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Welcome back from Spring Break! Kinetics is gearing up for our annual end-of-year showcase as we have just 5 weeks of classes remaining to finish preparing for the showcase. On Sunday, June 9th, we will present "Connect" at the Jim Rouse Theatre in Columbia, MD, with shows at 10:30am, 1pm and 5pm.  

If you are new to Kinetics this year, welcome! We strive to create a performance experience that is organized, professional, and joyful for both dancers and families. If you've been with us in previous years, we are thrilled to share this special time with you again.

This newsletter contains everything you will need to know regarding the show, tech week, and all of the details involved in preparation, from trophy and DVD orders to rehearsals and ticket sales.

Please save this newsletter as a reference so that you can refer to it whenever you have questions! We will also have all documents posted on our website for your convenience.

As always, please don't hesitate to contact us with any additional questions regarding the show. We look forward to sharing the students' progress with all of you at this year's showcase.

Below, you will find a link to the full show order for each show! Although we hope that this is the final show order, please note that the show order is subject to change. Please keep an eye on the posted show order at the studio in case minor adjustments need to be made.

All Creative Dance, Dance Basics, Ballerina Basics, Dance Fundamentals classes, along with our Junior, Senior, and Apprentice Companies will be performing in the 10:30am showcase. This showcase is expected to last just over an hour in length. There will be no intermission for this performance.

All other classes and companies will be performing in either the 1pm or the 5pm showcase. These showcases will last approximately 2 hours, plus a 15 minute intermission.
Costumes will be handed out to students during classes the week of May 18th-May 24th, with an information sheet including details about hair, makeup, and any other costume items or undergarments required. Please be sure that your child is not consuming any food or drink in the costume. You will be responsible for ensuring the costume remains in its current condition until it is returned on the day of the show, Sunday, June 9th.
JUNE 6th & 7th

Thursday, June 6th & Friday, June 7th - Technical Rehearsal and Picture Day at Jim Rouse Theatre



Dancers should arrive by their scheduled time and quickly change into their costume backstage in the dressing rooms. Technical rehearsal will take place onstage and pictures will take place in the large dressing room backstage. The time highlighted in gray signifies whether you will have tech or pictures first. 

You should report to the auditorium and sit with your other classmates, and then each class will be escorted to either the stage, or to the backstage dressing room to finish with either pictures or their technical rehearsal onstage. Each class will have a prepared pose for their class picture. The photographer is also available to do individual photos. Even if you are not purchasing a group picture of your child, please allow him/her to pose with the group. Picture information and pricing will be posted in the studio in advance of the rehearsals. Photos will be mailed by the photographers directly to you; they will not come to the studio.

This will be a full dress rehearsal and all dancers should have their costume, hair and make up for their rehearsal. If you would like to take pictures of your children, you may photograph your children unobtrusively from the audience, as no photography is allowed during the concerts.

The schedule for our tech rehearsal and picture day is posted at the studio and is available to be printed using the links below.  Please read carefully, as these schedules have been updated since they were initially posted at the studio.
Dancers in Ms. Jodi's, Ms. Colleen's or Ms. Teresa's group ballet pieces will be rehearsing at the times listed below. Any other class meeting for rehearsal this day will be notified by email in May.

Tuesday, June 4th

Ms. Jodi's Group Ballet*
5:30-6:30pm in Studio E
(includes Mon Level 1 Ballet, Mon Level 5 Ballet & Thurs Level 3 Ballet)

Ms. Teresa's Group Ballet*
6:30-7:30pm in Studio E
(includes Tues Level 1 Ballet & Fri Pre-Ballet/Tap)

Ms. Colleen's Jazz 5*
6:30-7:00pm in Studio A

Ms. Colleen's Tap 4*
7:00-7:30pm in Studio A

Wednesday, June 5th

Ms. Colleen's Tap 3*
6:30-7:00pm in Studio C

Ms. Colleen's Tap 4*
7:00-7:30pm in Studio C

*Please note these rehearsals are required for all students in order to piece together the timing and spacing from each class.

