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Community Brief from Endeavor Elementary
"Letting the Good Times Roll"
Monday, April 13, 2020

I trust that our Navigator families are doing well as we settle into Distance Learning for the time being (this is week #3 already!).  I am so proud of our teachers, students, invaluable older siblings and parents. I am also amazed at the instruction and learning that is occurring on the Canvas platform (over 1,500 interactions in our first week alone). Using the variety of digital tools available such as Nearpod, Studio, Kahoot, Class Dojo, email, Face Time and the old fashion phone call teachers are conducting conferences and connecting with their students on a daily basis. It was a steep and fast learning curve, but everyone has risen to the challenge and with the support of our families, the standard of education established at Endeavor will continue uninterrupted by the hurdles we face.  

I urge all our families to visit Endeavor's Facebook page and participate by posting pictures or sending pictures of our students engaged in learning activities at home to Ms. Toledo at Please continue to visit to get the most up to date information regarding parent resources and other important information.   
I look forward to the reopening of our school and when our classrooms and corridors are once again filled with the happy sounds of children engaged in active learning. Until then, thank you to everyone for their heroic efforts in ensuring we do the best we can for our children!    
Dr. Ellis
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Navi's Gator Snapshotsnavigatorsnapshots 
Engaged and Invested Community 
G.A.T.O.R.  Expectations  
G. Good Manners
A. Always Attentive
T. Taking Responsibility
O. On Time & On Task
R. Respect Everyone
High Expectations for Student Learning  
"T" - Taking Responsibility
Through the magic of digital learning Pre-K student Madison follows her teacher Ms. Cristello in a lesson that includes physical movement. Thank you to her parents for linking their computer to their television for some full sized learning!
PTA - Spirit Nightspiritnight        
Engaged and Invested Community 

Thank you to our Partner in Education, Wendy's for a wonderful Spirit Night that took place on March 11, 2020.  We also thank our families and teachers that came out to support our school!

Contact Endeavor Elementary PTA at

 Your support of PTA is greatly appreciated! 
Bayou Friendsbayoufriends
Student Social and Emotional Well-Being        

Ms. Ambrose is making room for six bayou critter babies in the media center. When we return to school, students can have the company of an alligator, a raccoon, an opossum, a fox, an armadillo or a skunk while they read. Thank you Ms. Ambrose for our new bayou friends!

While You Were Awaywhileyouwereaway    
Positive Environment 

Artist, Jon Miller, is back creating another one of a kind work of art for our Navigators.  His murals in the lobby, cafeteria and media center help make Endeavor a truly unique learning environment. Visually interesting spaces spark the imagination and lift the spirits of all who enter our school.  We are all looking forward to the big reveal! 

Compare and Contrast compareandcontrast    
High Expectations for Student Learning  

Before distance learning, Ms. Schlaeger meets with a small group of students in her classroom and engages them with a bubble blowing activity. Students composed sentences to describe what they see, smell and felt. Using Canvas, Ms. Weeks now meets with a small group of her students who conduct live chat to virtually discuss the impact of distance learning. It turns out that they are more alike than different!
Ms. Schlaeger in a small group in her classroom just prior to spring break (the last week prior to the rollout of distance learning due to the COVID-19 shutdown).  
Ms. Weeks online with a small group using Canvas last week 
ADVANTAGE: Orange County Public Schools!
High Expectations for Student Learning
Worldwide School Closures as of Monday, April 13
As of Monday, over 1.57 billion students are at home as they have seen their schools closed due to the COVID-19 coronavirus. Hundreds of U.S. counties and scores of nations around the world cannot offer distance learning to keep their students' education progressing with 1/4 of the school year left undone. While it is not a perfect situation, we are so fortunate to be part of a school district that can keep our students engaged academically until this crisis has passed. We thank all of our Endeavor families for their daily support and understanding as we refine the process.

* Please click here or on the chart to view the day-by-day growth in students displaced from their schools through April 13 due to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

All Roads Lead To . . .allroadsleadto
High Expectations for Student Learning  

Kindergarten teachers, Ms. Plummer and Ms. Abreu, conduct read-alouds with their students online. Ms. Plummer creates a video in Class Dojo and Ms. Abreu uses the Big Blue Button on Canvas. Both avenues lead to lead to the same destination . . . learning with their teacher! Way to go kindergarten!!

Long Live Fredlonglivefred 
High Expectations for Student Learning   

Ms. Weeks created a Science Fun module in Canvas called "Saving Fred." In this activity, students demonstrate interdependence, or relying on each other to help the ecosystem survive and thrive. Together the parents and students had to figure out how to get the life saver gummy onto the gummy worm to help him survive in his capsized boat. This was a great way of building team work!

