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Community Brief from Endeavor Elementary
"Letting the Good Times Roll"
Tuesday, December 24, 2019

December has been a very busy month at Endeavor Elementary! Our halls were filled with excitement of the season and our students are filled with anticipation for things to come.

I would like to thank our PTA for their efforts in making this year's Holiday House a huge success. Through their efforts we are able to support many of the experiences we can offer our students like the Bayou Blast which promises to be an unforgettable event. I invite all our students to participate in the Winter Reading Challenge - the holiday break is a perfect time to curl up with a good book!

Orange County Public Schools will be closed from Monday, December 23, 2019 to Monday, January 6, 2020. Classes will resume on Tuesday, January 7, 2020. I would like to wish the entire Endeavor family a wonderful holiday and a healthy, safe and prosperous new year.

Dr. Ellis
Pictured very top: Generous Hearts - "Engaged and Invested Community"
A great big thank you to all our community and the student council for their contributions that will support the Second Harvest Food Bank.    
Content and Upcoming Events 

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Navi's Gator Snapshots
Read to Win
In the House
Induction Day
Dye Chic
Force and Motion
Perfect Spot
DPLC Guests
Happy Birthday
Go Orange -Sesquicentennial
Transfer Please
Your Move
Run Club
SAC & Parents as Partners
OCPS Parent Academy
Food for Thought
Dates to Watch For

Dec. 23 - Jan. 3: Winter Break
Jan. 1-31: Winter Reading Challenge (details below)
Jan. 6: Teachers return (Student holiday)
Jan. 7: Classes resume; 1st day of the 3rd nine-week quarter
Jan. 14: SAC and Parents as Partners meeting, 7:30-9:30 AM
Jan. 25: OCPS Parent Academy - "Together Towards Tomorrow" at Edgewater HS

2019-2020 OCPS Calendar

Navi's Gator Snapshotsnavigatorsnapshots 
Engaged and Invested Community 
G.A.T.O.R.  Expectations  
G. Good Manners
A. Always Attentive
T. Taking Responsibility
O. On Time & On Task
R. Respect Everyone
Respect Everyone   
The entire staff standing proud to serve our students, families and the greater community of Endeavor Elementary.  
PTA News - Holiday HousePTA     
Engaged and Invested Community 

Thank you to our hardworking PTA for another successful year of Endeavor's Holiday House.  Students gained real life skills as they shopped independently, calculated sales tax and developed a deeper understanding of our currency.  Please look for information regarding upcoming PTA sponsored events. Contact Endeavor Elementary PTA at

If you did not become a PTA member during the first half of 2019-2020, please join in January. Thank you! 
Read to Winreadtowin 
High Expectations for Student Learning

Please participate in the Winter Reading Challenge and we can be a Golden Penguin winner.  It is simple and fun!

In the Houseinthehouse
Student Social and Emotional Well Being

The Endeavor G.A.T.O.R. Houses are proud to welcome our newest inductees. The House system promotes a sense of camaraderie amongst our students and fosters a greater feeling of belonging. Students remain in their House until the fifth grade at Endeavor.

Induction Day!inductionday
Student Social and Emotional Well-Being

Surrounded in mystery and wonder, our kindergarten students reach for a select "precious" gem stone that will determine which G.A.T.O.R. House they will belong to. It was all smiles when they saw a green emerald, amethyst, turquoise, onyx or ruby!

Dye Chicdyechic
Positive Climate and Safe Environment 

Knee deep in tie dye, our wonderful PTA helped students create the one of a kind shirt they will be wearing at our New Orleans style Cajun event, the Bayou Blast.  

Force and Motionforceandmotion   
High Expectations for Student Learning - SC.5.P.10.2 Investigate and explain that energy has the ability to cause motion or create change. 

Students in Ms. Weeks' class construct and test catapults to investigate force and motion.

The Perfect Spot perfectspot
High Quality Team Members   

Ms. Khazar selected the Navi's Loft as a comfortable choice to conduct her pre-observation conference. All teachers meet with Dr. Ellis or Mr. Diaz to discuss their plans for instruction.  This initiates the process where teachers get observed and receive feedback on their individual continuous improvement models.

