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Community Brief from Endeavor Elementary
"Letting the Good Times Roll"
Monday, March 30, 2020

I hope you are doing well as today we began the first regular Distance Learning school day. I know this has also been a very stressful and isolating period for many families. While the information regarding COVID-19 is still moving at a rapid pace, what has not changed is our commitment to you; our Endeavor Elementary School community.

I am so very proud of our teachers and teams as they have worked tirelessly with really very little time to get this first day of Distance Learning underway. While this is not an even substitute for our Navigators being at school, it is a way to help to keep our students engaged academically and to keep up the excellent momentum they were making prior to spring break on March 13th. We have very bright students attending our school and they are led by some of the most energetic, talented educators I have ever seen. Combined with support from our parents and guardians, Distance Learning will be successful until such time that regular classes resume.

This issue includes several important reminders for our families given the present situation, but it also includes several success stories from earlier this month that I thought you would appreciate. If you only take a quick moment and scroll down, you will pick up on why I know our students will do just fine with Distance Learning until they return to school.

I hope that given the challenges of these past few weeks and of course working with the mandatory stay at home order, that this edition lifts your spirits a bit. I have written in this space over the past several years about our continuing mission to provide our students the very best education they deserve inside a positive learning environment. I believe the material herein truly gives you an idea as to why that is so very true.

Have a good week and if you have any issues please email your teacher or call the school - website and teacher emails. If you need to stop by the school for whatever reason during the week, please remember we are working on reduced hours so please call ahead.

Finally, to all of our Navigators, know that I, your teachers, and all of the staff miss you very much. Remember, you have everything it takes to make Distance Learning a success. You are going to do very well and we hope to see you back at school very soon!  
Dr. Ellis
Pictured very top: PTA's 2020 Big Blast fundraiser (please see story and images just below).
Content and Upcoming Events 

In This Issue (Click link)

Navi's Gator Snapshots
Virtual Spirit Week
Distance Learning
Around the World
Penny Perfect
Measuring Up
Write Stuff
Multicultural Night
Red, White & Tunes
Cat in the Hat
Teacher Spotlight
Science Sort
Chess Masters
Six Days a Week
Dates to Watch For

3/30: Distance Learning begins
3/30-4/3: FREE Grab-and-Go Meals continue all week - list of 50 school pickup sites
3/30-4/3: Virtual Spirit Week
3/30: 3rd Quarter Report Cards online through Skyward Family Access
4/02: Online Parent Seminar
4/15: Regular classes resume (as of March. 30)

2019-2020 OCPS Calendar

Navi's Gator Snapshotsnavigatorsnapshots 
Engaged and Invested Community 
G.A.T.O.R.  Expectations  
G. Good Manners
A. Always Attentive
T. Taking Responsibility
O. On Time & On Task
R. Respect Everyone
Engaged and Invested in the Community 
Dr. Ellis was on hand at the 2020 Community Outreach Recognition Event in a ceremony that acknowledged schools receiving the Five Star School Award from the Florida Department of Education. This is the highest award for community involvement presented by the Florida Commissioner of Education. Thank you to our Additions Volunteers and PIE Members for this distinction. 

Virtual Spirit Weekvirtualspiritweek        
Engaged and Invested Community 

With the official start to Distance Learning today, we kicked off "Virtual Spirit Week." Today's theme was based upon reading with your favorite animal (pictures of our Navigators below). We encourage all of our Navigators to get involved! If you missed today, Tuesday's theme is "Make a hello sign for your teacher!"
Distance Learning Remindersdistancelearning   
High Expectations for Student Learning


OCPS just finished a short video for parents & guardians that will help them understand Distance Learning. It is very well done and answers a lot of questions in under 4 minutes (link below).

Helpful Parent Seminars

Orange County Support
Below you will find a link to the Orange County Government website which provides a list of resources that our families in need can use at this time.

Orange County Fortunate vs. Many School Districts

If you click on the map there is another link where you can see how the coronavirus has impacted schools around the globe by day. We are fortunate here in that Orange County Public Schools rolls out Distance Learning on Monday until the health risk has passed (many students in these other countries do not have this opportunity). We know our Navigators will be successful with the process until classes resume later in April.

Endeavor community footnote: The map above shows the scale of the educational disruption with governments all over the world ordering learners to stay at home in a bid to slow the spread of the disease. As of March 23, 2020, 138 countries had ordered national school closures while others had localized closures.

PTA - Big Blast Fundraiser Highlightspta       
Engaged and Invested Community 

Thank you to all our parents and community members that helped make the Big Blast fund raiser a huge success. With your continued support we continue to enhance the Navigator educational experience. All proceeds went directly back to the school where Endeavor continues to create a school environment like no other where all students can succeed!   

