their Ocean Unit.
2nd graders researched their family history, assembled a "Heritage Box," and presented special things about their family background to their classmates.
In classrooms throughout the Manor House, students raised Painted Lady Butterflies from chrysalises and learned about the butterfly life cycle. The butterflies were released outside with the children saying sweet "good-byes."
7th graders played the classic game "Battleship," using their knowledge of the periodic table and chemistry vocabulary to correctly answer questions and win the game.
Traditional 3-year-olds practiced number identification along with fine motor skills by completing a spring coloring by numbers sheet. 
In Science class, 6th graders learned how to use microscopes and make wet slides to observe slides of onion cells, hair, and cheek cells.
Traditional Kindergarten reviewed the letters and sounds mastered during the year with an Alphabet Countdown. Students celebrated each letter with a word or theme that begins with that letter sound - such as enjoying a "Luau" on "L" day.
Traditional 3-year-old preschoolers experimented with mixing and creating new colors while enjoying a blow-painting activity.
3rd graders selected an individual who notably impacted the field of STEM, constructed a prototype or display of their subject's contribution, and researched and wrote a 7-paragraph essay about them. The project culminated when the Villa Way became a "Wax Museum" and students recreated characters such as Isaac Newton, the Wright Brothers, and Jane Goodall to educate visiting parents and other Villa students.
In Montessori B, students used a puzzle work to identify the parts of a volcano. They also discussed how magma is made, how volcanos are formed, and why they erupt.
In a unit on ornithology, 2nd graders learned that owls are birds of prey that can't digest fur, bones, teeth, or feathers, and these parts are formed into a tightly-packed pellet. Students examined the contents of owl pellets, compared their findings against a bone chart, and discovered the owl's last meal.
Academic Awards
At the May 24th Awards Assembly, we recognized St. Ursula Villa student accomplishments during the 2020-21 school year. We commend these students - and their dedicated Villa teachers - for their achievements.
Catholic Math League Competition
St. Ursula Villa students in 3rd - 7th grades participated in the Catholic Math League Competition by taking 4 challenging tests throughout the school year with outstanding results.
The Villa Third Grade class placed 1st in the Midwest Division and 4th in the nation. Evie Scarpitti (left) placed 3rd in the division and 2nd at the Villa; Michael Klein (center) placed 3rd at the Villa; Emma Rinehart (right) placed 1st in the division, 3rd in the nation, and 1st at the Villa.
The Villa Fourth Grade class grade placed 3rd in the Midwest Division. Brennan Klein (left) earned 1st place in the division and 1st place at the Villa, Cole Katien (center) earned 3rd place at the Villa, Trey Himmelstein (right) earned 2nd place at the Villa.
The Villa Fifth Grade class placed 2nd in the Midwest Division and 9th in the nation. Owen Linck (left) placed 2nd in the division and 1st at the Villa, Lucas Chlon (center) placed 3rd at the Villa, Alex Crowley (right) placed 2nd at the Villa.
The Villa Sixth Grade class placed 6th in the Midwest Division. Wesley Chamberlain (left) placed 1st at the Villa, Connor Vaughn (center) placed 2nd at the Villa, Thomas Crowley (right) placed 3rd at the Villa.
The Villa Seventh Grade class scored 2nd in the Midwest Division - which included both 7th and 8th graders. Annamarie Wolfer (left) placed 1st at the Villa, Spencer Stegbauer (center) placed 3rd at the Villa, Gavin Gilreath (right) placed 2nd at the Villa.
Le Grand Concours - French Competition
Le Grand Concours is a 60-minute national competition sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French to recognize and reward individual student and teacher achievement. Elementary and high school French students, in all 50 states and abroad, take a written test and compete against students with similar educational backgrounds for prizes. The competition uses authentic cultural material from a number of francophone countries and tests students’ oral comprehension, reading, and grammar knowledge.
8th graders Alex Jarczyk (left), Molly Heffernan (center), and 7th grader Spencer Stegbauer (right) earned Gold honors.
8th graders Katie Stevens (left), Reese Heidrich (center), and Olivia Bolan (right) earned Silver awards.
7th grader Liam Fox earned Honorable Mention award. Not pictured, Madison Rueve who earned Bronze award.
National Spanish Exam
The National Spanish Examination is a motivational contest to recognize student achievement in the study of Spanish and to stimulate further interest in the teaching and learning of the language. The online standardized assessment tool, given to over 140,000 students across the U.S., measures the performance or interpretive communication and the achievement of students studying Spanish as a second language. 
Nia Jones (8th grade) earned an Honorable Mention award.
The National Latin Exam
More than 88,000 students from every state in the U.S. and 10 countries took The National Latin Exam this year. The National Latin Exam is given annually to Latin students across the United States and around the world as an opportunity for students to receive reinforcement and recognition for their accomplishments in the classroom. Depending upon their score, students may earn certificates, medals, and may even qualify for scholarships.
Annemarie Wolfer (7th grade, left) and Alina Butcher (8th grade, right) earned Summa Cum Laude certificates and gold medals. Additionally, Annemarie was recognized as achieving a perfect score on the test - earned by less than 1 percent of participants.
Maddie Cho (7th grade) earned a Maxima Cum Laude certificate and silver medal.
Jon Boehm (7th grade, left), Ellie Sebens (8th grade, center,) and Gavin Gilreath (7th grade, right) earned Cum Laude certificates.
