A Year of Great Increase
With JOY we greet YOU our friends and partners around the world! We pray for you and believe with you for the increase of God’s Kingdom in and through your lives in Jesus Name! This Christmas Season we are reminded, “Of the increase of His Government and SHALOM (Completeness, Welfare, Health, Prosperity, Peace) there shall be no end...” - Isa 9:7

We want to THANK YOU for your generous partnership and gifts to this ministry. You could give anywhere, and we thank you for giving here. To the Glory of God, we are continuing to see more and more people reached through the gospel of Jesus Christ:

-Many Hundreds of people responded to the gospel of Jesus Christ both online, in meetings, and in person!

-We counted 233 people that were baptized in water repenting of sins in lakes, the ocean, hot tubs and troughs throughout America in events and daily outreaches in 2021!

-In one set of meetings we had 16 people repent and were baptized and over 30 people baptized in Holy Spirit speaking with new tongues for the first time!

-We saw broken bones healed, tumors disappear, nervous system disorders abate, deafness go, and many other creative miracles in person and in online ministry!

-We are now feeding 111 children at least 2 meals per day every single day through FEED THE CHILDREN and IRIS MINISTRIES!

-We received reports of churches activated in evangelism and built up in the love of God for greater works in our generation!

...Each person reached with the gospel is a priceless soul and represents families and nations touched with the saving grace of Jesus.
Iowa Meetings
Baptisms in trough
...and in Lake
Opportunity of a Lifetime...
In early 2020 I was blessed to meet with Evangelist Daniel Kolenda around the potential of learning from him and Christ for All Nations - the ministry of Evangelist Kolenda and Reinhard Bonnke which has seen over 80 MILLION registered decisions for Christ in the course of over 30 years of crusade evangelism.

After applying and interviewing, I am invited to attend a three month training called the CFAN Evangelism Bootcamp wherein I would serve CFAN’s Vision of a decade of double harvest: 75 million souls saved between 2020 and 2030. The last group of graduates from the Bootcamp saw over 120,000 souls repent and confess Jesus as Lord in gospel campaigns in the weeks following their graduation. GLORY TO GOD!

...read more about the CFAN BOOTCAMP here:

For the 3 month rigorous school schedule I will be required to base in Orlando, FL. We are still sorting how to best serve Josee and Lily whether they will stay in Omaha and go back and forth or come to Orlando too.

We are believing for a multiplied harvest in 2022. Believe with us for Multiplication of SOULS reached with the gospel.
My Friends, the world is more in need of the gospel than ever before, and I believe we are on the heels of a third Great Awakening here in the United States and the nations where we will see millions of people repent and turn to Jesus this decade.

Will you join us in this harvest of souls?

Everything in our hands is seed to sow or bread to eat. In John 6 we are reminded of a little boy who brought 5 loaves and 2 fish to a crusade where Jesus was preaching. Was his business to sell bread and fish? Was this his families food for a few days? We do not know, but somehow both he and Jesus saw more than what was apparent. The little boy saw a gift that could be given to Christ’s work. Jesus saw a MULTIPLIER in His hands. That little boys gift multiplied by atleast 1000 fold to feed over 5000 grown men plus women and children present.

EVERY TIME we give to JESUS we receive more back than we gave away. The Word of God testifies to this, we testify to this, even your life testifies to this! You gave Him your life and you received Him, Heaven, and all the rest of us as family.

God will not be mocked. SOW into CHRIST’s HARVEST and you will not only never lack, but heaven records every gift and multiplies it back to you 30, 60, and 100 fold in the name of Jesus.

We are moving forward into the fields that are white for harvest. As we sow, sow with us TODAY personally, from your business or from your ministry.
2022... the year of MULTIPLICATION
I believe 2022 will be our greatest year of ministry by far and I am believing the same for your life and family dear friends. Please send us any and all prayer requests as we declare with you MULTIPLICATION in every area of life!
Your Partner in the Harvest,