DPLC GuestsDPLCguests   
High Quality Team Members   
Navi's Bayou was the ideal setting to host the guided visits from schools in our cohort group for the district's literacy initiative. Teachers and principals toured classrooms, made observations and collected data on student evidences. Their feedback tells us Endeavor is meeting the expectations set by the district.
* DPLC (District Professional Learning Community)
Happy Birthday! Happybirthday
High Quality Team Members  

Hayden Tidwell and Barbra Barbosa were the lucky winners of OCPS' Birthday Grams.  Students received spending funds for the Holiday House. This was a special treat for enjoying breakfast and lunch in the school's cafeteria.     

Go Orangegoorange  
High Quality Team Members 

Teachers and staff across the district wore orange to celebrate the 150th birthday of Orange County Public Schools. Happy Birthday!

Transfers Pleasetransfersplease   
High Expectations for Student Learning - SC.4.P.11.1 Identify common materials that conduct heat well or poorly.

Students in Ms. Pabon's fourth grade class create tree maps to show their thinking of ways thermal energy moves: conduction, convection or radiation. Working together in small groups students stated their cases to one another transferring knowledge along the way.

Your MoveYourmove 
High Expectations for Student Learning 

Mr. Mike Winegender, Endeavor's Technology Support Representative, takes a time out from his busy schedule to help students in the Chess Club.  An advanced chess player, Mr. Wingender shares his expertise with our third to fifth grade apprentices. 

Run Clubrunclub 
Student Social and Emotional Well-Being 

Fourth and fifth grade students are invited to join Coach Brands every Thursday from 3 - 4 PM for Run Club. Make sure to wear your sneakers and meet coach in the large field by the second grade quads for exercise and fun. 


Be sure to get outdoors or get some exercise over the winter break Navigators! The nearby World Health Organization (WHO) chart shows that while the U.S. may look better than some of the other developed countries, almost 75% of our young people do not get enough exercise.

SAC and Parents as Partnerssacparentsaspartners 
Engaged and Invested Community  

Shared leadership and community ownership are both crucial to developing and sustaining community schools. The School Advisory Council (SAC) is the infrastructure for those practices in a community school. This dedicated team represents various segments of our community for the purpose of guiding our school towards continuous improvement.

Please join us for our next SAC meeting on Thursday, January 14th   at 7:30 AM followed by Parents as Partners

~ Dr. Amanda Ellis, Principal
~ Mr. Cruz Diaz, Asst. Principal

Parent Academyocpsparentacademy
Engaged and Invested Community 

The Parent Academy is a district-wide initiative designed to enhance achievement through the support of community and family involvement. From research, we understand that students achieve more when parents are involved in their child's education.

The next workshop will take place on Saturday, January 25th, 2019 from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM at Edgewater High School. The topic will be: Together Towards Tomorrow.

For electronic registration visit or call 407.317.3300.

Food for Thought at the Holiday Season!foodforthought
Engaged and Invested Community 

Please remember that chocolate is toxic for dogs.

What the '12 Days of Christmas' gifts cost in 2019.

PNC Bank breaks down the prices every year, and it looks like they are mostly holding steady compared to last year's Christmas Price Index. Buying all the items in the song this year is 0.2% more expensive than in 2018: $38,993.59 in total for 2019.
Here's the breakdown for 2019 and the percent change from 2018:
  1. PARTRIDGE IN A PEAR TREE $210.17 (-4.5%)
  2. TWO TURTLE DOVES $300.00 (-20.0%)
  3. THREE FRENCH HENS $181.50 (No change vs. 2018)    
  4. FOUR CALLING BIRDS $599.96 (No change vs. 2018)
  5. FIVE GOLD RINGS $825.00 (+10.0%)
  6. SIX GEESE-A-LAYING $420.00 (+7.7%)
  7. SEVEN SWANS-A-SWIMMING $13,125.00 (No price change in 4 years)
  8. EIGHT MAIDS-A-MILKING $58.00 per hour (Assuming the Maids-A-Milking are making the federal minimum wage, they can expect $7.25 an hour. It's a number that hasn't changed since 2009.)
  9. NINE LADIES DANCING $7,552.84 (This number represents the cost of a dance company. It's the seventh year prices haven't gone up.)
  10. TEN LORDS-A-LEAPING $10,000.00 (If the lords are leaping to show off their ballet prowess, you're in luck. Ballet companies didn't raise prices after jacking them up by 3 percent in 2018.)
  11. ELEVEN PIPERS PIPING $2,748.87 (+0.8%)
  12. TWELVE DRUMMERS DRUMMING $2,972.25 (+0.8%)

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