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September 2015
Dear Friends of Shoals Marine Laboratory,
Last weekend marked the end of undergraduate programs on the island for the 2015 season! The cool September air, dispersing gulls, and the red leaves of the poison ivy tell us that it is time to pack up for the summer. What a bittersweet time; we are ready to leave but we also love what we do on this 95-acre anchored "boat" at sea. Each year, we are so fortunate to attract such amazing students to our island home, who we know are off to great futures. Like Jacob from UNH, who spent 72 days on Appledore this summer, with a smile glued on his face the whole time! He is a merit scholar, hard worker, and his enthusiasm for science is infectious. Then there was Dylan who took Underwater Research. Still in high school, Dylan has already started a non-profit to protect coral reefs. He is a budding marine scientist and we are going to keep our eye on him - a rising star! Ana and Alex paved the way this summer in a brand new internship focused on social science and environmental education. These SML/Star Island education interns were huge hits among the Marine Docent tours and other visiting groups all summer! These students represent the tip of the iceberg of amazing SML students we worked with us this summer. They show what SML can bring out in students: a passion for learning, science, and for the marine environment! We look forward to meeting many more like them next summer!  Here is some more SML news from this season.

S ML Sustainability in the News
In case you missed all the great press about our Sustainability Programs at SML, click on these nice articles from UNH Today and the Cornell Chronicle. UNH media services also made a wonderful video about our Sustainable Engineering Internship (SEI) program.

Laurie and her daughter Annie and husband Mark, also known as "Mr. Johnson" to our Marine Environmental Science students. Photo thanks to J. Plante.
Mourning a Dear Colleague & Friend
With deep sadness, we share the news of the passing of SML staff member, volunteer, beloved friend and supporter, Laurie Johnson. Laurie was a true Shoaler; she touched the lives of many in deeply positive ways.

Laurie graduated from Long Island University in 1985 with a bachelor's degree in marine biology. Laurie and husband Mark Johnson arrived on Appledore Island in 1988 and began a long-term relationship with SML. Laurie worked for and supported the lab in many ways from island coordinator to SML admissions to volunteer weekends. She gave her time, endless energy, wisdom, and enthusiasm generously to SML's students, staff, and faculty. She made significant contributions to SML's admissions process, tracking student data, and SML communications.

We will miss Laurie's quiet and confident manner, generous nature and dedication to SML. To honor Laurie, SML is proud to announce the  Laurie Johnson Memorial Scholarship at SML. (Thanks to Jim Morin and Myra Shulman for this great idea!) Please consider donating to help support Cornell undergraduates; funds will help need-based scholars attend Shoals courses on Appledore Island. You can donate on our website.

Feel free to contact  Christine Bogdanowicz ( 607-255-3851) if you need assistance. Thank you.

Photo: J. Coyer
August 2016!!
Next summer is a big milestone for Shoals Marine Laboratory - we will be celebrating 50 years! 50 years of being THE marine laboratory for undergraduate education and research. We hope YOU will join our celebrations. We are planning many events throughout the summer, but it will all culminate in a SML Reunion, SML Science Symposium, and Fundraiser Dinner in August 2016! We will post dates and information on our website and here in our newsletter soon. Stay Tuned!


Photo: J. Coyer
Taking a Bite out of Appledore!
For the first time ever, SML hosted an eco-culinary weekend retreat, featuring Chef Evan Mallett of the Black Trumpet Bistro in Portsmouth, NH, and Chef Sam Hayward of Fore Street in Portland, ME. Their culinary talents were matched by the historical and ecological knowledge of the retreat's other all-star leaders: John Forti (Massachusetts Horticultural Society), Dr. Gregg Moore (UNH faculty), Dr. Erik Chapman (UNH faculty), Dr. Jim Coyer (SML), and myself! Participants dined on gourmet meals filled with sustainably-caught seafood caught by course participants and local fishers, as well as edible plants and seaweeds collected by participants all around Appledore Island. From an authentic New England lobster feast on the rocks, to an ode-to-Appledore House Hotel dinner, to a Maria Parloa - inspired brunch, everyone left with full stomachs and a sense of the unique foodscape of the Isles of Shoals. Read what one participant said about the event.
Photo: A. Hilmer
Marine Science for Teachers at SML!
Just before back-to-school time on the mainland, 17 elementary, middle, and high school teachers got the chance to immerse themselves in marine science and develop exciting new lesson plans for the new school year. Led by Mark Wiley (UNH Cooperative Extension), teachers in the week-long workshop explored the intertidal zone, towed for plankton, sampled ocean acidification, experimented with an underwater ROV, and more! The students on the receiving end of these great activities are lucky to be in some of the best classrooms around!  
Photo: D. Vecchione
Call for Auction Items!
Next summer we are planning to have a scholarship raising auction during the SML Reunion. It will focus on SML memorabilia and marine biology/sustainability-related items (think items that SML alums and fans would love to have). We would be grateful for any and all donated items for this "fun"-raiser event. If you would like to give to the SML Reunion Auction, please contact Jim Coyer. All donations will go towards SML Scholarships for our students!
In closing,
On my last night on the island with students, we all spent time on the floating dock where we were watching the cosmos of the seas...actually the students had set up an underwater light and were pulling in an amazing array of planktonic organisms and squid! The students, from the Five College Marine Biology Program in Western Massachusetts, were stretched across the dock with their heads hanging over the side. The wonder and delight was magical and the students couldn't wait to bring the organisms back to the Palmer-Kinne Lab for closer inspection. It seriously looked like the Milky Way or other deep space is a photo:
Good night from Appledore! 
As always, I welcome your valuable input and support to ensure that SML continues to be a vibrant place and extraordinary experience for our students.    
With deep appreciation and warm wishes,
Jennifer Seavey, Ph.D. 
Kingsbury Director of the Shoals Marine Laboratory
Shoals Marine Laboratory
113 Morse Hall, University of New Hampshire
Durham, NH 03824
106A Kennedy Hall, Cornell University
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