As a fundraiser for our student companies, we would like to once again offer you the chance to purchase a trophy for your young dancer as a way of saying "great show!" Trophies are $15.00 each and all proceeds help fund our student and apprentice dance companies. Fill out the order form attached below, or stop by the front desk to place your order. Payment must be made at the time of the order.


Save a trip to the store the day of the show and pre-order flowers for your beautiful dancer! Flowers will also be sold at the door, but pre-order yours to ensure you get them before we run out at the theater. All proceeds benefit our student companies.

12 stems for $10.00


A professional videographer will be taping each show and DVDs are available for purchase for $30. DVD order forms will be available at the front desk or at the button below. 


Consider purchasing space in our program to underwrite your business or to send a shout-out to your performer wishing them good luck! Ads will be visible to up to 2,000 audience members! Choose the size that best suits you, from one line to a quarter, half, or full page installment. Order forms will be available at the front desk.  

Students are invited to submit artwork featuring our showcase theme "Connect." Kinetics faculty will vote for our favorite artwork, and the winner will have their artwork displayed on the cover of our showcase program. Please make sure all artwork has the student's first and last name on the back, as we want to be sure artwork is anonymous until after our teachers have voted! We know we have some very creative and talented students at our studio and we can't wait to see what you create!

Submissions are due to the front desk by Monday, May 13th

Your account must be paid in full in order to purchase tickets to the show.  Login to Studio Director Online now to view your account balance.

All ticket sales are cash or check only (payable to Kinetics Dance Theatre) with the exception of purchases of $75 or more. Purchases of $75 or more can be made with a credit card during our desk hours beginning Monday, May 20th through Sunday, June 2nd as well as from 4:30-8:30pm on Tuesday, June 4th.


General Admission Tickets (after June 2nd) : $15.00
Advance Tickets (before June 3rd): $12.00
Multi-Show Tickets*: $20.00 for two shows OR $30.00 for all three shows
Performer Tickets**: FREE

*If the same person attends more than one show, then she/he can purchase multi-show tickets at a rate of $20 for two shows, or $30 for three shows.
Multi-show tickets are non-transferable and must be used by the same person.

**Dancers who are only in one half of the show should request a performer ticket to the half of the show in which they are NOT performing. This only applies to dancers in the 1:00pm or 5:00pm shows, as there will be no intermission during the 10:30am show.

Parents who are working backstage are eligible for free tickets. If they work backstage for half of the show, they are eligible for one free ticket to the second half of the show. If they work backstage for an entire show, they will be eligible for one free ticket to one of the shows they are not backstage for. Only BACKSTAGE parents will be eligible for free tickets.

Ticket Sales Timeline:

Tickets will be available for sale during our desk hours during the last two weeks of classes, Monday, May 21st through Saturday, June 2nd at a rate of $12.
After June 2nd, tickets will be available for purchase during our school administrator hours only, or on Tuesday, June 5th from 4:30-8:30pm. 


We are currently looking for volunteers for all classes with young students. These volunteers agree to help supervise the class during the performance, as teachers have multiple classes and are unable to remain with their classes backstage at all times. All lower level classes will have two supervisors with them at all times. This includes Creative Dance, Dance Basics, Ballerina Basics, Dance Fundamentals. Pre-Level and Level 1 classes will have 1-2 supervisors with them backstage. If you are able to help out as a class supervisor, please use our online sign-up!

Duties for the class supervisors might include staying with the children and keeping them occupied while backstage, lining up the students when it's time to perform, assisting with bathroom trips, and collecting costumes at the end of the show. Parents who work backstage may watch from the wings while their children perform, and will be eligible for a free ticket (please see Ticket Pricing above for more details).


