June 4, 2020

Dear MCS Families,

Today you are receiving your student’s final report card for the 2019-2020 school year. It has been quite a year! It seems so long ago that we were enjoying a potluck dinner together as we were celebrating reading and exploring the Scholastic Book Fair. Remember the fantastic Christmas Program, Angels Aware? Remember how our Kindergarten through 8 th grade students showed us their talents as we gathered to remember the birth of Jesus? January brought us snow days, the joy of every student to skip school and slide down hills and drink hot chocolate. March brought us something we have never experienced. We were asked to shelter in place, we heard constant news updates, we were encouraged to wear personal protective equipment, institute distant learning, and experience isolation… but this school year can not end until I share with you how incredibly impressed the teachers and I are with you! 

Each Monday you drove over to the school and you picked up learning packets for your preschool-5 th grade students while the 6 th -8 th grade students received their assignments on-line. Each week you sat down with your child (ren) and accomplished the work that was prepared. The first few week were tough on all of us; a lot of emotion, phone calls, texts, and emails. As the weeks continued, we all got a little better at doing school, distanced from each other. We zoomed, we cried, we laughed, we wondered how and when it would all end. Through it all you persisted, and your children followed your example. We could see your courage and your diligence.

Some of the great joys of this season included finding out how hard our families worked to get the most out of this circumstance. Hearing how our families enjoyed reconnecting with their children. Parents shared how they understand better the great effort it takes on behalf of each child to learn and how this wondrous process of learning differs for each of their children. 

Teachers were able to look at their teaching through new eyes and weigh the importance of the work that they assigned. Although none of us would choose to go through this historic time, God is always present in our circumstances. He faithfully uses all things for our good. Partnering took on a whole new meaning this year.  Parents and teachers really needed to trust each other as their students worked through the learning packets and assignments. This genuine partnering sets a new standard of cooperation for the new school year.

When teachers were not preparing lessons for the next week’s learning packets, or answering questions, several teachers were taking the opportunity to work through Professional Development classes, or they were collaborating about the 2020-2021 school year. Your MCS staff was able to rework the library so that it is easier for the students to use. They are in the process of preparing a STEM room for all students to access. Classrooms floors have been waxed and teachers are looking for the best way to set up their classrooms for the Fall. We cannot wait to have students back in our classrooms. We cannot wait to hear laughter fill our hallways as the students enter the building.

I am sincerely grateful for your support of the entire MCS staff. Thank you for making the end of this school year work. As I read through each child’s report card, I am impressed with you and with your students. Much has been accomplished! Much has been learned! I am humbled by your hearts to make the end of this school one that honors God, honors each other, and honors the learning process. Enjoy a wonder-filled summer.


Elaine Obbink