See the Musicseethemusic     
High Expectations for Student Learning 

Ms. Torrez challenged her students to create a musical instrument with ordinary household items. Congratulations to our Navigators for rising to the occasion by making a flute from a drinking straw, maracas from plastic eggs and a drum set form cookware.  Imagination is limitless!

Hats Off to Learning hatsofftolearning
High Expectations for Student Learning   

Second grade students demonstrate their knowledge of reoccurring patterns with these adorable children dressed in hats and sweaters designed for the occasion. 

Navigator Spirit!navigatorspirit      
Student Social and Emotional Well-Being and Engaged and Invested Community 

Thank you to our students, parents and teachers that participated in our first Virtual Spirit Week. Staying connected to our school will help make the time apart feel shorter!
Hats Off to Thinking
Dressed to Impress
Sign Language
At-Home Reading Buddies
Screen Share screenshare 
High Expectations for Student Learning 

Teachers are making video conferencing interactive by sharing the screen. As a result, our amazing teachers are conducting real time demonstrations. Teachers are also allowing students to share the pen where students can write on the virtual white board from their locations and everyone in the class can see it. So cool! 

Teacher Spotlight teacherspotlight
High Quality Team Members  

We would like to congratulate our teachers for helping each other as we quickly transitioned to a digital teaching platform. Messages were fast and furious over Spring Break (below), but through their hard work and diligence Endeavor was well prepared to interact with our students on the first day of long distance learning!

Love to Read lovetoread
High Quality Team Members   

Teachers love to read and they are sharing their favorite books with students from their homes.
They know that the more children read or are read to, the better readers they become. Please take this time to read. Reading every day will help ensure that our Navigators' reading skills stay sharp during their time away from school.  

Parent Participation parentpart
Engaged and Invested Community 

The look of parent participation has changed dramatically with distance learning. From parents dressed in outdoor gear for the fifth grade camping trip (below left) to school shirts ready for at home learning (below right). We appreciate our parents. Thank you for everything you do for our Navigators.  

Picture Perfect Memories pictureperfectmemories
High Expectations for Student Learning 

Field Day is always a special day for our students but as we reflect on the events of the 2019 - 2020 school year, we will remember this particular day with special sentiments.  Field day is dedicated to instilling in our students the importance of a healthy and active life style but this year it has taken one a special meaning.  It was the last day our students were all together on our campus leading into Spring Break 2020. It was a perfect day and the perfect memory to hold onto until we are all together again.  
Look Like a Team! 
It is indisputable that our Navigators were dressed for fun on Field Day with their matching class shirts.

Where is Dr. Ellis? 
If you look closely, you can find our principal surrounded by third grade students.

Thank You Volunteers 
Endeavor truly appreciates the helping hands our parents and families offer us on special days.

Let the Games Begin! 
A wide variety of actives engaged our students in heart healthy exercises during Field Day.

Not So Secret Codes 
Students show their G.A.T.O.R. House pride by flashing their house symbols. These symbols are silent greetings to fellow House members. 

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Beginning April 10, Friday Grab-and-Go meals include meals for the three day weekend. Meals are available for pick-up between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m., Monday through Friday, in the car loop of each school site. Friday Grab-and-Go meals will include three days worth of meals.

Students are no longer required to be present to receive the meals. Parents must provide the names of students for whom they are picking up meals. District staff will record names and distribute the meals directly to parents in their vehicles (drive-thru service).

Students walking and/or riding a bike to the school can also pick up meals. Based on recommendations from our federal and state leaders, all meals should be taken home to eat.

Florida Blue is offering a free Bilingual 24 helpline to any Floridian, insured or not, for support in managing feelings of stress, anxiety, grief or fear related to the virus.
The phone number is: 833-848-1762

Here is the link with more information:

Aunt Bertha 
Aunt Bertha is a search engine where families can search for free or reduced cost services like medical care, food, job training, and more. Search is based on zip code and results are available in a variety of languages.

Screenshot of "Aunt Bertha's" opening page for Endeavor's zip code indicating 1,970 nearby programs of many types ranging from food and housing to financial and legal services.

Signs of the Times signsofthetimes
Engaged and Invested Community 

Snapshots of yard signs posted by local homes and businesses to remind people that the COVID-19 shutdown will pass, but for now to remember that our students are at home and to drive more carefully.

"We're IN THIS Together"  

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