As a non-profit we LOVE our volunteers and rely on their support! Please consider giving a small amount of your time to help in one or more of the following ways: 
Costume Alterations:  
We may still need a couple of parent volunteers to help with our final costume alterations. Please email school@kineticsdance.org if you are able to assist with minor costume alterations this month.

Post-show Costume Care:
After the show, costumes will be collected from students and checked off as they are returned. We will be in need of a parent volunteer who is available to collect costumes after the show and return them to Kinetics the day after the show between the hours of 10am-12:00pm. 
We will also be looking for volunteers to help launder and restock costumes. Costumes will need to be picked up from the studio on Wednesday, June 12th and can be returned after being laundered anytime within the week.

Picture Day Runners:  
Have a few hours to kill while your dancer has pictures and rehearsals? Sign up for a 2-hour time slot to help our picture day and technical rehearsals stay on schedule.

Day of the Show Needs: We are also looking for help with ushering, refreshment sales, and other setup needs. Please see our Sign-Up Genius for more details!

Students are required to arrive NO LATER THAN 30 minutes prior to the start of the performance, regardless of which half of the show they will be performing in.
Important! Please have your child wear street clothes to the theater the day of the show to prevent damage to costumes and please return the costume to your class supervisor before you leave the backstage area.

Dancers who are not in one half of the show must watch the half they are not it from the audience, using their performer's ticket, and they must wear street clothes. No costumes should be visible in the auditorium or lobby.
Please have only one parent accompany the younger children to the backstage area. Your child should have eaten before arriving at the theater as no food or beverage, besides water, is allowed backstage. Dancers will be required to remain backstage with their classes for the duration of the show (10:30am) or the half of the show that they are performing in (1pm or 5pm). This helps us minimize traffic into and out of the theater during the show. Once they have performed, dancers must stay backstage until the show is over (10:30am or Act 2 performers) or until intermission (Act 1 performers). They are then free to change into street clothes and watch the rest of the show. Dancers in the second act will watch the first act from the audience. Dancers who watch half of the show will need to pick up a free performers ticket.

Kinetics is able to keep its recital costs down through the help of its volunteers and by ensuring that all costumes are returned. Costumes will be collected the day of the show by the class supervisor and names will be checked off as the costumes are returned. DO NOT ALLOW YOUR CHILD TO WEAR HIS/HER COSTUME TO THE THEATER. BRING THE COSTUME WITH YOU AND DRESS YOUR CHILD AT THE THEATER. Leaving the theater with a costume will result in a fine.

$40 fine for missing costume
$20 fine for missing costume piece

The house will open approximately 30 minutes before curtain time. There is no food or drink permitted in the theater; however there will be refreshments for sale in the lobby.   
As an arts organization we set a standard of audience etiquette for our students by example. Audience members are discouraged from leaving the theater in the middle of a dance unless it is an emergency. Additionally, parents and families are asked to refrain from leaving the theater after their child has danced. You may retrieve your child from backstage at the end of the half of the show in which they danced. At that time, please have family and friends wait to greet performers in the lobby area and send only one guardian backstage to retrieve the younger performers.  Your cooperation in these matters helps us in maintaining a smooth and successful show, and is so much appreciated!
Additional dates are added throughout the season, and all dates are subject to change. To stay connected and see the full Kinetics calendar, check out our website and follow us on Facebook! 

Saturday, April 6th : Student Companies Spectrum @ HCAC
Monday, April 15th - Sunday, April 21st:  KDT closed for Spring Break
Sunday, May 5th:  Student Companies Choreography Showcase 
Saturday, May 11th:  Professional Company Spring Concert @ Baltimore Museum of Art
Saturday, May 25th-Monday, May 27th: KDT closed for Memorial Day
Sunday, June 9th:  End-of-year showcases @ Jim Rouse Theatre
Monday, June 24th: First day of Summer Session 1
Thursday, July 4th: KDT closed for Independence Day
Monday, July 22nd: First day of Summer Session 2