Sister Mary Lawrence/Kristi Kuhn Award
The Sister Mary Lawrence/Kristi Kuhn Award is given to a student who demonstrates the following characteristics during gym class EVERY day: a good attitude towards their classmates, an outstanding effort in all activities and games, and the willingness to improve their skills. Sister Mary Lawrence, a former longtime Villa teacher, and Kristi Kuhn, a former longtime Villa student, both made a difference to the St. Ursula Villa community during their time at the Villa and will continue to influence future Villa students. 
Joey Watts (8th grade) earned the Sr. Mary Lawrence/Kristi Kuhn award.
First Honors
We commend these 6th and 7th graders who earned First Honors in all three trimesters this school year.
6th Grade (from left): Poppy McPeek, Skye Cutter, Rowan Hass, Ava Kluska, Annie Witzeman. Center: Cole Reinhard, Thomas Crowley, Lily Pavelka, Charley Johnson, Meredith Sedler. Rear: Connor Vaughn, Wesley Chamberlain, Adrian Sullivan, Jack Sweeney, Will Payton, Brenna Merchant.
7th Grade (from left): Isabella Vogelpohl, Annemarie Wolfer, Finn Mentzel, Maddie Cho. Rear: Will Wittekind, Gavin Gilreath, Henry Jones, Spencer Stegbauer, Max Jorgensen.
Academic Excellence
We commend these 8th graders for earning First Honors in both their 7th and 8th grades.
Front (from left): Maggie Marburger, Lowry Cavanaugh, Molly Heffernan, Ellie Sebens. Center: Megan Marburger, Katie Stevens, Alina Butcher, Mia Nienaber, Caroline Ferris. Rear: Nia Jones, Joey Watts, Alex Jarczyk. Not pictured: Maddie Rueve.
The honor of Valedictorian is awarded to the student with the highest overall grade point average in their major subjects during the 7th and 8th grades.
Alina Butcher was recognized as Valedictorian of St. Ursula Villa's Class of 2021.
St. Ursula Villa graduates and their families participated in a morning Graduation Mass then came together for a evening Graduation Ceremony where we bade them a fond farewell.
Alina Butcher gave the Valedictorian address to the gathered audience and the graduates were dismissed and processed out after receiving their diplomas.
We recognize "Veteran Graduates" who started their Villa careers in our 3-year-old preschool programs - these 17 students represent 57% the Class of 2021.
Front (from left): Gianna DeNicolo, Lowry Cavanaugh, Reese Heidrich, Maggie Marburger, Katie Stevens. Center: Mia Iacobucci, Maddie Rueve, Megan Marburger, Molly Heffernan, Olivia Bolan, Ellie Sebens. Rear: Tyler Kyte, Wesley Krieder, William Sayre, Joey Watts, Brendan Oeder, Elliot Roepke.
Our 2nd graders celebrated their First Holy Eucharist among close family at Saint Rose of Lima church. Students prepared this Sacrament throughout the year, growing closer to Jesus and remembering what He did for us in His life. death, and resurrection.
We celebrated Mary, the Blessed Mother, with a May Crowning ceremony led by our 8th graders. Mary was crowned by Megan Marburger, who was selected by her peers for exemplifying Mary's characteristics and attributes.
Kindergarteners grew in their relationship with the Blessed Mother by learning and praying the Hail Mary.
In several grades' Religion classes, students wrote and shared affirmations of their fellow classmates' strengths and qualities.
We concluded the school year with a mass officiated by Fr. Barry, led by the 7th grade, and streamed to all the classrooms.
Students enjoyed a "End Of School Luncheon" hosted by the VPO - complete with leis, sunglasses, and individual pizzas, snacks, and ice cream.
The Villa faculty has not been together in-person all year - even faculty meetings were held via Zoom - so everyone truly enjoyed the chance to gather on the Manor House patio and socialize. The wonderful event included a time where retirees Angie Meisman, Susan Hall, and Brenda McCann were recognized and wished "farewell." Kent Halaby and Lisa Wolfer were also presented with special mementoes of this extraordinary school year - masked portraits sketched by our own Mike Magoto and signed by the staff.
Villa Parents Organization
The Villa VPO would like to give a huge shout out to all of the volunteers who helped out with this year's Halloween Trail, Elves Shelves, and the End-of-School Luncheon. We also thank the teachers and administration for doing such a wonderful job this school year and hope the children and all the staff have a fantastic summer!

If you’re interested in volunteering at VPO events for the 2021-2022 school year, please reach out to Julie Doxsey at julieanndoxsey@gmail.com or Cari Sullivan at clr3sullivan@cinci.rr.com.
Villa Boosters
Villa Boosters would like to THANK all the coaches, assistant coaches, scorekeepers, line judges, and parent volunteers who made this year’s Villa sports season a huge success. We also recognize our 6th grade boys volleyball team for placing 2nd in the GCCYS Gold Bracket League and also placing 2nd in the GCCYS end-of-season Gold Bracket Tournament. Way to go, boys!
Faculty Feature
Congratulations to these St. Ursula Villa faculty who completed "Milestone Years of Service" to our school!
Niki Cutter, 20 years
Susan Hall, 30 years
Diana Horst, 15 years
Tricia Scherer, 15 years
Catherine Smith, 15 years
Michele Stamper, 20 years
Drew Williams, 5 years