Contact Endeavor Elementary PTA at

 Your support of PTA is greatly appreciated! 
Around the World aroundtheworld   
Student Social and Emotional Well-Being 

Champions After School Program hosted an International Fair. Students had the opportunity to showcase information about a country of their choice and participate in a gallery walk where they learned about other countries and cultures. 
Penny Perfectpennyperfect
Engaged and Invested Community
Thank you all for your very generous support of our Pasta for Pennies benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Every penny takes us closer to a cure. Endeavor families raised $1543.86 for research and important patient services.  

The Student Council is proud to have worked together to coordinate fund raising efforts under the leadership of President Drew Dotson and Vice President Bailey Lucas. Student Council Treasurer, Adam Zamecnik also played an important role in counting and recording all funds donated.  

Thank you to every Navigator that donated to this very worthy cause!

Measuring Upmeasuringup
High Expectations for Student Learning - MAFS.K.MD.1 - Describe measureable attributes of objects, such as length or weight. Describe several measurable attributes of a single object.     

Mrs. Wood's class is seen here learning how to measure and compare objects using non-standard units of measure. Practice makes perfect measuring items with interlocking cubes! After the measurements were complete, it was time to compare using content specific academic language such as longer/shorter and taller/shorter.  

Write Stuffwritestuff 
High Expectations for Student Learning - LAFS.4.W.2.4 Produce clear and coherent writing in which the development and organization are appropriate to task, purpose and audience.   

You could hear a pin drop in Mrs. Pabon's fourth grade Saturday School session as student wrote their short stories that would be shared at the upcoming showcase.   Inspired by the intriguing pictures from The Chronicles of Harris Burdick, students wrote fantastic accounts of what might have been.  

Welcome - Bien Venidos - Bem Vinda - Bienvenue - Willkommenmulticulturalnight2    
Positive Climate and Safe Environment 

The Flags of Many Nations banner was the first photo opportunity for families at Multi-Cultural Night (Feb. 26th).

Red, White and Tunes redwhitetunes
Student Social and Emotional Well-Being  

Ms. Torres leads our first grade students through a medley of patriotic songs at Multi-Culture Night.  

Cat in the Hatcatinthehat     
High Expectations for Student Learning 

On March 2 all across the nation, students celebrated the birthday of beloved children's author Theodore Geisel better known as Dr. Seuss. At Endeavor, students revisited their favorite titles like "Green Eggs and Ham" and "Horton Hears a Who".

Teacher Spotlight teacherspotlight2 
High Quality Team Members  

Bay Meadows Elementary welcomed Endeavor teachers as part of the District's Professional Learning Community initiative. Our teachers walked through classroom collecting data on literacy evidences. Bay Meadows will use the data to modify and plan their instruction.    
Science Sort sciencesort 
High Expectations for Student Learning - SC.1.P.8.1 Sort objects by observable properties, such as size, shape, color, temperature and whether objects sink or float.    

Making hypothesis, conducting experiments and recording observations are the basis for the scientific method. First grade students in Ms. Acosta's class are taking their first steps in scientific inquiry.  

Chess Masters chessmasters 
High Expectations for Student Learning     

Orange County Public Schools hosted the Southwest Learning Community Chest Tournament with 127 participants. We would like to thank Ms. Weeks, Ms. Ricke and Jeremy Cahow for sponsoring our Chess Club and the parents for supporting our players with grilled hot dogs, chip, cupcakes and cheers.  We had an amazing time during this Saturday competition! 
Congratulations to: Drew Dotson, Graham Dotson, Xander Dewitt, Daniel Ramsaroop, Sarah Diedrich  Madison Serrano, Michelle Ramsoroop, Kara Deck. And in the K - 2 Category Nathaniel Ricke.

Oration oration 
High Expectations for Student Learning - LAFS.5.SL.1.3 Summarize the points a speaker makes and explain how each claim is supported by reasons and evidences.    

Three cheers to our fifth grade students that participated in Endeavor's semi-finals of the Modern Woodman Oration Contest! A special thanks to our judges for the difficult task of choosing the Navigators that will be representing our school at the next level.   
Congratulations to our students that placed first, second and third: Ion Sirbu, Jazlynn Parra and Drew Dotson.    
Six Days a Week sixdaysaweek 
High Expectations for Student Learning - LAFS.4.W.2.4 Produce clear and coherent writing in which the development and organization are appropriate to task, purpose and audience.  

Saturday School authors had the opportunity to share their short stories with their families.  Every student received a beautiful hard cover book for participating! 


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