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December 1, 2020

As the end of our collective "annus horribilis" comes to a close, we take this opportunity to provide our Partners and End User customers with a few updates.

We have been very busy enhancing and maintaining AddonSoftware's suite of ERP modules. As usual, AddonSoftware had a major release this year and several minor releases. Some of these have been driven by technology advancements, both within the BASIS ecosystem and from industry vendors. The latest version of AddonSoftware by Barista, version 20.30, is due for public release in the next few days.

It may have been some time since some of you last reviewed the latest AddonSoftware solution. AddonSoftware has come a long way since BASIS acquired it in 2007. Below are just a few of the major enhancements that have added to the graphical solution's modern and robust feature set. Also, take a moment to explore the AddonSoftware Productivity Tips where very short videos present some of the helpful features designed with your efficiencies in mind.

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AddonSoftware® is a customizable ERP business solution with a powerful and unique ability to preserve customizations through the update cycle. Our go-to-market strategy provides our partners with a core set of accounting, distribution, manufacturing, and payroll building blocks, our developer partners then tailor the solution to meet the exacting business requirements of their, and our, end-user customers. Afterall, no one knows your business better than you.
Partner Updates

We also announce that Open Systems Inc. (OSI, doing business as OSAS) is, effective November 30, 2020, no longer an authorized AddonSoftware reseller partner. There remain many authorized AddonSoftware resellers which provide AddonSoftware customers a multitude of options for meeting their AddonSoftware and BASIS licensing and support needs.
"AddonSoftware by Barista" Highlights

Business Intelligence
Digital Dashboards
Lightning Fast Searches

A picture really is worth a thousand words. This business intelligence tool brings your data to life by recapping key metrics for an organization's decision makers. We built a production-ready digital dashboard using sample code that can be easily configured and connected to your data. Need additional details? No problem. Simply drilldown to exportable details of your data. Plus, there is no user installation required since it runs in a browser (works with any version of Addon such as V6+).
Today's businesses require comprehensive searching capabilities that provide users with fast and flexible access to their data. Speed and flexibility are two exceedingly important components of any searching capability in an application. While SQL provides a number of possibilities, the FULLTEXT index functionality included in AddonSoftware rounds out a complete, robust, and lightning fast Google-like searching capability.

Context-sensitive Help
Credit Card Processing
Custom Queries
Context-sensitive Help is built-in and quickly accessible with the press of a key or a mouse click. No more out-of-date binders to flip through for answers.
Your customers can pay invoices directly online through a Customer Payment Portal. Responses are recorded in history files and a Cash Receipt is automatically generated for approved transactions.
The popular SpeedSearch functionality from legacy Addon has been modernized and expanded into Expresso Search with the ability to launch user-defined custom queries 

Shipment Tracking
Export Options
Pay Your Vendors Electronically
An interface to shipment tracking software enables your team to know the location and status of outbound packages. Tracking numbers, weight, and freight costs are automatically maintained with 3rd party interfaces or can be manually entered as a part of Order Entry.
It's your business data, so why is it often difficult to access it and export it? We've made accessing and sharing your data fast and simple. Even legacy installations have access to the multiplicity of report output types, including fax, email, Google Doc, PDF, XLS, etc.
Streamline your payables processing with the option to pay your vendors electronically. This feature adds new payables efficiencies while maintaining security and reporting needed in today's business environment.

Professional Output
Payment Authorization
Low-Risk Upgrades
Skip the expensive third-party document output products. Produce modern, professional customer-facing forms such as invoices, statements, and purchase orders.
The Payment Authorization feature makes it easy and efficient for company check signers to keep the payable process flowing even when they are out of the office and email notification eliminates the phone calls.
We have preserved decades of software investments for companies like yours with a proven record of providing low-risk, future-proof upgrade paths.
ConnectedStaying Connected
The BASIS International Advantage
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