Dear Just Haiti Friends,
We write to you in gratitude. We are grateful for your coffee purchases and donations that have enabled the vision of increased household income and independence to become a reality for hundreds of Haitian families.  Please click here to read stories of the families that have been empowered by Just Haiti, through your purchases and support.
If you follow the news, you are aware that the situation in Haiti this year has been the most challenging we have seen over the years. We are not able to travel from the US, and the roads from rural Haiti to Port-au-Prince are often not safe, making coffee transport treacherous.  
However, we managed to get a large shipment out in September and we have enough coffee to weather any future difficulties in the coming months. We are also confident that we will be able to get another shipment out early in the new year.
Coffee subscriptions are a great Christmas gift, and we offer 3, 6, and 12-month subscriptions which also come with a discount on the coffee as well as on shipping. Click here to order a coffee subscription. 
Our scholarship program has had a difficult year, since most schools in the larger cities are not operating. We hope that schools will open next semester, and that the students we support will be able to continue their studies. Click here for information about our university scholarship program and to make a donation.
We are also very grateful if you would consider us for your end-of-year donations. Although our work mostly sustains itself through coffee sales, we use your tax-deductible donations for covering the costs of our technical work in Haiti, which enables us to continue to expand our work into new communities.
                   "Blessings and Peace from The Just Haiti Team!"
Drink coffee. Grow justice.